First Daisy directive sees new Eagle attend draft

WHEN Daisy Pearce calls your dad, you listen. That was the case with new Eagle Jessica Rentsch, who provided attendees and spectators with one of the best reactions of the AFL Women’s Draft on Monday night, but it almost didn’t happen.

Rentsch had initially declined the invite to attend the 2023 AFLW Draft, instead opting to remain at home in Penshurst, some three hours north west of Melbourne alongside her family and friends. While she knew she was a chance to go to the Eagles, she did not know “100 per cent” nor what pick it would be.

However a deadline day call from new Eagles coach Pearce to Rentsch’s father changed the family’s plan, and after sure enough the Greater Western Victoria (GWV) Rebels skipper was among those in attendance on the night to hear her name read out at Pick 2.

“I wasn’t originally going to come to this,” Rentsch said. “But then she (Pearce) called my parents yesterday ‘is it possible to get her to come down?’ and I was like ‘oh something’s going on here’ and then we found out and were like ‘oh my gosh’ and then called about everyone and said ‘sorry you can’t come over’ and some people ‘you can come if you want if you’re not busy’.

“It was so late notice, we’re just grateful for everyone that they could figure out a way to come down here. It’s going to be a long trip home tomorrow (Tuesday).”

Rentsch admitted she had thought it would be “pretty cool” that Pearce could be her coach at the time of the announcement from the Eagles. Like two thirds of the draft nominee, the Rebels star had nominated nationally, with a clear rationale behind the move.

“Mum’s originally from Perth, so if the Eagles pick me up it would be sweet as. I’m so excited to be into it,” Rentsch said. “I live three hours away from Melbourne so it’s like I have to move either way so it’s like I’m happy to go anywhere I’m pretty bubbly, I’ll get on well with people wherever. It’s super exciting so I thought what an opportunity to go nationally and why not just do it?”

Rentsch was far from convinced she was headed to the Eagles prior to Pearce’s call, having only met them a couple of times prior.

“I met them in person at the combine where I couldn’t test, but that was kind of exciting, but I had a couple of interactions with other clubs so I wasn’t 100 per cent sure where I would go,” Rentsch said. “I’m happy it’s the Eagles, can’t wait to go over to the west.”

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