Team Selection: TAC Cup – Round 7

A NUMBER of key inclusions to TAC Cup sides this round could help teams in their quest to get a win ahead of the Development Weekend next weekend. GWV Rebels have welcomed back Matty Lloyd, a defender who made a habit of running and carrying the footy out of defence last year, while AFL Academy member Mathew Walker and key position player Stephen Cumming return for their respective teams after strong Under 18 Academy Series performances. In Round 7 there is a top-of-the-table clash, a bottom two clash, and a number of contests which could see teams leapfrog the other with victories.


Round 7 – Saturday, May 19, 10am
RAMS Arena, Craigieburn

In the first game of a Triple Header at RAMS Arena, the Calder Cannons will be hoping to win its second consecutive match for the first time this season. At 3-3, the Cannons are sixth on the table hosting the eighth placed Knights. However a win to the visitors will see Northern leapfrog Calder on the ladder, with the Knights just two points behind the Cannons. Calder have made at least three changes to their line-up, with Jonah Horo, Dylan Landt and Ben Reddick coming into the starting line-up, while Mohammed Abou-Eid has been named as the 23rd man. The likes of Kyle Baker, Oscar Sasalu and Luke Sultana make way for these changes. For the Knights, they have thrown the magnets around with six changes, including some big inclusions. Patrik Della Rocca, Kye Yodgee, Justin McInerney, Joel Naylor and Mark Baker are among the names to return to the side with an extended bench, with Aaron Castagna – the brother of Tiger Jason Castagna – named as 23rd man.

Calder Cannons

B: 9. C. Barton, 38. B. Newman, 3. I. Moussa
HB: 43. L. Cavallaro, 23. D. Hanna, 8. L. Sholl
C: 27. T.  Browning, 33. J.  Evans, 48. S.  Ramsay
HF: 44. N. Gentile, 46. S. Callander, 2. D. Landt
F: 11. J. Firebrace, 12. J. O’Sullivan, 5. C. Taylor
R: 54. C. Lamb, 30. M. Podhajski, 42. N. Croft
Int: 17. N. Doyle, 6. J. Horo, 52. B. Reddick, 55. A. Righele
Emg: 51. W. Jury, 1. D. Mott, 29. J. Riccardi
23P: 53. M. Abou-Eid

In: W. Jury, M. Abou-Eid, D. Mott, J. Horo, B. Reddick, D. Landt
Out: K. Baker,  O. Sasalu,  L. Sultana

Northern Knights

B: 33. J. Randall, 28. S. Uzelac, 11. R. Sturgess
HB: 25. J. Davies, 12. J. Naylor, 5. L. Potter
C: 1. R.  Gardner, 10. B.  Bell, 30. J.  McInerney
HF: 17. J. D’Intinosante, 20. P. Della Rocca, 3. B. Gillard
F: 8. A. Carafa, 31. N. Barro, 27. J. Lucente
R: 16. T. Hallebone, 36. K. Yodgee, 18. S. Brazier
Int: 21. M. Baker, 24. R. Bowkett, 37. K. Brandt, 45. J. Furphy, 7. H. Grace, 40. N. Mayne, 22. M. Wild
23P: 42. A. Castagna

In: K. Yodgee, P. Della Rocca, A. Carafa, A. Castagna, J. Furphy, M. Baker, J. Davies, J. McInerney, J. Naylor
Out: E. Tsitsis, C. Wild, N. Kitchell, J. Hart, K. Agosta, K. Nasser



Round 7 – Saturday, May 19, 12.30pm
RAMS Arena, Craigieburn

The second game at RAMS Arena sees an mouth-watering top-of-the-table clash between Murray Bushrangers and Dandenong Stingrays. The winner will go outright top with a 6-1 win-loss ratio and earn some early bragging rights. Murray has loaded up with AFL Academy member Mathew Walker, Dylan Clarke and ruck Ben Kelly among the ins, however Mark Marriott, Edward Dayman and Will Chandler are listed among the outs. For the Stingrays, they have named an extended bench with William Geurts the only confirmed out. Key position tall Stephen Cumming and speedster Zac Foot are among four inclusions with the 25-man squad to be cut back to 22.

Murray Bushrangers

B: 34. T. Boyd, 2. J. Butts, 19. J. Boyer
HB: 12. L. Ash, 16. N. Murray, 22. A. Dang
C: 4. L.  Vandermeer, 5. E.  Smith, 10. P.  Warner
HF: 7. Z. Barzen, 8. J. Koschitzke, 26. R. Bice
F: 13. B. Frauenfelder, 18. H. Garoni, 9. M. Walker
R: 3. B. Kelly, 38. D. Clarke, 28. K. Clarke
Int: 11. E. Adams, 17. N. Amery, 20. J. Bradshaw, 14. J. Chalcraft
Emg: 48. R. Goodley, 15. R. Quinn, 44. L. Whyte
23P: 50. K. Davies

In: B. Kelly, R. Quinn, M. Walker, L. Whyte, R. Goodley, D. Clarke
Out: E. Dayman,  M. Marriott,  W. Chandler

Dandenong Stingrays

B: 12. M. Gahan, 20. S. De Koning, 10. L. Young
HB: 7. J. Taylor, 5. A. Paterson, 2. H. Young
C: 9. Z.  Foot, 23. C.  Hustwaite, 27. L.  McDonnell
HF: 49. M. Cottrell, 29. B. Williams, 3. J. Plumridge
F: 52. C. Ellison, 28. B. Schmidt, 57. R. Nanscawen
R: 13. R. Bowman, 1. S. Fletcher, 33. J. Carosella
Int: 37. B. Angwin, 11. E. Cahill, 36. S. Cumming, 16. J. Frawley, 45. L. Goonan, 47. J. Hickey, 41. L. Stenning
23P: 50. L. Williams

In: L. Goonan, E. Cahill, S. Cumming, Z. Foot
Out: W. Geurts



Round 7 – Saturday, May 19, 3pm
RAMS Arena, Craigieburn

In the final game of the RAMS Arena Triple Header, the Greater Western Victoria (GWV) Rebels take on the Gippsland Power. The Rebels drew with Oakleigh last week and have moved to within four points of the top eight, however Gippsland is flying, thumping Sandringham Dragons last week and moving into third spot on the table. A win to the Power will see them move into second with the top two teams facing off in the earlier day. Matty Lloyd is a vital inclusion for the Rebels, playing his first game of the season, brought in with Izaac Grant and Darcy McEldrew, while Harrison Butler and Jacob Lohmann are the confirmed outs. For the Power, Nick Lowden and Fraser Phillips are the two confirmed outs, while the five ins include Mason McGannon, Grady Cocksedge and Will Broadbent.

Greater Western Victoria Rebels

B: 48. J. Cleaver, 43. J. Wright, 1. C. Craig-Peters
HB: 32. M. Burgess, 20. T. Watts, 24. M. Lloyd
C: 3. S.  Carlin, 9. L.  Dawson, 5. H.  Jennings
HF: 14. J. Hill, 27. E. Lamb, 6. C. Wilson
F: 15. K. Councillor, 28. C. Giddings, 21. I. Grant
R: 29. P. Glanford, 4. B. Annett, 2. M. Schnerring
Int: 17. T. Clark, 35. C. Hinkley, 7. M. Martin, 45. D. McEldrew
Emg: 12. A. Gove, 33. J. Ross
23P: 16. E. Harvey

In: J. Ross, D. McEldrew, I. Grant, M. Lloyd
Out: H. Butler,  J. Lohmann

Gippsland Power

B: 15. R. Sparkes, 25. K. Reid, 35. J. van der Pligt
HB: 7. B. Patterson, 14. T. Hourigan, 12. B. Smith
C: 8. B.  Beck, 6. R.  Baldi, 29. B.  Motton
HF: 36. M. Bentvelzen , 23. N. Gown, 20. H. Neocleous
F: 4. S. Flanders, 16. J. Smith, 11. A. Hodge
R: 22. R. Henkel, 5. X. Duursma, 18. M. McGannon
Int: 26. W. Broadbent, 17. G. Cocksedge, 10. L. Connolly, 1. T. Hayes, 3. M. McGannon, 21. M. McGarrity, 37. H. Pepper
23P: 43. Z. Skinner

In: H. Pepper, G. Cocksedge, M. McGarrity, W. Broadbent, M. McGannon
Out: N. Lowden, F. Phillips



Round 7 – Sunday, May 20, 10.45am
Warrawee Park, Oakleigh

In the first Sunday game, the Oakleigh Chargers host the Western Jets at Warrawee Park. The Chargers were forced to split the points last week after a GWV Rebels comeback, while the Jets have now strung a couple of wins together after the disaster at Shepley Oval. Given the swings and roundabouts of school football, the Chargers have brought in six players for an extended bench including Trent Bianco and Bailey Griffiths, while the three confirmed outs are Lachlan Harry, Riley Thompson and Tyson Calder. A win to the Jets will see will see Western leapfrog the Chargers into fourth on the back of great form. The Jets have named an unchanged line-up so far, with Tom Warner, Jack Crawford and Lachlan Rzanovski all named in the 25.

Oakleigh Chargers

B: 56. M. Fewings, 43. P. Bohan, 22. D. Williams
HB: 12. N. Answerth , 23. I. Quaynor, 76. H. Leonard
C: 17. T.  Bianco, 2. L.  Bugeja, 35. X.  Fry
HF: 13. A. Bosenavulagi, 27. J. May, 26. J. Gasper
F: 6. M. Day, 7. J. Robertson, 25. D. Scala
R: 79. B. Griffiths31, 1. R. Collier-Dawkins, 5. X. O’Neill
Int: 47. U. Chol, 63. S. Elliott, 39. S. Fernandez, 24. S. Harte, 77. M. Tighello, 42. K. Viccars, 50. V. Zagari
23P: 20. F. Elliot

In: T. Bianco, B. Griffiths, M. Tighello, F. Elliot, U. Chol, S. Fernandez
Out: L. Harry,  R. Thompson,  T. Calder

Western Jets

B: 25. S. Johnson, 41. L. Rzanovski, 28. J. Papachatzakis
HB: 17. D. Andrews , 38. B. Khamis, 37. H. Murphy
C: 11. Z.  Butters, 33. X.  O’Halloran, 6. L.  Rocci
HF: 20. D. Cassar, 24. J. Honey, 7. J. Watkins
F: 45. A. Clarke, 31. E. Jeka, 10. S. Kyriazis
R: 47. D. Walters, 12. C. Thar, 39. S. Radovanovic
Int: 21. J. Crawford, 32. N. Ellis, 29. D. Fruscalzo, 36. J. Rice, 2. T. Rudic, 26. W. Smyth, 35. T. Warner
23P: 5. M. Chak

In: T. Warner, J. Crawford, L. Rzanovski



Round 7 – Sunday, May 20, 2pm
Box Hill City Oval, Box Hill

Over at Box Hill on Sunday, the Eastern Ranges host the Bendigo Pioneers in what is a clash of the cellar dwellers. Eastern have been competitive throughout the season, and will be keen to have a win on their home soil. For the Pioneers, they only have a narrow win over GWV Rebels in round one to show for their season thus far and will be keen to potentially leapfrog the Rebels with a victory in this game. The Ranges have made at least four changes to their side, with key defender James Blanck, tackling small forward Cody Hirst and the likes of Brent Bredin and Jonte Duffy returning, while Thomas Lockman is one of four players named out of the side. Bendigo has lost Jacob Atley and full-forward Will Holt from its line-up, but with Geelong Grammar having the school football bye, can welcome a number of players back into the line-up. Thomson Dow is a name likely to be tracked over the next 18 months, while Zane Keighran, Riley Ironside and Bailey Waasdorp are a number of key ins.

Eastern Ranges

B: 12. J. Gilbee, 31. J. Blanck, 47. T. Hallett-Tauali’i
HB: 20. B. Cardamone, 21. J. Ross, 4. R. Clausen
C: 30. T.  Edwards, 7. L.  Stapleton, 11. M.  Mellis
HF: 17. C. Hirst, 18. B. McCormack, 46. B. White
F: 9. J. Duffy, 13. J. Rossiter, 28. L. Kruger
R: 58. R. Smith, 8. J. Burleigh, 24. K. Quirk
Int: 1. B. Bredin, 3. H. Chinn, 53. J. Drake, 2. A. Kalcovski, 22. C. Quirk, 54. J. Sullivan, 25. L. Vassis
23P: 43. K. Crosby

In: J. Duffy, H. Chinn, J. Drake, J. Blanck, L. Kruger, C. Hirst, B. Bredin
Out: T. Lockman,  J. Weichard,  M. Taylor,  C. Daraio

Bendigo Pioneers

B: 3. L. Marciano, 11. J. Grace, 2. J. Williams
HB: 14. T. Dow, 24. N. McHugh, 25. F. Perez
C: 33. J.  McHale, 5. N.  Wheeler, 48. P.  Moi Moi
HF: 27. M. Lias, 35. Z. Denahy, 51. B. Waasdorp
F: 9. Z. Keighran, 18. B. Henderson, 29. E. Roberts
R: 23. D. Keating, 20. J. Schischka, 43. H. Lawrence
Int: 15. L. Caccaviello, 54. M. Christensen, 17. R. Ironside, 21. D. Loveridge, 37. C. McCarty, 38. K. Stevens, 28. C. Vick, 19. T. Walters
23P: 32. W. Wallace

In: R. Ironside, Z. Keighran, D. Loveridge, W. Wallace, T. Dow, C. Vick, B. Waasdorp
Out: J. Atley, W. Holt, L. Chisholm



Round 7 – Sunday, May 20, 2pm
Trevor Barker Beach Oval, Sandringham

In the final game of the round, the Sandringham Dragons will be hoping a home ground advantage can turn their recent form around. The Dragons have dropped the three games since APS football started and will hoping that they can bounce back against the Geelong Falcons who lost against Western Jets last week following two good wins. A win to the Falcons would see Geelong move past Sandringham on the TAC Cup ladder. Among the large amount of ins for the Dragons is Kai Owens and key forward James Rendell, but the home side loses key midfielder Liam Stocker, as well as Ethan Casey among at least five changes. For the Falcons, Ed McHenry returns to school football after his one week back in the side, while Brayden Ham is among another three outs for the Falcons. Riley Hayden, Bailey Scott and Campbell Tanis are returning to the side for the round seven clash.

Sandringham Dragons

B: 14. R. O’Meara, 59. A. Courtney, 16. J. Paul
HB: 11. N. Stamatis, 69. C. Watts, 45. J. Voss
C: 37. N.  Bufalo, 66. R.  Byrnes, 25. O.  McMaster
HF: 3. T. Fogarty, 58. K. Yorke, 56. J. Hannah
F: 20. H. Bede, 28. J. Rendell, 21. D. McNeish
R: 32. J. Griffiths, 50. T. Deane-Johns, 8. K. Owens
Int: 34. C. Birmingham, 63. M. Butera, 24. H. Ferdinand, 71. B. Krongold, 15. R. Ladds, 65. L. Lamble, 76. X. Verdnik
23P: 47. T. Milne

In: L. Lamble, X. Verdnik, T. Milne, K. Owens, J. Rendell, O. McMaster, M. Butera, B. Krongold
Out: M. Scott,  T. Long,  T. Murray,  L. Stocker,  E. Casey

Geelong Falcons

B: 15. L. Handley, 49. D. Hollenkamp, 7. C. Harris
HB: 3. K. Rayner, 31. C. Cartledge, 41. C. Stephens
C: 6. D.  Madigan, 9. B.  Morton, 2. S.  Torpy
HF: 10. B. Mensch, 39. C. Idun, 32. F. Parish
F: 14. R. Hayden, 48. B. Schlensog, 26. F. Wilson
R: 50. J. Grigsby, 30. O. Brownless, 22. S. Walsh
Int: 16. B. Scott, 21. L. Smith, 35. C. Tanis, 25. L. Taylor
Emg: 33. Z. Knights, 28. C. O’Connor, 53. S. Stokes
23P: 11. C. Karpala

In: C. O’Connor, Z. Knights, C. Tanis, L. Smith, R. Hayden, B. Scott
Out: E. McHenry, B. Ham, B. Campi, J. Clark

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