Group B Semi Finalists confirmed as England and New Zealand remain undefeated

THE Group B Semi Finalists of the 2022 Commonwealth Games have been locked in, after both England and New Zealand kept their undefeated records in tact overnight with wins over Uganda and Trinidad and Tobago respectively.

ENGLAND 13 | 12 | 15 | 16 (56)
UGANDA 7 | 8 | 9 | 11 (35)

England kept their undefeated run in tact with a win over Uganda, but were unable to score as regularly as they were in previous matches.

Despite scoring at roughly three goals for every one Ugandan goal, the English only managed 13 goals for the opening term. This kind of ratio persisted for much of the game, but the English could not manage more than 16 goals in a quarter.

But thankfully for the Roses, their strong defensive pressure also curtailed the She Cranes’ scoring ability, and although the She Cranes’ quarter by quarter scoring progressively increased as the game went on, they only managed at max 11 goals in a quarter.

Despite the decrease in volume, the English shooters were still very accurate. Helen Housby did not miss a shot, while both Eleanor Cardwell and Jo Harten only missed three shots each. Laura Malcolm and Jade Clarke were both busy through midcourt, while Geva Mentor and Layla Guscoth both had great games in defence.

Meanwhile for the Ugandans, no one shot above 90 per cent. Stella Oyella worked hard through midcourt, while Shaffie Nalwanja had a great game in defence.  


NEW ZEALAND 22 | 21 | 16 | 21 (80)
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 5 | 6 | 7 | 6 (24)

New Zealand also kept their undefeated run in tact, after they unsurprisingly took care of Trinidad and Tobago with relative ease.

The Silver Ferns were already four times the score of Trinidad and Tobago halfway through the first quarter and never really looked back from there. There were plenty of other positives to take out of the game for New Zealand in addition to the scoreboard dominance.

They recorded 12 interceptions to Trinidad and Tobago’s single intercept, and recorded four times more deflections than them too. The Silver Ferns also kept their penalties down too.

They kept their contacts to only 21, compared to the opposition’s 41, while although the comparative obstruction count was much closer than that, the Silver Ferns kept theirs to only 15. The Silver Ferns also held possession for over 10 minutes longer than Trinidad and Tobago.

For the Silver Ferns Maia Wilson did not miss a shot while Grace Nweke did the bulk of the shooting and Shannon Saunders (32 assists, 42 feeds) did a mountain of work though midcourt. Meanwhile for Trinidad and Tobago Shantel Seemungal was the main workhorse through midcourt.


It is all about pool placings now for Uganda and Trinidad and Tobago, while for New Zealand and England they have one last match against each other to determine who will top their pool and who they will play in the semi finals.

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