Q&A: Lenny Douglas (Tasmania Devils)

TASMANIA has produced a couple of bumper AFL Draft crops recently, and after arguably the state’s best ever haul last year, prospects like Lenny Douglas are looking to take the same path to the top. The top-ager was one of three Devils to be included in the 2024 Allies preseason camp.

Douglas, a midfielder-forward who bases his game on Collingwood’s Jordan De Goey, lit up Sunday’s preseason testing event in Hobart with top five scores across three of five events. He’ll be looking to translate that form on-field when the Coates Talent League starts next month.

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Lenny Douglas
Lenny Douglas in full flight | Image Credit: Rookie Me Central

Q&A: Lenny Douglas

Q: Lenny, how’d you get started with footy and into the Devils’ Pathway?

A: I started in Grade 6 at Devonport and played all my juniors there. Then I played at the Under 16 championships for the Devils, played my first season of Under 18s last year and I’m here now.

Q: How do you think that experience has set you up for your top-age season?

A: Well, we had some good players (last year) so they set a good standard. That’s what I’m trying to base my game off this year, to try and be up to their standard.

Q: Are there any players you look up to for standard setting or your own game?

A: I base my game off Jordy De Goey a bit. Power, speed, good goal sense too. That’s kind of what I base my game off playing forward and mid.

Q: What kind of split do you anticipating playing between midfield and forward?

A: The coaches reckon 70 per cent mid, 30 per cent forward but I don’t know. This year’s draft is majority midfielders so we’ll see how that turns out.

Q: How was the Allies camp – who did you connect with and what did you learn?

A: I learned a fair bit about recovery and stuff like that. Most of the boys are pretty good blokes. I’m from Brisbane so I connected with Ryan Gilder from the Lions pretty well.

Q: Talk to me about the journey from Brisbane, when did you move over?

A: I moved from Brisbane when I was five, down to Tassie and lived here ever since… my parents are from Tassie but they moved to Queensland and had me and my sister over there, then moved back.

Q: What kind of goals do you want to tick off this year? 

A: Obviously to play some Allies games, that’s a big one. Make the All Australian team and then hopefully have a chance to get drafted at the end of the year.

Q: Which club do you support, and have you thought about what moving interstate might look like for you?

A: I’ve supported Western Bulldogs ever since I was pretty little. I’m pretty cruisey about going (interstate). I reckon I could handle that pretty well.

Q: Is there anywhere you’d like to end up in particular?

A: Maybe a Queensland club, since I was born there and I’ve got like a few family friends over there. Or probably Melbourne because it’s closer to home.

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