Pecking order starts to settle at ANC

AS the competition moves to the halfway mark in the 2023 Australian Netball Championships, the pecking order of team strength starts to become more and more apparent.

GIANTS Academy (66) defeated Capital Darters (47)

The GIANTS picked up their first win of this year’s competition with a big win over the Darters.

Although it was an improved performance from the Darters compared to the day before, it was nowhere near enough as the GIANTS proved to be too strong.

Amy Sligar (six deflections, four intercepts, four gains) and Hope White (28 feeds, 23 assists, one gain) impressed for the GIANTS, as did Latika Tombs (31 feeds, 16 assists) and Jessica Milne (five deflections, two gains) for the Darters.

West Coast Fever Reserves (57) defeated Tasmania Wild (42)

The Fever Reserves picked up their second win of the tournament with a 15-goal win over the Wild.

Tasmania mostly matched it with the Fever for much of the game, but faded away in the last quarter to ultimately give the Fever Reserves the win.

Chelsea Bartlett (six gains, three intercepts, three deflections, three rebounds), Caitlyn Brown (six gains, three deflections, two intercepts, one rebound) and Jordan Cransberg (42 feeds, 23 assists, six deflections, three gains, two intercepts) all starred for the Fever, while Alexandra Vinen (four gains, three rebounds, two deflections, one intercept) had a solid game for the Wild.

Vic Fury (67) defeated Firebirds Futures (57)

The Vic Fury also picked up their second win of the tournament with a 10 goal win over the Firebirds.

The win was really set up with an 18-goal-to-13 first quarter from the Fury, because as things tightened as the game progressed it meant that the Victorians still had that buffer.

Zara Walters (44 feeds, 25 assists) had another stellar game for the Fury, while Maggie Caris (five deflections, three gains, two rebounds, one intercept) also starred in defence.

Meanwhile for the Firebirds it was Ashlee Barnett (six gains, four rebounds, two intercepts, one deflection) and Leesa Mi Mi (30 feeds, 22 asssists) who starred.

Adelaide Thunderbirds Futures (58) defeated Collingwood (49)

The Thunderbirds handed Collingwood its first loss of the 2023 tournament with a nine-goal win.

The Thunderbirds came out firing in the first half and found themselves 15 goals up at half time, but then Collingwood returned serve and wiped about half the deficit in the third term. However the Thunderbirds held strong in the last to take the win.

Jessie Grenvold (eight gains, three intercepts, three rebounds, two deflections) starred for the Thunderbirds while Tyler Orr (30 feeds, 20 assists) also had another great game.

It was the defenders meanwhile who starred for Collingwood, namely Zoe Davies (seven gains, five intercepts, two rebounds, two deflections) and Brooke Allan (six gains, four intercepts, four deflections).

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