Uganda take home the series after close encounter

THE pressure was on at the first whistle with the series tied at 1 – 1. It was Uganda who ultimately persevered and took the win by 11-goals (48 – 59) after a fairly equal outing against Wales.

Uganda was forced backwards straight from the first centre pass, resulting in Wales getting a quick turnover, but the She Cranes were able to bounce pass and win back possession.

This was the first indication it was going to be a tough game.

The pure footwork and speed in Uganda’s attack end was breathtaking. Their closing speed was flawless to be able to lose their opposition while getting themselves in prime feeding position.

It was going to be a challenge for the Welsh defence to counteract the split and sweeps from goal attack Irene Eyaru, but they eventually found their footing and began mounting some points on the board after giving up their first centre pass, letting the She Cranes take a 3 – 0 lead.

Phillipa Yarranton was involved a lot in the defensive work this series and this game didn’t prove any different winning the ball on multiple occasions in the first five minutes alone.

Wales was able to capitalise on most of its gains, but Uganda took a slight lead into the first break 12 – 17.

Player of the match Georgia Rowe was required to do more work outside of the circle if the short passes between the midcourt and Yarranton weren’t working. This worked as Rowe acted as a pressure release, but she was also able to get herself back under the post and shoot the goals.

Wales took out the second quarter by four goals thanks to Leah Middleton getting in the thick of the action. She was able to get a few tips to the ball to confuse the space, even if the Features weren’t able to convert, it caused doubt in the feed.. They reduced the deficit to one at half time, trailing 25 – 26.

Uganda turned it up another level in the third term, able to convert on their turnovers and not cough up too much ball which carried into the fourth.

Lilian Achola’s feeds into Mary Cholhok were precise and accurate nearly everytime. The height and force on the pass made it tough for the Wales defenders to get any say on where the ball would end up, helping Uganda regain their lead 38 – 44.

It would have been a tough climb back for Wales to get into the contest, but Uganda were just too good in attack. Everytime the Feathers were able to slightly pin back the deficit, the She Cranes would pull back away and ultimately get the win.

Even though Wales only won one quarter, their performance from yesterday significantly improved and weren’t afraid to look down the court into Rowe first. They had their eyes first for their shooters rather than being tunnel visions into what was in front of them.

Player of the Match = Georgia Rowe (Wales)

WALES                12 | 13 | 13 | 10 (48)

UGANDA            17 | 9 | 18 | 15 (59)



GS: Georgia Rowe

GA: Phillipa Yarranton

WA: Bethan Dyke

C: Shona O’Dwyer

WD: Nia Jones

GD: Ella Powell-Davies

GK: Leah Middleton


GS: Mary Cholhok

GA: Irene Eyaru

WA: Lilian Achola

C: Magret Baagala

WD: Florence Adunia

GD: Sandra Nambirige

GK: Falidah Kadondi

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