Final Siren Podcast: Episode 150 – Key Forwards analysis

THE FINAL Siren Podcast is back for another week, bringing you all the latest AFL Draft news and analysis around the nation. Once again, it not only comes in audio form, but also with video!

Host Peter Williams is joined by Rookie Me Central AFL Draft Editor Michael Alvaro, this time in the year’s first pocket podcast edition. The team casts an eye over the best key forward talent in the country, from top to bottom.

Scroll to see the episode’s agenda – including timestamps and a link to listen.


Top of the tree: Aaron Cadman (1:25 – 5:25)
The next best: Matthew Jefferson (5:30 – 7:17
If not them: Isaac Keeler (7:25 – 9:05)
Combine invitees: Harry Lemmey, Tom Scully (9:09 – 10:54) / Jovan Petric, Ziggy Toledo (11:00 – 12:23)
Club-tied talents: Josh Draper, Jasper Scaife, Jerome Lawrence (12:28 – 13:49)

Audio: Listen here!
Video: Watch here!

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