International test standouts: October

TWO major test series have gone ahead over the past month, with plenty of top performers showcasing their impressive workrate and potential across a range of matches. With seven teams participating in a range of test matches over the last few weeks, we profile the standout players awarded player of the match accolades from each outing.

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Jhaniele Fowler

True to her usual dominance, captain Fowler was once again a force to be reckoned with for the Sunshine Girls with her ability to make something out of nothing. While she did not play 100 per cent game time – nor did she have to – she was a tough beat on court and was rarely stopped once she had ball in hand.

Shamera Sterling

Like Fowler at the other end, Sterling is always a tough competitor but showcased some fresh attributes across the series, rotating into goal defence at times. With her excellent aerial ability and evasive footwork, Sterling wreaked havoc despite being out of her comfort zone, building well across the three matches.

Shadian Hemmings

Despite not necessarily being the flashiest player on court, Hemmings is a hard worker and it well and truly showed on court during the series. The wing defence formed a cohesive pairing with Sterling to deny easy passages of play down back, and was hugely reliable with her sticky fingers finding intercepts aplenty.

Northern Ireland

Niamh Cooper

Cooper was a constant for the Warriors, utilising her adaptability to wreak havoc in wing defence. With plenty of smarts and quick footwork to match, Cooper worked hard to shadow her opposition and disrupt South Africa’s flow down court, and combined well with both the defence and attack units to drive up the court.

Maria McCann

Developing defender McCann may still be new to senior caps, but did not look out of place on the court, impressing with her continuous hunt. The young talent rose to the occasion, using her great vision to anticipate ball placement and deny easy ball into the circle with her long arms and evasive footwork.

Republic of Ireland

Erin Peters 

Peters is one of the relative newcomers to the Ireland squad, but was a force to be reckoned with through the midcourt earning the first player of the match award of the series. The developing talent was hard to deny, working hard with her great two-way running and speed to evade opposition, also offering great smarts.

Holly Jenkinson

Jenkinson was a hard worker throughout the two matches, using her smarts to anticipate the loose ball and go chasing. With quick feet and great timing, the emerging defender found her best form in the second clash and was rarely overawed by the contest, disrupting South Africa’s flow in transition with her hands over pressure.

Niamh Reynolds

One of the most experienced players in the Ireland squad, Reynolds played a critical role as the calm head in transition, opening up space and allowing the young talent to step up around her. Her leadership was critical, using her netball nous to continuously impact both on and off the ball through the midcourt and into attack.


Emma Barrie

Still only young, Barrie had an excellent outing against South Africa with her accuracy and footwork on full show, winning the player of the match award for her impressive work ethic. Barrie is a smooth mover and with even greater exposure to the top talent, could be a real superpower for the Thistles in the future.

Claire Maxwell

The return of Maxwell to the Thistles camp did wonders for their confidence heading into the match against South Africa, adding some vital experience through the midcourt. While she did not play the whole game, Maxwell brought great composure and clean hands to the court and settled the side well in the early stages.

South Africa

Note – South Africa played significantly more matches throughout the series

Izette Griesel

With two player of the match awards throughout the series, Griesel was a menace through the midcourt with her quick feet, high impact and continued work rate. Her excellent endurance base made her a reliable figure through the centre, able to impact in both attack and transition to be a continuous threat for South Africa.

Ine-Mari Venter

A reliable and clever goal shooter, Venter showcased not only her smarts but also her versatility across the Proteas’ range of matches. Able to split well and find the goals from close or far range, Venter was a crafty option to post and well and truly took every chance she had to stand up in the absence of other goal shooters.

Monique Reyneke

Earning a starting role in all but one of the Proteas matches, the emerging goal defence well and truly took her chances on the international stage. With smarts and talent to boot, Reyneke demanded attention with her explosiveness and ability to impact on the play, and proved she is more than capable of mixing with the best.

Tshina Mdau

While she did not earn a starting role in every game, Mdau proved she has the match smarts to be a hard competitor for the Proteas. Playing primarily in wing defence, Mdau disrupted play with her continuous hustle, and despite not being the tallest player, played above her reach with great speed and aerial ability.

Bongi Msomi

The South African captain is as reliable as they come, and with her great burst of speed and vision into the circle, is rarely beaten one on one. She proved to be a rock in attack for the Proteas time and again, and was the experienced, calm head the squad needed to settle through the centre and in transition.

Lefébre Rademan

Overall player of the tournament for the first leg against the Republic of Ireland, Rademan was a consistent and reliable option in the goal circle with her smooth movement and ability to score with ease. Her connections across the court were undeniable while also creating options inside the circle for her fellow goalers.

Simoné Rabie

A crafty developing defender, Rabie was another who took advantage of the opportunity to step out in Proteas colours and did not shy away from the attention. With clean hands and great footwork to boot, Rabie proved a tough task and was relentless in her pursuit for the turnover ball no matter her opposition.

Phumza Maweni

One of the more experienced players taking the court throughout the series, Maweni added plenty of composure to the South African back-line and used her long limbs to wreak havoc. Her improved cleanliness was evident, settling the side and propelling ball back up the court with ease.

Trinidad and Tobago

Afeisha Noel

No matter the scoreline, Noel posed a strong threat at the post against Jamaica with her strength and long arms working in her favour. The goal shooter was a tough beat one-on-one and a smooth mover to anticipate ball placement, using her height to her advantage and proving relatively accurate with ball in hand.

Kalifa McCollin

Trinidad and Tobago co-captain McCollin was a pivotal member in the attack end with her playmaking skills coming to light alongside her accuracy to post. McCollin did not go undefended and found herself heavily shadowed, having to work hard to free herself and use her great footwork to open up space time and again.


Betsy Creak

The developing goal attack well and truly stepped up to the task, putting out an excellent player of the match performance. With clean hands, clean footwork and accuracy to boot, Creak ensured Wales retained possession, using her playmaking skills and netball smarts to full advantage in an impressive outing.

Nia Jones

Defensive midcourter and co-captain Jones is as reliable as they come, working hard in transition and applying consistent hands over pressure. Her leadership is paramount to the group and allowed others to shine, directing traffic and opening up space with her strong drives and evasive movement to interrupt play.

Picture credit: Philip Magowan

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