Collingwood VFLWCollingwood VFLWMidfielder, Forward


Caitlin Bunker

height: 165cm


D.O.B: 28-08-1993

Leagues: Vflw

Having been among the better players at VFL Women's level for some time now, Collingwood VFLW skipper Caitlin Bunker looms as a draft prospect who if selected, would immediately come under selection considerations. At 30 years-old, her age might work against her, but few provide as much natural leadership and defensive pressure as the Pies' skipper who has been a staple at the club over the last few years.

Bunker has never been a high production player with ball-in-hand, and that has perhaps limited her chances when playing through the midfield. However she is strong overhead and can take some great one-on-one grabs, or work into space and crack in for the hard or loose balls. When playing forward she brings that defensive pressure, though her lack of individual scoreboard impact would be another area she could improve.

In terms of her on-field work, Bunker continues to be a hard work and leader who sets the example at the Pies, and the successful program they have had over the last few years. Though she is now closer towards the end than the start of her career, she has the traits both intrinsically and physically, that could help a team with younger midfielders and looking to provide some strong depth through midfield and to play important roles.


- Leadership
- Consistency
- Defensive pressure
- Work rate
- Strength


- Production
- Scoreboard impact

Picture credit: Greg Denholm/AFL Photos


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