QWAFL weekly wrap: Round 16

IN Round 16, Yeronga South Brisbane, Coorparoo and University of Queensland all came out on top in the Queensland Women’s Australian Football League (QWAFL). Wilston Grange remain on top of the ladder despite having a bye this weekend. With only one round to go in the competition, three teams sit on six wins and seven losses so they have everything to play for next week.


BOND UNIVERSITY 0.0 | 1.0 | 2.0 | 5.1 (31)
YERONGA SOUTH BRISBANE 2.3 | 6.3 | 7.3 | 9.3 (57)


Bond University: C. Hammans 2, T. Perry, X. Cerutti, R. Saliadarre .
Yeronga South Brisbane: D. Leach 3, J. Zanchetta 2, K. Howarth 2, J. Banks, J. Ransfield.


Bond University: T. Perry, A. Clarke, E. Sundstrom, R. Saliadarre, K. Scherer, X. Cerutti
Yeronga South Brisbane: E. Bliss, E. Bates, D. Leach, J. Banks, J. Keeffe, J. Zanchetta

Yeronga South Brisbane claimed a 26-point victory over Bond University in a clash that saw fourth and sixth go head-to-head. Yeronga South Brisbane’s win meant it went up to fifth place while Bond University was knocked out of the top four and sits in sixth place after the loss. Demi Leach had a great game up forward with three majors for the away side while AFLW players, Jordan Zanchetta and Kalinda Howarth also got on the board. Leach and Zanchetta also earned a spot among Yeronga South Brisbane’s best and were joined by AFLW teammates, Emily Bates and Jessy Keeffe as well as Emily Bliss and Jade Banks. For Bond University, Queensland Under 18 representative, Charlotte Hammans led the way up forward with two majors. Tamsin Perry, Xanthe Cerutti and Rihanna Saliadarre also kicked a goal on the day and were named in the best as well.


COORPAROO 2.1 | 3.10 | 7.12 | 12.15 (87)
MAROOCHYDORE 1.0 | 1.0 | 1.0 | 1.1 (7)


Coorparoo: J. Govan 5, J. Wuetschner 2, M. Forbes 2, J. Ellenger, T. Groves-Little, M. Ingram
Maroochydore: L. Barklimore


Coorparoo: S. Young, J. Ellenger, J. Wuetschner, T. Groves-Little, E. Mckenzie, G. Paulsen
Maroochydore: C. Croyden, R. Crack, T. Day, J. Sills, K. Sills, J. Epstein

In a game where second took on seventh, Coorparoo got the job done fairly easily on the day against Maroochydore. Jenae Govan was the star up forward with five majors, taking her season goal kicking tally to 30 goals from 11 games. AFLW forward, Jessica Wuetschner and Maili Forbes also got on the board with two goals. Queensland Under 18 representatives, Jade Ellenger and Tori Groves-Little performed well on the day, with both players also kicking a major each and being named in the best for Coorparoo. Maroochydore’s only goal kicker was Laura Barklimore, who kicked her first major in 11 games. The Roos’ best players on the day were Claire Croyden, Rachel Crack, Taylah Day, Jesse Sills, Kelsee Sills and Jya Epstein.


UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND 4.2 | 5.3 | 7.5 | 8.7 (55)
COOLANGATTA TWEED 0.0 | 0.0 | 0.1 | 0.2 (2)


University of Queensland: S. Frederick-Traub 3, K. McCarthy, M. McGorm, E. Pericic, J. Childes, N. Grider.
Coolangatta Tweed: Nil.


University of Queensland: N. Grider, M. Moloney, A. McNabb, M. Beaven.
Coolangatta Tweed: L. Turney, Z. Wood, E. Hagan, M. Roberts, Z. Lattanzi, B. Pinchin.

University of Queensland got a convincing win against Coolangatta Tweed, running out victors by 53 points on Saturday. AFLW stars, Sabrina Frederick-Traub and Kate McCarthy both got among the goals, kicking three and one respectively. Queensland Under 18 captain, Natalie Grider also got a major on the board and was named best on ground for her side on the day. Despite having no goal kickers, there were still plenty of good performers for Coolangatta Tweed on Saturday. Lucy Turney, Zoe Wood, Emily Hagan, Maddy Roberts, Zoe Lattanzi and Bethany Pinchin were all named in the best for their side on the day.


QWAFA Division 1:

Burleigh 10.11 (71) defeated Coolangatta Tweed 1.1 (7)
Yeronga South Brisbane 2.1 (13) defeated by Moreton Bay 8.9 (57)
Wilston Grange 2.2 (14) defeated by Kedron 3.5 (23)
Coorparoo 21.17 (143) defeated Maroochydore 0.1 (1)
University of Queensland 0.0 (0) defeated by Broadbeach 4.5 (29)

Coorparoo took advantage of Aspley Hornets’ bye to claim top spot in the best possible way, belting Maroochydore by 142 points. The Blues had 38 scoring shots to one, which included just a casual 15 majors to Meg Pullinger in a clear best on ground performance. Rachael Grech was named the Roos’ best in the defeat. Burleigh also had an impressive win, defeated Coolangatta Tweed by 64 points at home. Rebecca Fitton booted three goals while Lauren Theodore was named best on ground in the win.

Third placed Moreton Bay kept in touch with the top two following a 44-point victory over Yeronga South Brisbane. Queensland young gun Lily Postlethwaite was named best on ground once again, while Richelle Reeves booted two goals to be amongst seven individual goal kickers for the Lions. Ngatai Alapaki continued her good form for Yeronga South Brisbane in the loss. Broadbeach held onto its fourth spot with an important 29-point victory over University of Queensland. The Cats held the home side scoreless in the match, with Rebecca Goodwin named best on ground in the win. In the closest game of the round, Kedron held off Wilston Grange in a nine-point victory. Felicity Angliss booted two goals, while Jacinta King was named the winning teams’ best. Mica Cubis was judged the Gorillas best in the defeat.

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