Fans Forum: 2023 ANZ Premiership Underrated Player edition

WELCOME to the Netball Fans Forum, a new series here at Rookie Me Central where we hear from netball fans themselves and see what they have to say about the domestic season that have recently come to a conclusion.

In the final edition of this year’s series, we take a look at the players who the fans suggested were the most underrated in the ANZ Premiership at the moment.

Unlike the NSL version of this edition of the Fans Forum, there was even less consistency in terms of players nominated.

Of the eight fans that nominated someone, only one player got nominated more than once.

That player was Stars defender Holly Fowler, who as Twitter user Mitch put it “she had such great games throughout the season and had a blinder in the Semi Final. Deserves more courtier for the Stars.” Faith Florence also nominated her, saying she is a “work horse, never stops moving.”

Of the other players nominated, no shooters were among them.

The defenders nominated were Phoenix Karaka, Kelly Jury and Kate Burley.

In nominating Karaka, a fan said that “I don’t think she has played with strong enough GK’s to really harness her talent and movement but the Fitzpatrick/Stythe mixture really allowed her to come into her own.”

Meanwhile when nominating Jury, Twitter user Noely said that she “just seems to quietly go about her work” while accordingly to Sky, Burley “wins so much ball and is good at two positions as well as having a vertical jump better than most in the league.”

Meanwhile the midcourters that were nominated were Tayla Earle, Simmon Wilbore and Kimiora Poi.

In nominating Earle, Jasellia Williams said that “she’s a very steady and reliable C, a good feeder and also wins ball on defence. I think we only realised how important she is to the Mystics when she was away with injury/illness during the season.

Meanwhile Tash Rudd nominated Poi because “Tactix would completely fall apart without her. She wasn’t able to shine as much this year not playing C but she certainly adapted to the new position. But if you take her off the court they would fall apart, connecting the defence to attack ends.”

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