New look Rhinos set to take on 2024

AFTER naming a huge signing as their first signing for 2024 a few weeks ago, the Leeds Rhinos have finally finished revealing their squad for the 2024 Netball Super League season.

There are a few returning faces from the 2023 squad, but vastly more new faces set to pull on the blue and yellow dress in 2024.

Caroline O’Hanlon, Michelle Magee and Amy Braithwaite are returning to the Rhinos from the 2023 squad, while Amelia Hall is returning to the club after taking a year out.

Magee is not the only member of her family playing in Yorkshire this season, with sister Emma coming across to the Rhinos in her return to the Super League.

The Rhinos have got signings from all across the Super League.

Future Rose Harriet Jones has come across from the Thunder, while Sarah Macphail has come down from the Sirens and Celyn Emanuel has come up from the Dragons.

They also have managed to attract players from across the world, signing former Super Netball Magpie Zoe Davies.

All this outward searching has not meant they have ignored those closer to home, with former training partner Cassie Howard earning promotion to the Super League squad.

After announcing Geva Mentor as their very first signing for 2024, the Rhinos did not stop there will the big announcements, book ending their announcement with Joyce Mvula as their very final squad member announcement.

These new faces mean plenty of departures for the Rhinos. Brie Grierson, Vicki Oyesola, Rosie Harris, Elle McDonald, Paige Reed, Ellie Bird, Nia Jones, Jemma Donaghue and Millie Sanders are all leaving the club and will not be returning in 2024.

Leeds Rhinos 2024 Squad

Geva Mentor, Joyce Mvula, Harriet Jones, Sarah MacPhail, Emma Magee, Zoe Davies, Celyn Emanuel, Amelia Hall, Cassie Howard, Caroline O’Hanlon, Michelle Magee, Amy Braithwaite

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