Buncle buoyed by big Borough win

PORT Melbourne VFLW coach Sean Buncle was one happy man after his side’s dominant 40-point win over Collingwood on Good Friday. He said was “obviously really pleased” with his side’s performance, with elements beyond even the impressive scoreline standout out to the Borough mentor.

“The really pleasing things were our work around the contest was something we wanted to get better at from last week, and we did that today,” Buncle said. “I think we smashed them around the ball and defensively as well, just the work rate to close out, tackle, running on the outside.

“Those are the hard things to do, which we really focused on and did well today. You can see once we got it to the outside, jeez they looked sleek.”

Buncle was not short of options of starring players to praise, both new and old, speaking glowingly of Federica Frew and Emily Harley‘s efforts. Both players booted two goals in the victory at ETU Stadium, describing their performances as “terrific”.

“I think they really took their moments when they had the chance,” Buncle said. “Once we got it to the outside, they just had that ability in a one-on-one contest. They’re just so clever, their craft’s great, whether it’s squeezing you under or getting out in front and taking a mark, or whether it’s a ground level ball, they’re just so dynamic at times and that showed today.“

They were not the only ones to draw praise, with new faces Ava Seton and Madeleine Patterson also complimented.

“She was unbelievable as well,” Buncle said of Seton.

“She’s such a hard worker … she just chases and works hard. She’s such a great inside player with her ball winning ability as well. When she starts bursting out of that pack and she’s hitting targets left, right and centre, she’s such a dynamic, beautiful player. She had a ripping game today.

“Maddie’s one that we picked up from local footy. She’s a great athlete as you can see. Very tall, but she’s a great runner, great at ground level, her skills are excellent. There’s not too many I think, with her height, running around with that kind of skill and ability to pick up the ball as well as mark it. We’re definitely excited about how she’s going and we think she’s got a huge scope for improvement moving forward.”

Next week the Borough have a match up with Williamstown, and Buncle is not expecting an easy match.

“Williamstown as you can see from their Round 1 result, they’re a really good team that are playing their brand really well,” Buncle said. “They’re tough, they’re physical, obviously they can score, they’ve shown that. “They’re going to be a handful to obviously manage and I think we’re just going to have to elevate and get to the next level with our work around the contest again to bring it to them.”

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