PODCAST | Game Sense – AFLW Fantasy Draft

WITH the 2023 AFL Women’s Draft fast approaching, the Game Sense Podcast makes a timely return for a fun episode. Host and Rookie Me Central AFLW Draft Editor Michael Alvaro is joined by Chief Editor Peter Williams to attempt to draft a realistic 21-player side using a serpentine draft method.

For the draft, the eight pre-listed players were available, with just 42 picks made for the draft leaving some incredibly tough choices. Peter had first choice and elected to go Port Adelaide tall Lauren Young, while Michael opted for Victorian forward Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner and all-round star Shineah Goody with his first two picks.

Both selectors tried to select balanced lineups with players in realistic positions, so the 42 selected are not necessarily the top 42, but instead those who would form a strong, cohesive lineup.

At the end of the draft, captains and vice-captains were selected with Laura Stone and Piper Window skippering their respective sides.



Michael’s team:

B: Jemma Ramsdale (Vic Country) – Kiara Bischa (Queensland)
HB: Chloe Adams (Vic Country) – Emily Gough (Vic Metro) – Laura Stone (Vic Metro – C)
C: Mikayla Williamson (Vic Country) – Amy Gaylor (Vic Metro) – Kaitlyn Srhoj (Western Australia)
HF: Sarah Grunden (Vic Metro) – Jess Vukic (Vic Metro) – Elaine Grigg (South Australia)
F: Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner (Vic Metro) – Lila Keck (Vic Country)
R: Georgie Cleaver (Western Australia) – Shineah Goody (South Australia – VC) – Molly Brooksby (South Australia)
INT: Bryde O’Rourke (Vic Country) – Holly Cooper (NSW-ACT) – Mel Staunton (NSW-ACT) – Tamara Henry (Vic Metro) – Meg Robertson (Vic Country)

Peter’s team:

B: Jemma Rigoni (Vic Metro) – Alissa Brook (South Australia)
HB: Jess Rentsch (Vic Country) – Cleo Buttifant (Allies) – Isabel Bacon (Vic Metro)
C: Sienna McMullen (Queensland) – Brooke Boileau (South Australia) – Sophie Peters (Queensland)
HF: Ella Slocombe (Western Australia) – Rania Crozier (Queensland) – Georgia Clark (Tasmania)
F: Lauren Young (South Australia) – Alyssia Pisano (Vic Metro)
R: Jacinta Hose (Vic Metro) – Piper Window (South Australia – C) – Brooke Barwick (Tasmania – VC)
INT: Hayley McLaughlin (Vic Metro) – Kayley Kavanagh (Vic Metro) – Evie Long (Queensland) – Jaime Henry (Western Australia) – Anjelique Raison (Western Australia)

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