Team Selection: TAC Cup – Round 6

GEELONG Falcons have added some serious firepower to their clash with the Western Jets, with Ed McHenry and Connor Idun headlining the “ins” for this weekend’s TAC Cup action. Bendigo have also loaded up with Bailey Henderson and Will Holt among a host of changes, while Calder Cannons’ co-captain Mitch Podhajski, and Dandenong Stingrays’ pair Hayden Young and Sam Fletcher are among the inclusions for round six.


Saturday, May 12, 11am
Williamstown Football Ground, Williamstown

In the opening game of the round, the Western Jets are fresh off a victory over the Sandringham Dragons, while the Geelong Falcons made it two in a row after toppling the Calder Cannons last week. Both sides have brought in some fresh faces, with Western welcoming back defender Lucas Rocci, while David Fruscalzo, and Mathiang Chak as the 23rd player. For Geelong, midfield star Ed McHenry joins an already formidable Falcons midfield, while the likes of swingman Connor Idun and bottom-age talent Cooper Stephens are also inclusions for the match.

Western Jets

B: 28. J. Papachatzakis, 37. H. Murphy, 6. L. Rocci
HB: 17. D. Andrews , 38. B. Khamis, 36. J. Rice
C: 11. Z.  Butters, 39. S.  Radovanovic, 32. N.  Ellis
HF: 24. J. Honey, 45. A. Clarke, 26. W. Smyth
F: 20. D. Cassar, 31. E. Jeka, 10. S. Kyriazis
R: 47. D. Walters, 33. X. O’Halloran, 7. J. Watkins
Int: 29. D. Fruscalzo, 25. S. Johnson, 12. C. Thar, 35. T. Warner
Emg: L. Pettigrove, 2. T. Rudic, 16. C. White
23P: 5. M. Chak

In: L. Rocci, D. Fruscalzo, M. Chak
Out: J. Dodemaide

Geelong Falcons

B: 37. B. Campi, 49. D. Hollenkamp, 7. C. Harris
HB: 40. J. Clark, 31. C. Cartledge, 3. K. Rayner
C: 6. D.  Madigan, 25. L.  Taylor, 8. E.  McHenry
HF: 20. B. Ham, 39. C. Idun, 32. F. Parish
F: 22. S. Walsh, 48. B. Schlensog, 26. F. Wilson
R: 50. J. Grigsby, 30. O. Brownless, 10. B. Mensch
Int: 15. L. Handley, 9. B. Morton, 41. C. Stephens, 2. S. Torpy
Emg: 53. S. Christensen, 28. C. O’Connor, 21. L. Smith
23P: 11. C. Karpala

In: E. McHenry, C. Idun, C. Karpala, C. Stephens, J. Clark
Out: T. Richardson, S. Ham



Saturday, May 12, 2pm
Shepley Oval, Dandenong

Coming off their first loss of the season to the Oakleigh Chargers, the Dandenong Stingrays will look to bounce back with a big win over the winless Eastern Ranges. The Ranges have not been able to get on the board so far and the match poses as a huge challenge, but with plenty of changes to the side, they will hope their form can change. AFL Academy member Sam Fletcher and 2019 top 10 prospect Hayden Young return to the Stingrays line-up, as does the ever consistent Angus Paterson, while the talented Will Hamill is out. For Eastern, a minimum of six changes have been made with the likes of Callum Norris, Jordan Jaworski and Brent Bredin out of the team, while bottom-age talent Jamieson Rossiter and tackling machine Lachlan Stapleton are back into the side.

Dandenong Stingrays

B: 37. B. Angwin, 20. S. De Koning, 10. L. Young
HB: 12. M. Gahan, 5. A. Paterson, 2. H. Young
C: 3. J.  Plumridge, 23. C.  Hustwaite, 7. J.  Taylor
HF: 9. Z. Foot, 13. R. Bowman, 27. L. McDonnell
F: 52. C. Ellison, 28. B. Schmidt, 57. R. Nanscawen
R: 29. B. Williams, 16. J. Frawley, 33. J. Carosella
Int: 49. M. Cottrell, 1. S. Fletcher, 43. W. Geurts, 45. L. Goonan, 47. J. Hickey, 41. L. Stenning
Emg: 6. J. Barker, 11. E. Cahill
23P: 50. L. Williams

In: L. Goonan, A. Paterson, H. Young, J. Barker, S. Fletcher, L. Williams
Out: J. Smith,  W. Hamill

Eastern Ranges

B: 12. J. Gilbee, 42. T. Lockman, 47. T. Hallett-Tauali’i
HB: 20. B. Cardamone, 21. J. Ross, 24. K. Quirk
C: 4. R.  Clausen, 7. L.  Stapleton, 30. T.  Edwards
HF: 10. C. Black, 22. C. Quirk, 13. J. Rossiter
F: 37. J. Weichard, 18. B. McCormack, 46. B. White
R: 51. R. Smith, 8. J. Burleigh, 11. M. Mellis
Int: 39. C. Daraio, 53. J. Drake, 5. R. Einsporn, 2. A. Kalcovski, 34. J. Riddle, 54. J. Sullivan, 25. L. Vassis
23P: 43. K. Crosby

In: L. Vassis, J. Sullivan, R. Einsporn, K. Crosby, J. Rossiter, L. Stapleton, T. Hallett-Tauali’i, C. Daraio, B. White
Out: M. Zalac, T. Hardstaff, M. Brown, C. Norris, J. Jaworski, B. Bredin



Saturday, May 12, 2pm
Preston City Oval, Preston

Over at Preston, the Northern Knights are looking to use their home ground advantage when they take on the in-form Murray Bushrangers who have won their past four games. The Knights have made at least four changes to their side with the likes of Nicholas Barro, Kareem Nasser and Cameron Wild returning to the side, while Mark Baker and Sam Philp are among the outs. For the Bushrangers, they have made no less than five changes to their side, with potential Brisbane father-son Jake Bradshaw returning, as does Edward Dayman and Nick Murray, while Ben Kelly, Fraser Ellis and Finbar O’Dwyer are among those out for the round six clash.

Northern Knights

B: 11. R. Sturgess, 28. S. Uzelac, 22. M. Wild
HB: 5. L. Potter, 33. J. Randall, 14. E. Tsitsis
C: 1. R.  Gardner, 10. B.  Bell, 40. N.  Mayne
HF: 24. R. Bowkett, 18. S. Brazier, 27. J. Lucente
F: 35. K. Agosta, 31. N. Barro, 17. J. D’Intinosante
R: 16. T. Hallebone, 7. H. Grace, 3. B. Gillard
Int: 37. K. Brandt, 20. P. Della Rocca, 23. J. Hart, 34. Z. Hudson, 29. K. Nasser, 44. C. Wild
23P: 39. N. Kitchell

In: C. Wild, N. Barro, N. Kitchell, J. Hart, K. Nasser, Z. Hudson
Out: J. Furphy,  S. Philp,  M. Baker,  J. Davies

Murray Bushrangers

B: 19. J. Boyer, 2. J. Butts, 22. A. Dang
HB: 12. L. Ash, 34. T. Boyd, 16. N. Murray
C: 7. Z.  Barzen, 5. E.  Smith, 4. L.  Vandermeer
HF: 26. R. Bice, 8. J. Koschitzke, 6. W. Chandler
F: 14. J. Chalcraft, 18. H. Garoni, 13. B. Frauenfelder
R: 23. M. Marriott, 17. N. Amery, 28. K. Clarke
Int: 11. E. Adams, 20. J. Bradshaw, 32. E. Dayman, 10. P. Warner
Emg: 57. R. Goodley, 15. R. Quinn, 44. L. Whyte
23P: 50. K. Davies

In: J. Bradshaw, R. Quinn, E. Dayman, R. Goodley, L. Whyte, K. Davies, N. Murray, E. Adams
Out: N. Irvine, B. Kelly, F. Ellis, F. O’Dwyer, D. Clarke



Saturday, May 12, 4.30pm
RAMS Arena, Craigieburn

The evening game at RAMS Arena pits the Calder Cannons up against the Bendigo Pioneers. After an inspiring victory in round one, the Pioneers have not registered a win since, while the Cannons have been up and down they will be keen to consolidate their early season form with a victory here. Co-captain Mitch Podhajski is a huge inclusion for the home side, joined in the team by Ned Gentile and Anthony Righele. Overager Dylan Landt, Daniel Mott and Luke Goater are the outs for the Cannons. For Bendigo, key forward Will Holt returns and will straighten up the side, as will Bailey Henderson who is one of the Pioneers most important players. Daine Grace and Zane Keighran are among five outs for the visitors.

Calder Cannons

B: 9. C. Barton, 38. B. Newman, 17. N. Doyle
HB: 3. I. Moussa , 43. L. Cavallaro, 8. L. Sholl
C: 27. T.  Browning, 33. J.  Evans, 48. S.  Ramsay
HF: 44. N. Gentile, 29. J. Riccardi, 12. J. O’Sullivan
F: 11. J. Firebrace, 23. D. Hanna, 5. C. Taylor
R: 54. C. Lamb, 16. J. Bytel, 30. M. Podhajski
Int: 4. K. Baker, 42. N. Croft, 55. A. Righele, 39. L. Sultana
Emg: 53. M. Abou-Eid, 46. S. Callander, 19. B. Rigoni
23P: 34. O. Sasalu

In: M. Abou-Eid, N. Gentile, M. Podhajski, B. Rigoni, A. Righele
Out: D. Mott,  L. Goater,  D. Landt

Bendigo Pioneers

B: 21. D. Loveridge, 11. J. Grace, 25. F. Perez
HB: 16. J. Atley, 24. N. McHugh, 27. M. Lias
C: 19. T.  Walters, 5. N.  Wheeler, 48. P. Moi Moi
HF: 3. L. Marciano, 18. B. Henderson, 51. B. Waasdorp
F: 54. M. Christensen, 45. W. Holt, 29. E. Roberts
R: 23. D. Keating, 20. J. Schischka, 43. H. Lawrence
Int: 53. W. Allen, 15. L. Caccaviello, 7. L. Chisholm, 35. Z. Denahy, 37. C. McCarty, 33. J. McHale
23P: 38. K. Stevens

In: L. Caccaviello, W. Holt, Z. Denahy, M. Lias, W. Allen, B. Henderson, M. Christensen
Out: D. Grace, R. Ironside, Z. Keighran, A. Smith-Ralph, M. Hird, K. Lloyd



Sunday, May 13, 1pm
Morwell Football Ground, Morwell

On Sunday, Gippsland Power hosts the Sandringham Dragons in what is expected to be a good Mother’s Day clash. Mason McGannon is the only confirmed out for the Power who have named an extended bench which features the return of ruck Rylan Henkel, and over-ager Austin Hodge. The Power are just two points off top spot and victory would be a huge boost for the Power, however the Dragons will be hoping to bounce back after back-to-back losses in rounds four and five. Dragons captain Bailey Smith heads back to school football, with James Rendell also out, while the midfield does receive some inside presence with Dawit McNeish and Liam Stocker returning, while Jai Florent – brother of Sydney’s Ollie – is also named in the team.

Gippsland Power

B: 12. B. Smith, 25. K. Reid, 15. R. Sparkes
HB: 18. M. McGannon, 14. T. Hourigan, 7. B. Patterson
C: 8. B.  Beck, 6. R.  Baldi, 29. B.  Motton
HF: 36. M. Bentvelzen , 23. N. Gown, 20. H. Neocleous
F: 4. S. Flanders, 16. J. Smith, 9. I. Mosquito
R: 22. R. Henkel, 11. A. Hodge, 5. X. Duursma
Int: 26. W. Broadbent, 10. L. Connolly, 1. T. Hayes, 13. N. Lowden, 27. L. Munns, 19. F. Phillips, 35. J. van der Pligt
23P: 43. Z. Skinner

In: R. Henkel, H. Neocleous, A. Hodge, W. Broadbent
Out: M. McGannon

Sandringham Dragons

B: 15. R. Ladds, 69. C. Watts, 16. J. Paul
HB: 25. O. McMaster, 34. C. Birmingham, 45. J. Voss
C: 24. H.  Ferdinand, 50. T.  Deane-Johns, 14. R.  O’Meara
HF: 56. J. Hannah, 20. H. Bede, 42. T. Murray
F: 1. T. Long, 32. J. Griffiths, 58. K. Yorke
R: 30. E. Casey, 7. L. Stocker, 21. D. McNeish
Int: 37. N. Bufalo, 66. R. Byrnes, 59. A. Courtney, 39. J. Florent, 3. T. Fogarty, 47. T. Milne, 11. N. Stamatis
23P: 40. M. Scott

In: M. Scott, N. Bufalo, T. Milne, J. Florent, L. Stocker, D. McNeish, K. Yorke, A. Courtney
Out: B. Smith, M. Bergman, C. Millar, J. Rendell, R. Macdermid



Sunday, May 13, 1pm
MARS Stadium, Ballarat

In the final game of the round, the Greater Western Victoria (GWV) Rebels host Oakleigh Chargers in a must-win game for the home side. Despite being competitive throughout each of their games, the Rebels have just the one win for the season, while the Chargers are at the other end of the scale with four wins from five games. Forward Izaac Grant and defender Cooper Craig-Peters – who was recognised during the week for designing the Western Bulldogs’ Indigenous guernsey – have been named, while the likes of Joel O’Connell and Toby Mahony make way for them. For Oakleigh, Joseph Ayton-Delaney, Zac Hart and Ben Silvagni are big losses for the Chargers as they head back to school football, while an extended bench features the likes of Ben Griffiths, Riley Thompson and Sebastian Fernandez.

Greater Western Victoria Rebels

B: 48. J. Cleaver, 43. J. Wright, 1. C. Craig-Peters
HB: 4. B. Annett, 8. H. Butler, 5. H. Jennings
C: 3. S.  Carlin, 9. L.  Dawson, 17. T.  Clark
HF: 12. A. Gove, 35. C. Hinkley, 7. M. Martin
F: 14. J. Hill, 28. C. Giddings, 6. C. Wilson
R: 20. T. Watts, 2. M. Schnerring, 13. T. Berry
Int: 29. P. Glanford, 21. I. Grant, 27. E. Lamb, 10. J. Lohmann
Emg: 32. M. Burgess, 45. D. McEldrew, 30. I. Wareham
23P: 16. E. Harvey

In: I. Wareham, D. McEldrew, C. Craig-Peters, M. Burgess, J. Wright, I. Grant, E. Harvey
Out: J. O’Connell,  B. Helyar,  J. Bibby,  T. Mahony

Oakleigh Chargers

B: 56. M. Fewings, 43. P. Bohan, 22. D. Williams
HB: 12. N. Answerth , 23. I. Quaynor, 50. V. Zagari
C: 24. S.  Harte, 35. X.  Fry, 42. K.  Viccars
HF: 13. A. Bosenavulagi, 7. J. Robertson, 26. J. Gasper
F: 6. M. Day, 63. S. Elliott, 25. D. Scala
R: 65. L. Harry, 5. X. O’Neill, 1. R. Collier-Dawkins
Int: 2. L. Bugeja, 53. T. Calder, 39. S. Fernandez, 79. B. Griffiths, 76. H. Leonard, 57. R. Thompson, 77. M. Tighello
23P: 27. J. May

In: B. Griffiths, P. Bohan, M. Tighello, S. Fernandez, V. Zagari, H. Leonard, R. Thompson, T. Calder
Out: B. Silvagni, C. Whitehead, C. Beasley, J. Ayton-Delaney, Z. Hart

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