2022 AFL Draft Pick-by-Pick: Round 1

THE FIRST round of the 2022 AFL National Draft is done and run with 21 new players earning spots on AFL lists.

There were a few surprises inside the top 10, but Sydney certainly spiced things up with back to back bids followed by a live trade.


Pick #1 – GWS GIANTS – Aaron Cadman

GWV Rebels / Vic Country | Key Forward
03/03/2004 | 195cm | 91kg

SNAPSHOT: “The premier key position player in this year’s AFL Draft pool off the back of a consistent season for both GWV Rebels and Vic Country as a strong marking forward.”

Pic Credit: GWS FC

Pick #2 – Brisbane Lions – Will Ashcroft (Matched Bid)

Sandringham Dragons / Vic Metro | Midfielder
06/05/2004 | 181cm | 78kg

SNAPSHOT: “A decorated ball winner who has been relentless in his pursuit of excellence, Ashcroft is incredibly well-rounded and clear as this year’s top prospect.”

Pic Credit: Brisbane FC

Pick #3 – North Melbourne – Harry Sheezel

Sandringham Dragons / Vic Metro | Medium Forward
13/10/04 | 185cm | 80kg

SNAPSHOT: “Arguably the best performed forward in this year’s draft crop, Sheezel has consistently impressed at all levels of football with his elite forward craft and goal sense.”

Pic Credit: North Melbourne FC

Pick #4 – North Melbourne – George Wardlaw

Oakleigh Chargers / Vic Metro | Inside Midfielder
18/07/2004 | 182cm | 80kg

SNAPSHOT: “An explosive athlete and ideal teammate who showcases impressive displays of contested ball winning and burst from congestion.”

Pic Credit: North Melbourne FC

Pick #5 – Essendon – Elijah Tsatas

Oakleigh Chargers / Vic Metro | Midfielder
18/10/2004 | 186cm | 79kg

SNAPSHOT: “One of the most attacking midfielders in the draft Tsatas uses his speed and smarts to win plenty of the ball on the inside and outside”

Pic Credit: Essendon FC

Pick #6 – Gold Coast – Bailey Humphrey

Gippsland Power / Vic Country | Midfielder / Forward
11/09/2004 | 185cm | 86kg

SNAPSHOT: “A tough and powerful midfielder-forward who thrives on the contest and deals immense damage to the opposition.”

Pic Credit: Gold Coast FC

Pick #7 – Hawthorn – Cameron Mackenzie

Sandringham Dragons / Vic Metro | Midfielder
21/01/04 | 188cm | 83kg

SNAPSHOT:  “A well balanced and poised midfielder, Mackenzie successfully took on a full-time midfield role in 2022, showing off his keen decision making and stoppage craft throughout.”

Pic Credit: Hawthorn FC

Pick #8 – Geelong – Jhye Clark

Geelong Falcons / Vic Country | Inside Midfielder
23/07/2004 | 181cm | 76kg

SNAPSHOT: “An outstandingly consistent inside midfielder from Geelong Falcons who was able to crack in and showcase high-level contested ball-winning ability and clean skills”

Geelong FC

Pick #9 – West Coast – Reuben Ginbey

East Perth / Western Australia | Inside Midfielder
10/09/2004 | 189cm | 82kg

SNAPSHOT: “A versatile prospect who can fill roles in midfield and defence, Ginbey firms as a potential first-rounder after an excellent season which saw him claim state MVP honours”.

West Coast FC

Pick #10 – St Kilda – Mattaes Phillipou

WWT Eagles / South Australia | Midfielder / Forward
27/12/2004 | 190cm | 89kg

SNAPSHOT:“A well-rounded forward/midfielder in the mould of Nat Fyfe and Patrick Dangerfield, Mattaes Phillipou’s aerial ability and scoreboard impact make him South Australia’s highest rated draft prospect.”

St Kilda FC

Pick #11 – Carlton – Oliver Hollands

Murray Bushrangers / Vic Country | Midfielder
16/01/2004 | 184cm | 71kg

SNAPSHOT: “Arguably the best two-way runner in the pool, Hollands brings a well balanced approached to his midfield craft, but has shown himself to be more than capable of impacting up either end of the ground.”

Pick #12 – Brisbane – Jaspa Fletcher

Lions Academy / Queensland | Midfielder
24/02/2004 | 183cm | 76kg

SNAPSHOT: “A prospect with enormous class capable of playing on either side of midfield, and kicking long-range goals.”

Pick #13 – Western Bulldogs Jedd Busslinger

East Perth / Western Australia | Key Defender
11/03/2004 | 196cm | 82kg

SNAPSHOT: “The leading key defender in the pool, Jedd Busslinger stands as one of the few prospects to have played senior State League football this season, looking comfortable with the higher intensity and bigger bodies”

Pick #14 – West Coast – Elijah Hewett

Swan Districts / Western Australia | Midfielder
27/05/2004 | 185cm | 85kg

SNAPSHOT: “An explosive and hard-nosed midfielder, Hewett’s blend of athletic power and silky skills have led him to be one of the leading midfielders in this year’s draft crop.”

Pick #15 – Melbourne – Matthew Jefferson

Oakleigh Chargers / Vic Metro | Key Forward
08/03/2004| 195cm | 84kg

SNAPSHOT: “A tall prospect with enormous upside, Jefferson’s range and mobility make him an aerial threat who needs few opportunities to impact each game.”

Pick #16 – GWS – Harry Rowston

Calder Cannons / NSW-ACT | Midfielder
12/08/2004 | 182cm | 81kg

SNAPSHOT:“A hardened inside midfielder who can roll forward to clunk overhead marks and kick crucial goals.”

Pick #17 – Adelaide Max Michalanney

Norwood / South Australia | Tall Defender
26/02/2004 | 190cm | 78kg

SNAPSHOT“Arguably Adelaide’s most promising father-son prospect to-date, Max Michalanney is an athletic defender capable of shutting down tall and small opponents and providing rebound from half-back.”

Pick #18 – Hawthorn – Josh Weddle

Oakleigh Chargers / Vic Metro | Tall Defender
25/05/2004 | 192cm | 91kg

SNAPSHOT: “A well-rounded athlete and defender capable of intercepting, rebounding, and locking down a variety of opponents.”

Pick #19 – Collingwood – Edward Allan

Claremont / Western Australia | Tall Utility
26/05/2004 | 194cm | 83kg

SNAPSHOT: A dual sided and big bodied player, Allan has made the most of his limited exposure in 2022 to showoff high-end athleticism and versatility.”

Pick #20 – Sydney – Jacob Konstanty

Gippsland Power / Vic Country | Forward / Midfielder
09/11/2004 | 177cm | 73kg

SNAPSHOT: “Arguably the best defensive forward in the crop, Konstanty manically applies pressure inside 50, creating opportunities for himself and teammates when the opposition makes mistakes.”

Pick #21 – GWS – Darcy Jones

Swan Districts / Western Australia | Midfielder
03/04/2004 | 174cm | 63kg

SNAPSHOT: “A tenacious and zippy midfielder with an eye for goal, Jones has proven size does not matter to put his name on the radar of many clubs.” 

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