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Ava Seton

height: 165cm


D.O.B: 19-04-2004

Leagues: NAB League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships, AFLW U17 Championships

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Ava Seton is as tough as nails and cracks in every chance she gets on the inside of the contest. As a specialist contested ball-winner, Seton thrives when under a pack or ripping the ball off an opponent. Though she has some outside areas of her game to work on, few could lay claim to be as strong on the inside as the Brisbane Lions Academy midfielder.


If there was a player in the AFLW Draft crop that you might feel sore just watching, it might be Ava Seton. The Queensland AFLW Draft prospect thrives on the contested ball, and throws herself at every contest, often copping plenty of contact along the way. Regardless of the knocks and bumps, Seton picks herself up and goes again and again, cracking in and striving to win every hard ball she can.

Seton is a bonafide inside midfielder with a deep desire to win every contest she attends. Her high-level defensive pressure - as emphasised by her nine tackles against the Western Jets at NAB League Girls level - is another feature of her game. Opponents know that when they stand beside Seton, they are not going to be in for an easy day. She could very easily play as a defensive midfielder, or one that can win her own ball, as her accountability is very high.

In terms of her improvements, Seton has a few, and most involve her outside polish. She could improve areas of her game such as kicking and marking, with her possessions often coming under pressure at a stoppage. If she can sharpen up her execution and improve her impact when not at the coalface, Seton will be able to add an extra string to her bow. In terms of an inside game, it is an A+, but her outside game is still a work in progress, and that became evident at the AFLW Under 18 Championships.

A lot of Queensland’s top midfielders had to rotate into other positions, and Seton’s impact on the inside is far greater than that on the outside. She is someone who, if given the chance at AFLW level, will likely be that inside midfielder, but she could also be an accountable strong defender. She has some terrific inside traits, and can now look to enhance her outside capabilities.


Ava Seton laid a massive nine tackles in the wet against the Western Jets in the NAB League Girls game, the second most of any Lions Academy player in that contest.

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NAB League Girls

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AFLW U18 Championships

2022Queensland Girls24731300110372038.02.310.

AFLW U17 Championships

2021Lions Academy121628200103431026.
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