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Seasons: 2019
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COACH: Vicki WILSON WORLD CUP DEBUT: 1975 WORLD RANKING: 17 BEST RESULT: 6th Under the guidance of former Australian champion Vicki Wilson, Fiji is as best prepared for the Netball World Cup as the small island nation can be. They have drawn the short straw stuck in the group with both Jamaica and South Africa, as well as the top 10 ranked Trinidad and Tobago. Fiji will hope to notch up one win if they can stop Sam Wallace in the clash with Trinidad and Tobago, and moving through to the Preliminary Stage Two would be a magnificent effort for Fiji which has an unbelievable five teenagers on its 12-player list heading to the World Cup. Whilst no-one expects them to win the World Cup, the future of these players could be bright, with many facing world-class opponents for the first time.

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Pool C



fijEpisake Kahatoka0009101724955567
fijUniaisi Rauluni1051331108115158211751487
fijAdi Vakaoca Bolakoro001514211134911317
fijLydia Panapasa1611737408001328307
fijKelera Nawai-Caucau001937281911217287
fijKaitlyn Fisher0062035102854536277
fijAliti Toribau0078066121413929267
fijAlisi Galo00102838147017197
fijAsilika Sevutia003903659121517137
fijMatila Vocea6682114121400814125
fijLaisani Waqa141902010016-14
fijEma Mualuvu000012004379-36


M&S Bank Arena

(Round 6)
M&S Bank Arena

(Round 5)
M&S Bank Arena

(Round 4)
M&S Bank Arena

(Round 3)
M&S Bank Arena

(Round 2)
M&S Bank Arena

(Round 1)
M&S Bank Arena