Scouting Notes: 2024 VFLW – Round 11

THERE was an abundance of standout performances in the VFLW over the weekend as the competition hosted Round 11 of action.

Geelong Cats 1.2 (8) lost to Western Bulldogs 12.7 (79)

Western Bulldogs:

#31 Mali McLeod (Forward)
16/7/2003 | 171cm

Stats: 14 disposals, three goals, two tackles, one behind, one clearance, one inside 50

McLeod was one of a number of the dangerous forwards the Bulldogs had on the weekend. She was a strong and was rewarded with plenty of the ball thanks to the number of inside 50s the Bulldogs’ midfielders were racking up, and went on to score three goals.

#34 Trinity Skenderis (Midfielder)
30/6/2003 | 165cm

Stats: 16 disposals, three inside 50s, three rebound 50s, three clearances, one tackle, one mark

Skenderis was a prolific worker on the weekend in the Bulldogs’ midfield. She was willing to lay the shepherd for her team mates, an underrated skill in the women’s game, and if the Dogs got anywhere through the midfield, she was involved.

#63 Jaimi Tabb (Forward)
9/2/2001 | 168cm

Stats: 13 disposals, 11 tackles,three goals, one clearance, one rebound 50

Another of a number of dangerous Bulldogs forwards, Tabb was particularly influential early, with two of her goals coming in the first term. She was a really reliable marking target, and was rewarded with the number of inside 50s the Bulldogs’ midfielders were racking up. She was also a tackling queen, which is not always easy to do as a taller athlete.


#17 Lily Jordan (Midfielder)
29/6/2005 | 164cm

Stats: 18 disposals, seven tackles, six clearances, one inside 50, one rebound 50

In a match that the Cats would probably rather forget, Jordan’s performance was one definitely to remember. From recording the first clearance of the game, she continued to be a strong extractor of the ball, and strong with her tackles and clearances.

#37 Caitlin Reid (Ruck)
9/4/1997 | 185cm

Stats: 22 hitouts, 12 disposals, four tackles, two marks, two clearances, one inside 50, one rebound 50

It is not easy for rucks to get noticed, but Reid bucked that trend on the weekend. She really matched it with her opposite number in Keeley Hardingham, which is not easy because Reid is a lot leaner than Hardingham. She was also a strong tackler, but her match did end early after copping a head knock.

Carlton 5.2 (32) lost to Casey 6.6 (42)


#52 Isabelle Khoury (Midfielder)
10/3/2003 | 164cm

Stats: 16 disposals, four tackles, two inside 50s, two clearances, one mark, one goal

In a match where Carlton players did not necessarily stand out from each other, but not in a bad way, one player that did impress was Khoury. Her tackling was prolific and her kicking was particularly powerful and influential.


#14 Lauren Jatczak (Ruck)
25/9/2004 | 181cm

Stats: 16 hitouts, 15 disposals, five inside 50s, four marks, three tackles, one clearance

It is not easy to get noticed as a ruck, but Jatczak is bucking that trend. She is a very agile player for someone that is as tall as she is, and on the weekend really used her height to her advantage to become a valuable link in the transition chain.

#18 Meg Macdonald (Midfielder)
29/6/1998 | 172cm

Stats: 32 disposals, 11 tackles, seven clearances, five inside 50s, three marks, one goal

It was another example of the captaincy title proving to not be a burden for Macdonald. She was hard working, delivering relentless pressure across the ground and it all culminated in her kicking her first ever VFLW goal for Casey.

#19 Niamh O’Neill (Forward)
10/05/1996 | 171cm

Stats: 10 disposals, four marks, two inside 50s, two goals, one clearance, one hitout

O’Neill is continuing to grow her game in 2024, and is proving to be a genuinely reliable marking target. She has amazing power in her kick, and on the weekend showed that she is willing to be selfless but perhaps should back herself in more to shoot.

Essendon 6.3 (39) defeated Box Hill 4.5 (29)

By: Peter Williams


#43 Olivia Manfre (Forward)
18/9/2003 | 168cm

Stats: 12 disposals, four marks, four tackles, one inside 50, two goals

The dangerous forward worked hard up the ground early and was rewarded for that work in the second term where the former Calder Cannon kicked back-to-back goals. One came from a great lead and then converting a set shot, before a minute later producing a crunching tackle deep in the pocket. She nailed that set shot from the tightest of angles making it another good dash out for the 20-year-old.

#78 Ruby Mahony (Midfielder)
14/08/1999 | 165cm

Stats: 21 disposals, two marks, four tackles, two clearances, two inside 50s, one rebound 50

Another high-production game from Robinson who continued to be everywhere throughout the game, particularly around the ball. She threw herself at loose ball opportunities and was very quick and clean below her knees. Her work rate in particular stood out as she was just all-around solid with her balance of offensive and defensive traits.

#80 Marnie Robinson (Defender)
08/06/2005 | 171cm

Stats: 9 disposals, one mark, two tackles, two inside 50s, three rebound 50s

The over-age defender had some great moments coming out of defence, getting proactive on the rebound and generally making good decisions with ball-in-hand. Midway throughout the third term Robinson peeled off her opponent to generate an inside 50, then moments later took a strong mark in the middle and delivered cleanly and precisely by foot.

Box Hill:

#32 Caitlin Thorne (Midfielder)
29/08/2003 | 171cm

Stats: 19 disposals, five marks, 12 tackles, 10 clearances, four inside 50s, three rebound 50s, one goal

Goes about her business unassumingly because the majority of her touches are found at the coalface. More than half of her disposals were clearances, and she laid double-digit tackles in a fantastic display of defensive craft. Consistently good all match, she was rewarded with a classy goal through the final kick of the game moments before the full-time siren. Always put her body on the line.

#42 Danika Spamer (Midfielder)
02/07/2002 | 155cm

Stats: 12 disposals, three marks, six tackles, four clearances, two inside 50s

Really caught the eye with her work, even though others had more disposals. She uses the ball well, has great vision and makes good decisions. There was very little to fault about her game, and while others had higher production rates, Spamer is effective both under pressure or especially when able to find space. Her size will always be a question mark for the elite level, but she can hold her own and has natural footballing ability.

#68 Eleanor Butler (Defender)
18/04/2004 | 164cm

Stats: 11 disposals, five marks, one tackle, one inside 50

Butler has enjoyed a really strong season at VFLW level and that continued again on the weekend. She gets into the right spots, competes hard and puts her body on the line, while using it neatly and safely. The ex-Stingray was clean at ground level and a strong intercepting force, able to repel several Bomber attacks or be utilised down the line.

#81 Georgie Brisbane (Forward)
13/12/2006 | 175cm

Stats: Five disposals, two marks, three tackles, one goal, one behind

Coming in for her VFLW debut, Brisbane did not see a lot of it until the final term where she stepped up in a big way. She clunked a great mark and nailed a set shot goal from 35m, then followed up with a strong tackle to be rewarded with holding the ball. That set shot from straight in front drifted to the left to hit the post, but she took a second mark just outside 50 following that. Her presenting and work rate was up there, just had limited chances.

#88 Stasia Stevenson (Forward/Midfielder)
02/10/2006 | 164cm

Stats: 16 disposals, one mark, five tackles, four clearances, one inside 50

A really composed effort from the top-ager who joined Brisbane on debut from the Ranges. Her perfectly weighted handball to set up Cassie Davidson’s goal was brilliant and she continued to just do nice things. Working between attack and up the ground, Stevenson was able to attend a number of stoppages in the front half and win it cleanly off the deck, with her quick hands very good. She had a couple of errant rushed kicks at times, but overall adapted to the level well and held her own.

North Melbourne 5.7 (37) defeated Darebin 5.1 (31)

North Melbourne:

#12 Maddie Di Cosmo (Midfielder)
2/1//2002 | 163cm

Stats: 27 disposals, 10 tackles, five clearances, three marks

It is well known how influential Di Cosmo can be in a game of football, but that was on show in a completely different way over the weekend. She saw plenty of the ball and was a tackle machine, but was also very dangerous out the back of a stoppage, in a way that she could not afford to be left unchecked.

#20 Alana Barba (Midfielder)
26/9/2001 | 164cm

Stats: 20 disposals, 10 tackles, four clearances, two behinds

Much like Di Cosmo, not only was Barba influential on the game, but she was dangerous too. She saw plenty of the ball and was a tackle machine, but was also very dangerous out the back of a stoppage, in a way that she could not afford to be left unchecked.

#34 Renee Tierney (Midfield/Forward)
23/5/2002 | 166cm

Stats: 33 disposals, nine tackles, seven clearances, four marks

Tierney is normally more well known as a forward, but played further up  the ground on the weekend. When the Roos were struggling to find a reliable target up the ground particularly early in the game, Tierney was that target and was really pivotal in North’s transition from defence to attack.


#33 Caitlin Bunker (Midfielder)
28/8/1993 | 165cm

Stats: 16 disposals, eight tackles, four clearances, two rebound 50s, one inside 50, one mark

Someone who has been leading from the front all season, Bunker continues to play her football with absolutely no fear, but not in a reckless way. She did not stop running on the weekend against the Roos, while also maintaining a high level of tackling pressure.

#37 Grace Wake (Defender)
11/7/2003 | 166cm

Stats: 12 disposals, three tackles, two marks, one inside 50, one rebound 50

The weekend’s clash was another one for Wake that was a sign of how much she is growing as a player this season. She was really composed under pressure despite her age, experience level and the types of opponents she had to deal with, her tackling was particularly strong and she was arguably Darebin’s most influential defender.

#52 Monique DeMatteo (Forward)
24/05/1997 | 168cm

Stats: 10 disposals, four tackles, three inside 50s, two goals, one mark

It was another strong performance from DeMatteo, who is really growing into a very powerful forward. She appears to have increased her running capacity as this season has progressed, and on the weekend her tackling pressure was at another level.

Collingwood 3.8 (26) lost to Southern Saints 4.5 (29)


#36 Jordan Ivey (Forward)
29/10/1992 | 175cm

Stats: 13 disposals, four marks, three tackles, three behinds, two goals, two inside 50s, one clearance

Although she had become more of a defender in recent seasons, Ivey returned to her forward roots on the weekend and slotted straight in. She was a strong marker, often dealing with a degree of difficulty, and had quite a lot of power in her kick, and seeming to show that the foot issue that had plagued her recent seasons were just a thing of the past. She also pushed up the ground at times too, helping provide that reliable marking target to help the Pies in transition down the ground.

#44 Megan Ryan (Ruck)
13/12/1995 | 180cm

Stats: 20 hitouts, 18 disposals, four tackles, four clearances, four inside 50s, three rebound 50s, one mark

Ryan took on a new role this week and slotted in seamlessly. Although she had played a little bit of ruck in the past, she moved into that number one role thanks to some key departures and did not miss a bit, using her body strength to really make an influence in ruck contests and in the packs.

Southern Saints:

#9 Winnie Laing (Midfielder)
24/5/2002 | 165cm

Stats: 24 disposals, four inside 50s, three marks, three tackles, one clearance

It was hard at times to get through the midfield for either side on the weekend, but Laing’s willingness to just keep running meant that she was a helpful asset for the Saints in getting through the congestion. Her second efforts throughout the game were also impressive.

#37 Georgia Foran (Defender)
17/11/2004 | 174cm

Stats: 18 disposals, five rebound 50s, four marks, three inside 50s, two tackles

Foran played across the half-back line, and provided a really calming presence as the Saints’ defence continued to test tested again and again. She provided great rebound work off that half back line, continuously cleaning up the ball and repelling back out.

Port Melbourne 5.4 (34) lost to Williamstown 4.12 (36)

Port Melbourne:

#5 Lauren Caruso (Midfielder)
19/11/1999 | 161cm

Stats: 14 disposals, five tackles, four clearances, three inside 50s, one mark, one behind

It was another very impressive game from Caruso, who is really starting to call that inside midfield role her own after starting the year in defence. She was a strong driver through the midfield, generating plenty of attack while also laying plenty of tackles and stopping Williamstown’s momentum forward, particularly early.

#28 Molly Denahy Maloney (Defender/Ruck)
25/2/2001 | 183cm

Stats: 18 hitouts, 12 disposals, three clearances, three tackles, two inside 50s, two rebound 50s, two marks

It was certainly a game of varying roles for Denahy Maloney, but she still impressed no matter where she played. She mainly played in defence and was really composed on the last line of defence, but also took a turn in the ruck, and really held her own against more seasoned rucks, ultimately finishing with the most hitouts for her team.


#4 Lori Stepnell (Defender)
15/9/1995 | 174cm

Stats: 10 disposals, seven hit outs, five clearances, four tackles, four inside 50s, three marks, two rebound 50s

It was also a game of varying responsibilities for Stepnel, but each opportunity she had she took in her stride. She mainly played in defence and took some absolutely crucial marks, but also pinch hit in the ruck and drifted forward, but perhaps like the true defender she is, she sprayed the subsequent shot on goal.

#6 Emily Eaves (Midfield)
18/4/2001 | 165cm

Stats: 14 disposals, 10 tackles, six clearances, three inside 50s, one mark, one goal, one behind

What is to be said about Eaves that has not been said before that could encapsulate her performance on the weekend. Her tackling pressure was impressive, which also created plenty of drive for her side and she herself pushed forward on a number of occasions to kick some goals.

#25 Sharnie Whiting (Forward)
23/8/2000 | 172cm

Stats:  Nine disposals, five marks, three rebound 50s, three inside 50s, two goals, one behind, one tackle, one clearance

Whiting’s versatility was on full display over the weekend. She played both her usual forward role – resulting in some monster kicks for goal – but was also thrown back at times to help settle the situation when the Borough were getting on top.

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