PREVIEW | 2024 Coates Talent League: GWV Rebels

GREATER Western Victoria (GWV) Rebels boast one of the Coates Talent League’s strongest squads in 2024. Despite likely missing a few of their top prospects to start the season, the Rebels are ready to hit the ground running after a program restructure, according to head coach David Loader.

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“It’s been a little bit different for us, we restructured our program this year… we actually took what we’ve done in the past post-Christmas and we put it pre-Christmas this year. So we’ve been working with our list of 46 basically since we got back at the start of February, which has been nice.

“We’ve been able to spend a little bit more time with the boys, so instead of us getting around and shaking hands with one another, introducing ourselves, the boys are all together. It’s been terrific and hopefully it makes their transition into this group a little bit easier.”


Jonty Faull
Key Forward | 195cm | 01/02/2006

“He’s a super exciting player, he’s a really good tall with great potential. Unfortunately he’s injured at the minute… we’re sitting and waiting on some more some more medical details on Jonty, but it looks like he’s going to miss a block of footy to start the year which is disappointing for him. But he’s a great prospect at 195cm and a really good athlete. He’s an exciting player.”

Sam Lalor
Midfielder | 187cm | 30/08/2006

“He’s a genuine inside midfielder. Unfortunately Sam’s injured as well… but he’s a genuine ball winner that can play forward and have influence there. Really looking forward to what Sam can bring when he gets back from his injury. He’s a really good player.”

Flynn Penry
Ruck | 201cm | 20/04/2006

“Flynn’s injured as well, he has just gone into a moon boot. He’s going to miss a number of weeks at this point in time. Flynn’s grown a little bit more and his development with his ruck craft is really starting to improve. So, another one that we’re really looking forward to seeing when we get him back.”

Rhys Unwin
Small Forward | 178cm | 11/10/2006

“Rhys is not injured, he’s going well. A real livewire, great pressure, small forward. Can play inside mid, hits the scoreboard, he’s really bubbly and well liked within the group… he’s grown a little bit and he’s got a really great athletic profile for that type of player, so I think Rhys is in for a big year.”

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“Look, we’ve got a number of boys. I think we’ve got some really good players outside of the ones that are mentioned. Harry Charleson, the brother of Lachie who was drafted last year, has had a really big preseason.

Floyd Burmeister, another tall that came in last year and played three or four games. He’s about 199cm. He’s an incredible athlete, he’s had a great pre season. Jack Ough has had a really good preseason. Another player that’s grown, he’s now 194cm. A genuine inside mid/third tall forward type player.

Ned Renfree is in the Australian basketball team, so we won’t have Ned for the first month, but we’ll get him back after that. Genuine inside mid, another one with a big athletic profile. Oliver Hannaford is coming off a great year. Small defender, inside mid.

Archie Caldow is a really good state level runner, who at 192cm is going to turn some heads, I would have thought. Connor Weidemann has had a wonderful preseason. Look, there’s just so many players, we’ve got a really unique group this year.

“A number of boys have got real high qualities to play footy at the next level. How they develop and how they display that this year is going to be up to us and them as to what we can produce, but it’s a really interesting group to be working with.”

2024 GOALS

“At the end of the day, if the boys can get through and have a great year and enjoy themselves and improve at their footy, I think that’s all anyone really wants. We have a number of draftable type players this year, whereas in the past you’ve probably got a few less numbers.

“For each and every one of those individuals, you hope they develop and become what they can be. For the rest of our boys, a lot of it’s about getting involved, having a great time learning as much as they possibly can, and every person walking out of the program better than when they walked in.”


“There’s no doubt we’re going to go in a few really talented players short early on in the year, but it is what it is. The opportunity will come for someone else to perhaps play a little bit earlier. We start the year with the Bendigo Pioneers who are who are always tough to beat. We’ll see how we go, but we’re just looking forward to getting started now.”

vs. Bendigo Pioneers @ Learmonth Football Club
Sunday March 24, 1:00pm

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