USAFL Nationals Player Focus: Lindsay Eliasson (Minnesota Freeze)

THE Minnesota Freeze almost pulled off some history at the 2023 USAFL National Championships Women’s Division 1, but ultimately fell heart breakingly short, losing to the Golden Gate Iron Maidens in the final.

One Freeze player who was arguably best on ground for her side in the match was forward Lindsay Eliasson.

The former soccer, basketball, athletics and rowing star has really taken to Australian Rules like a duck to water, and that showed during the 2023 Nationals final.

This Player Focus aims to take a closer look at Eliasson’s game.

Starting off the half forward line, it was not long before Eliasson was fully involved in the contest, pushing up to the first contest to try and mark the first clearance.

That was not the only time she pushed up the ground to try and influence the game. She pushed up the ground on a number of other occasions, and really used her height to try and provide a tall target down the line for the Freeze.

She was also influential closer to goal for the Freeze early in the match, using the power in her kick and her physical strength to out muscle an opponent and provide the first inside 50 and the first shot on goal for her team. She also provided the first score of the entire game, using her good positioning to receive the ball out of a contest and kick, but unfortunately for the Freeze the breezy conditions meant that the kick just strayed right.

One thing that is clear that Eliasson has as a strength is her positioning relevant to a contest. She is very regularly in the right position to be most helpful to her team, and her first instinct is not always to go straight for the ball.

Eliasson had the first opportunity to score for the Freeze in the second half as well, but unfortunately for the Freeze her kick dropped short and was tapped through by the Iron Maidens’ defence.

Third time was a charm though, as after she took a huge mark her subsequent booming kick saw her kick the Freeze’s first goal of the match, which gave them the lead with only about five minutes left to go in the game. Heartbreakingly for the Freeze it was not ultimately the match winner as the Iron Maidens kicked a goal late at the death to snatch the lead back and the win.

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