Uganda and Malawi go two up on opponents

UGANDA and Malawi may not be able to make the semi finals anymore, but that did not stop them playing some stellar netball overnight to defeat Northern Ireland and Trinidad and Tobago respectively.

UGANDA                         11 | 17 | 17 | 18 (63)
NORTHERN IRELAND       5 | 6 | 8 | 7 (26)

The She Cranes have got their second win of the Commonwealth Games on the board after comfortably defeating Northern Ireland.

After a slow start the Ugandans kept building and building, putting their foot down as the game went on.

The second quarter was a particularly impressive performance from the She Cranes, as they were able to string sequences of three or four goals in a row together on multiple occasions.

Another positive the Ugandans can take away from the game is how much they were able to restrict the Warriors’ scoring.

They were also able to hold percentage for almost ten minutes longer then Northern Ireland, and although the intercept and deflection counts were just about even between the sides, the penalty count was also in favour of Uganda, with the She Cranes recording roughly 20 less contacts and obstructions then Northern Ireland.

A third of all of Uganda’s goals came from Mary Cholhok, who was well fed in the circle by the likes of Margret Baagala (12 assists, 17 feeds) and Stella Oyella (28 feeds, 24 assists).

Meanwhile for Northern Ireland, despite the good feeding work from Caroline O’Hanlon (21) and Michelle Drayne (22), no one could match the volume of the Ugandan shots.

Pic: Netball World Cup

MALAWI                          17 | 22 | 18 | 14 (70)
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO      8 | 7 | 9 | 7 (30)

Malawi also had a good win overnight, defeating Trinidad and Tobago by 40 goals.

From a ratio of two Malawian goals for every one Trinidad and Tobago goal in the opening things just built from there for the Malawians.

One thing that Malawi will take away from the match as a huge positive was not only the scale of the win, but how they were able to string up to five or six goals in a row on multiple occasions.

They were also able to keep possession for almost 11 minutes longer then their opposition, and record a lot more intercepts. Trinidad and Tobago recorded more deflections, but their contact and obstruction count was also higher.

For the Malawians, the bulk of the goals game from the goal shooters Mwai Kumwenda and Joyce Mvula, while Thandie Galleta and Bridget Kumwenda did a power of work through midcourt.

Meanwhile for Trinidad and Tobago as much as Afeisha Noel tried to keep the volume up for her team, no one else was able to keep up that kind of volume so it was all in vain.

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