Scouting Notes: 2024 VFLW – Round 13

ROUND 13 of the VFLW showed that some players can still have a strong influence on the game despite what the stats sheet might suggest. We took note of some of the top performers across the weekend’s matches with notes being the opinion of the individual author.

Williamstown 4.4 (28) defeated Essendon 1.4 (10)


#18 Eliza Straford (Midfield/Forward)
13/12/1997 | 159cm

Stats: Eight disposals, two goals, one inside 50, one clearance, one mark, one tackle

Although Straford is more known as a midfielder, last weekend showed that she can also be quite the sneaky forward too, despite not racking up the disposals. She also showed how much of an efficient communicator she is too, which in turn further establishes her strength as captain.

#24 Megan Williamson (Midfield)
03/02/2000 | 158cm

Stats: 12 disposals, nine tackles, seven inside 50s, three rebound 50s, three clearances, two marks

There was also a role change on the weekend for Williamson, who played more of a defensive midfield role as opposed to her usual inside attacking role. She still played a very influential game, proving to be a great rebounder off half back and clearer into the forward 50.


#60 Jaimee-Lee Morrow (Ruck)
16/11/1992 | 180cm

Stats: 29 hitouts, six disposals, three inside 50s, three clearances, one tackle

It is not easy to be noticeable as a ruck, but Morrow changed that stereotype on the weekend. Although she did not have a distinct height advantage, she still had really strong body work in contests, and combine that with her powerful taps was able to be really influential.

#78 Ruby Mahony (Midfield)
14/08/1999 | 165cm

Stats: 20 disposals, four inside 50s, four clearances, two marks, two tackles

It was another impressive game from Mahony, who continues to shine in her first season in the competition. Her strongest asset to her game on the weekend was her strong clearance work, which was important considering the difficulty of the midfield battle on the weekend.

Geelong 1.1 (7) lost to Port Melbourne 7.12 (54)


#29 Molly Walton (Defender)
06/05/2004 | 173cm

Stats: 14 disposals, two marks, two tackles

It was a tough day for all of Geelong’s defenders, but one of its shining lights was one of its youngest members in Walton. She took a number of strong and important intercept marks of Borough inside 50 kicks, and also continued to show a calmness and composure beyond her years or experience in the competition.

Port Melbourne:

#1 Olivia Barton (Forward/Defender)
12/02/2001 | 172cm

Stats: Nine disposals, four tackles, two goals, one behind, one mark, one hit out, one inside 50

Barton started the match in a very different role to her usual defensive one, although she did work back to defence in the second half. She showed that she has power in her kick and that she is not afraid to bend it round her body when shooting for goal.

#4 Courteney Bromage (Forward)
18/02/1999 | 164cm

Stats: 10 disposals, five tackles, three inside 50s, two goals, one behind, one mark

Although using your height to your advantage is normally something taller players do, Bromage proved that it can be relevant to shorter players too. She positioned herself really well at the feet of taller teammates to crumb and be really dangerous, and her second efforts were also strong.

#36 Ava Seton (Midfielder)
19/04/2004 | 165cm

Stats: 33 disposals, 13 clearances, eight tackles, four inside 50s, three rebound 50s, two marks, one goal, one behind

After some quieter weeks, Seton was back at her dominant best on the weekend. She was fast, she had strong power in both her kick and her handball, and she also showed some really strong intercept work.

North Melbourne 7.4 (46) defeated Box Hill 5.7 (37)

North Melbourne:

#26 Alana Barba (Midfielder)
26/09/2001 | 164cm

Stats: 22 disposals, nine tackles, five clearances, three inside 50s, one goal

Although playing her normal midfield role – with her strong clearance work particularly evident – Barba was more influential in attack. She was really sneaky around the contest, and opponents really could not afford to let her out the back of a pack or they would be made to pay.

#40 Nyakoat Dojiok (Forward)
07/01/2003 | 175cm

Stats: 11 disposals, four tackles, three hit outs, three goals, one clearance, one inside 50

It truly was a return to her most dangerous best for Dojiok on the weekend. She was fast and sneaky around the forwardline and really took every opportunity she could tor try and snap through a goal. However, the only blight on her game was that she rushes her kick sometimes, and needs to train that composure into her game.

Box Hill:

#51 Gabby Collingwood (Midfielder/Forward)
15/01/1999 | 163cm

Stats: 11 disposals, four marks, three tackles, two inside 50s, two goals

Collingwood shifted between midfield and forward roles, but was able to be influential in both. She was really prevalent in the inside 50 work, was able to provide a strong marking option and proved she could be a goal kicking option from not the most straight forward of angles.

#60 Rosie Dillon (Midfielder)
19/03/1996 | 164cm

Stats: 17 disposals, seven tackles, four clearances, three rebound 50s, three marks, two behinds, one inside 50

It was another impressive game from Dillon, who continued to work hard all day despite the challenging nature of the game for her side. She was really strong in the clearance work and created a lot of forward momentum for her side, both from closer to half back and further up the ground.

Western Bulldogs 8.6 (54) defeated Casey 3.3 (21)

Western Bulldogs:

#34 Trinity Skenderis (Midfield)
30/06/2003 | 165cm

Stats: 19 disposals, six marks, four tackles, four inside 50s, one rebound 50s, one clearance, one behind

Skenderis was really lively through the midfield for the Bulldogs in the wing, but did sometimes rush her kicks, particularly when feeding into the forward line. She also showed she can work both as an inside and an outside mid, which is a rare trait.

#64 Mary Sandral (Forward)
24/01/1999 | 172cm

Stats: Nine disposals, six marks, three goals, two tackles

Sandral was back in the side this week after a long absence from VFLW level, but watching her game she seemed right back at home. She was a strong marker, even pushing up to the wing at times to help use her skills in the transition down to the forward line, and showed plenty of power in her shots for goal.


#24 Lilly Leighton (Forward/Mid)
08/10/2006 | 161cm

Stats: 14 disposals, six inside 50s, five clearances, five tackles, three marks, one goal

Leighton was on debut for the Dees on the weekend, and did not look out of place at this level. She started as a forward but pushed up more into the midfield in the second half, and among other things displayed strong marking abilities.

#37 Zali Gallagher (Defender)
08/07/2006 | 162cm

Stats: Nine disposals, three marks, three rebound 50s, one tackle

Gallagher was also on debut on the weekend, and slotted straight into VFLW role. She played more of a half-back role, and created great run out of defence and also took an excellent intercept mark on the wing, among other impressive moments.

Collingwood 3.7 (25) defeated Darebin 2.4 (16)


#36 Jordan Ivey (Forward)
29/10/1992 | 175cm

Stats: 14 disposals, nine tackles, five marks, four inside 50s, three behinds, one goal, one hit out

After being a late out the week prior, Ivey returned to the Pies side this week and made her presence felt. As a key forward target she presented well for the feeds coming inside 50, and although she arguably would like to take some of her subsequent shots at goal back, she was still Collingwood’s most dangerous forward for most of the game.

#44 Megan Ryan (Defender)
13/12/1995 | 180cm

Stats: Six disposals, four tackles, one mark, one clearance, one inside 50

Although the stat numbers would suggest Ryan did not have a great game, that was in fact not the case. Her work keeping Monique DeMatteo quiet went a long way to securing the win for the Pies, essentially restricting the star forward to a non-existent game.

#50 Kaitlyn Day (Midfield/Forward)
24/12/1994 | 168cm

Stats: 19 disposals, 11 tackles, seven clearances, seven inside 50s, two marks, one behind

Although Day is normally a forward, she pushed up more into the midfield on the weekend and made a difference.

She was really lively through the midfield, and set up plenty of attacking play for her side.

#62 Nikki Watts (Defender)
22/03/2000 | 169cm

Stats: Eight disposals, three marks, three tackles, three rebound 50s, one inside 50

Collingwood’s defence really kept them in the match early, and Watts was the epitome of that defence. One of her biggest weapons was her rebound work, taking a number of crucial marks and working the ball back out of defence.


#33 Caitlin Bunker (Midfield)
28/08/1993 | 165cm

Stats: 16 disposals, 10 tackles, six marks, three inside 50s, three rebound 50s, two clearances

It was another typically strong performance from the Darebin skipper, who continues to lead with her actions in the biggest way. Her game again consisted of strong tackling pressure, a strong willingness to get right under packs and work super hard to achieve success for her side.

#37 Grace Wake (Defender)
11/07/2003 | 166cm

Stats: 13 disposals, four rebound 50s, three marks, one clearance

It was another game of impressive calmness from Wake, who continues to show composure and maturity beyond her years. She displayed a number of timely defensive manoeuvres, and was a strong rebounding presence off half-back.

Carlton 10.17 (77) defeated Southern Saints 0.2 (2)


#51 Sophia McCarthy (Forward)
19/06/2002 | 179cm

Stats: Six disposals, five marks, two goals, one tackle

Although her AFLW-listed teammates took much of the spotlight, McCarthy still played a really important role. Her leading work was really strong, and she was very strong in marking contests and hard to unbalance, all important for a key forward to do.

#61 Emily Hurley (Ruck)
12/04/2001 | 181cm

Stats: 24 disposals, nine disposals, six inside 50s, five clearances, two marks, two tackles

Hurley was not the first choice ruck on the weekend, but she went on to arguably outperform the first choice ruck, who is AFLW listed. Hurley’s positioning in ruck contests, but outside her work in the ruck contests she also impressed in defensive intercept work.  

Southern Saints:

#4 Deanna Jolliffe (Midfielder)
16/03/1993 | 169cm

Stats: 21 disposals, eight rebound 50s, seven tackles, five marks

It was not an easy game for anyone in the Saints’ lineup, but Jolliffe still managed to shine. Her defensive work was particularly impressive, displaying strong tackling pressure and impressive intercept marking.

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