Scouting Notes: 2024 VFLW – Round 10

MANY of the regular stars of the 2024 VFLW season continued to shine on the weekend, but that did not mean new faces did not pop up and impress.

Collingwood (1.3.9) lost to North Melbourne (1.8.14)

By Peter Williams


#45 Maggie Mahony (Midfielder)
19/10/2006 | 161cm

Stats: 27 disposals, three marks, seven tackles, 10 clearances, six inside 50s, one rebound 50, one goal

The Oakleigh Chargers small showed she has no issues finding the ball at any level and simply dominated through the midfield against senior opposition. Facing a opposition with a number of strong inside midfielders, Mahony not only held her own, but excelled with a game-high 27 disposals and 10 clearances, while also finishing off with a classy goal. She is enjoying an outstanding top-age season.

#46 Sarah Poustie (Midfielder)
05/01/2006 | 170cm

Stats: 23 disposals, seven marks, nine tackles, three clearances, four inside 50s, one rebound 50

While Mahony starred, Poustie impressed as well, showing her elite running capacity and an ability to balance between winning the ball on the inside and outside. She clunked quite a few marks and got her hands dirty with nine tackles, while getting involved in scoring chains too. One who ticked another box going up against quality senior opposition.

North Melbourne:

#34 Renee Tierney (Midfielder)
23/05/2002 | 164cm

Stats: 20 disposals, four marks , six tackles, six clearances, one inside 50, three rebound 50s

Tierney thrived through the middle and showed she can play a role in there with the former Essendon AFLW forward now a bonafide onballer. She was strong at the coalface, extracted the ball consistently, and was fierce defensively to not give her opponents any space both in midfield or behind the ball where she also mopped up on a number of occasions with safe hands.

Port Melbourne (3.9.27) lost to Essendon (6.3.39)

Port Melbourne:

#5 Lauren Caruso (Midfielder)
19/11/1999 | 161cm

Stats: 14 disposals, 10 tackles, five clearances, two inside 50s, two rebound 50s, one goal

Caruso again played more of a midfield role than the defender role she was playing more towards the start of the year, with much success.

Her strong running ability helped her influence the game both in the heart of defence and attack, with many midfielders not venturing into either space, and Caruso even managed to snap a goal from a tight angle.

#8 Eloise Ashley-Cooper (Midfielder)
1/8/2000 | 165cm

Stats: 22 disposals, 12 tackles, eight clearances, five inside 50s, two rebound 50s, two marks

It was another strong game from Ashley-Cooper against her old side, proving that there were no feelings felt towards her former team mates. She was a tackle machine, and was really influential in working the ball out of the core of the contest, and into a position where forward momentum could be generated.


#43 Olivia Manfre (Forward)
18/9/2003 | 168cm

Stats: Nine disposals, three goals, two marks, two tackles

Arguably her best game of the season, Manfre was a true goal sneak and drove much of Essendon’s attacking momentum. She did kick three majors, with the first two coming from kicks curled around her body while the third was a more regulation shot directly out in front.

#72 Sophie Molan (Defender)
24/3/2001 | 175cm

Stats: 22 disposals, six rebound 50s, six marks, four tackles, one inside 50

Essendon’s defence saw plenty of the ball, particularly early, and an important rock and calming influence in the backline was Molan. Mainly working along the top of the 50, her intercept marking was particularly strong and crucial in repelling Borough attacks.

Carlton (3.0.18) lost to Box Hill (12.6.78)


#50 Eliza Wood (Midfielder)
25/1/1999 | 169cm

Stats: 18 disposals, nine tackles, three inside 50s, two rebound 50s, two clearances, one mark, one goal

Wood has so often been an example of a leader that really leads with her actions, and last weekend was no different. She is a hard working midfielder, and was able to create a lot of drive out of midfield for her side.

#68 Paige Duffy (Defender)
1/1/2005 | 173cm

Stats: 11 disposals, three tackles, two marks, two rebound 50s, one clearance

In a match where the Carlton defence was really tested, it was one of its youngest defenders in Duffy who really stood up and shone. Playing mainly on the last line of defence, strong intercept work was one of her most influential assets.

Box Hill:

#39 Jessica Matin (Midfielder)
28/6/2002 | 164cm

Stats: 14 disposals, three inside 50s, three tackles, two marks, two behinds

Although Matin is normally a forward, she played more of a midfield role on the weekend to much success. She got her head down and just went to work at the heart of the midfield, but did also push forward at times.

#60 Grace Matser (Ruck/Forward)
3/1/2003 | 186cm

Stats: Seven disposals, four hitouts, three goals, one tackle

Although Matser started in the ruck, her move into the forward line proved to be more influential on the match result. She kicked three goals, with al three kicked in very different situations, and also set up a fourth goal.

#66 Mietta Kendall (Forward)
3/9/2002 | 160cm

Stats: 11 disposals, three tackles, three inside 50s, two goals

Kendall played mainly in the forwardline, but did push up to as much as the halfway line at times during the game, trying to influence the game. Her first goal came at the culmination of a great chain of play, while her second goal showed a lot of control as it was a kick around her body while she was being tackled.

Western Bulldogs (5.4.34) defeated Southern Saints (3.6.24)

Western Bulldogs:

#51 Dominique Carbone (Midfielder/Forward)
25/9/2001 | 161cm

Stats: 21 disposals, seven tackles, five clearances, four inside 50s, two marks, two behinds, one goal, one rebound 50

It was another true captain’s game performance from Carbone. She was really hard working and did not stop all game, and created plenty of strong drive through particularly the midfield.

#73 Isadora McLeay (Forward/Ruck)
18/9/2003 | 178cm

Stats: 11 tackles, eight disposals, five hitouts, four marks, one inside 50, one goal, one behind

McLeay did move into the ruck later in the match, but her most influential moments in the game all came when she was playing in the forwardline. She was a really strong marking target and displayed good game awareness, but would have preferred to have more successful shots on goal.

Southern Saints:

#29 Chloe Hunt (Forward)
2/12/1997 | 175cm

Stats: Nine disposals, three behinds, two goals, two clearances, two hitouts, one mark, one inside 50

After a quieter few weeks from the key forward, Hunt really lifted her game again on the weekend. She was again a strong mark and strong presence in the pack, and went on to be the only player in the game to kick multiple goals.

#5 Charlotte Ryan (Defender/Midfielder)
28/4/2003 | 161cm

Stats: 26 disposals, six clearances, eight rebound 50s, two inside 50s, one tackle

Ryan mainly played mainly along the half-back line, but did also venture up into the midfield. Her intercept marking was the most impressive component of her game, but she would probably like to have another go at her subsequent kicks, who did not always go the way she would have planned.

Darebin (7.7.49) defeated Casey (4.4.28)


#20 Riley Christgoergl (Defender)
28/6/1996 | 168cm

Stats: Eight disposals, three tackles, one mark, one rebound 50

It was a milestone match to remember for Christgoergl, who was an absolute rock in Darebin’s defence. In a defence that was well tested despite the final scoreline, her tackling pressure was one of her strongest assets.

#31 Caitlin Bunker (Midfielder)
28/8/1993 | 165cm

Stats: 22 disposals, 11 tackles, nine clearances, three marks, two rebound 50s, one inside 50

It was a captain’s performance once again from Bunker, who truly led with her actions in the midfield. She continued to show off her strong in game awareness, fully scanning around her to make the right decision to help the team forward.

#52 Monique DeMatteo (Forward)
24/05/1997 | 168cm

Stats: 14 disposals, five marks, five inside 50s, three goals, one behind, one tackle, one clearance, one rebound 50

It was another stellar performance up forward from the towering forward, who continues to change up her game to suit the team’s needs and show off her versatility. She kicked three majors on the weekend, and in doing so she showed off that she can be a sneak in front of goal despite normally playing as that tall, key target forward.


#19 Niamh O’Neill (Forward)
10/05/1996 | 171cm

Stats: 11 disposals, five hitouts, two clearances, two marks, two tackles one rebound 50, one goal, one behind

Although she took a while to get involved in the game, once she did O’Neill did she became an important cog in Casey’s resurgence in the game. She became a really reliable target up forward, with her strong marking ability and high level of power in her kick able to be relied on to get her side back in the game. She also spent some time in the midfield, which continues to show how multifaceted her game is.

#21 Zoe Mitchell (Midfield)
14/8/1998 | 164cm

Stats: 16 disposals, seven tackles, four clearances, two inside 50s

A busy bee in midfield, Mitchell’s hard work through the middle did not go unnoticed. Mainly playing through the corridor, she was a reliable marking target, tackling menace and quick with ball in hand, all crucial in helping her team gain some kind of control through the middle.

Williamstown (13.11.89) defeated Geelong (0.3.3)


#20 Teagan Brett (Forward)
8/2/2001 | 157cm

Stats: 16 disposals, four marks, four goals, two tackles, one behind, one inside 50

Last weekend’s clash was one of Brett’s most dominant for the season. She was a really sneaky little forward, and when kicking for goal judged angles really well to kick multiple goals from around her body and from at times difficult angles.

#39 Molly Simpson (Forward)
05/08/1996 | 175cm

Stats: 12 disposals, three marks, three behinds, two goals, two tackles, two inside 50s

It was one of Simpson’s best games on the weekend, and perhaps one of the best showings of her true potential all year. She was really calm under pressure and used the angles clever well, and almost had a brilliant third goal but the kick off the ground smacked into the post.


#17 Lily Jordan (Midfielder)
29/06/2005 | 164cm

Stats: 28 disposals, four marks, eight tackles, five clearances, two inside 50s, five rebound 50s

Playing her best game of the year, Jordan was a standout despite the heavy defeat, racking up the ball at will after missing last week due to injury. She got first hands to it consistently, laid plenty of tackles and was able to get involved in the few scores that the Cats did kick.

#35 Poppy Schaap (Midfielder)
28/7/2003 | 153cm

Stats: 18 disposals, 14 tackles, four marks, three inside 50s, one clearance

In a game where any kind of control was hard to find for Geelong, Schaap certainly tried to buck the trend. She was persistent in her pursuit of the ball, and her defensive pressure was also really impressive.

#38 Piper Dunlop (Ruck)
26/9/2003 | 186cm

Stats: 44 hitouts, 10 disposals, five tackles, three marks, two clearances, one rebound 50

In a game where the little wins were hard to come by for Geelong, one area they did win was the hitouts, and that was thanks to Dunlop. She has a strong leap in the ruck contest, which allows her to easily get first hands on the ball.

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