Inside Midfielder


Marnie Robinson

height: 173cm


D.O.B: 08-06-2005

Leagues: Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Marnie Robinson is a reliable defender who has the capacity to play on a variety of opponents. She captained the Allies at the 2023 AFLW Under 18 Championships, and is a member of the AFLW Academy with a high level of competitiveness underpinning her profile.


- Agility
- Competitiveness
- Footy IQ
- Work rate
- Toughness
- Defensive versatility


- Composure
- Kicking consistency


Robinson is a tough player who has a high level of drive and physicality in her game. She competes at every contest she goes to, even if undersized. Though not small at 173cm, Robinson can often find herself opposed to taller opponents, but will try and use her strength and competitive advantage to get on top.

A member of the AFLW Academy, Robinson was touted as one of the top Swans Academy prospects coming into 2023, and the defender remains so at the end of the season. Though others might have one elite trait, Robinson has a well-rounded game with plenty of draftable qualities to like.

From a defensive standpoint, she not only competes, but shows a strong level of physicality in her play, and works hard for second and third efforts. That work ethic, combined with her competitiveness makes her a valuable team-first player and one who will put her body on the line to win the footy.

From an offensive look, Robinson does provide some nice drive from defence, and though not a massive accumulator of the ball, is a player who can be tasked with both the kickouts, and as a safe switch option close to the boundary.

In terms of her disposal, when having the time and space, she can use it cleanly, and make good decisions with ball-in-hand. Generally she will pick out the right options when dictating the play down the field. The next step for Robinson is having that same decision making and execution process when under pressure, as at times when rushed she tends to lower her efficiency.

From an aerial perspective, Robinson can hold her own, and is capable of of intercepting in the air, or at ground level. With that in mind, the Swans Academy member can play both offensive and defensive roles, which makes her a balanced overall player, and with her leadership, is one who will leave no stone unturned in improving her game.

Finally, Robinson has an underrated mobility to her game that is often masked by her strength and one-on-one prowess. In the preseason, the defender recorded an agility score in the top two per cent across the nation. It is not always a necessary trait to have but one that Robinson can pull out in order to get herself out of trouble.


Marnie Robinson is a natural footballer who plays a role that suits her strengths. She is competitive, able to win the ball in the air or at ground level, and play multiple roles in the back half of the ground. It is anticipated she will be in the top few from NSW-ACT and no doubt the Swans will be taking a keen look at her as a selection to fill an important role in defence.

Defensive versatility
Footy IQ
Work rate
Kicking consistency [reference to execution]

Coates Talent League Girls

2023Swans Academy261036500151056038.73.312.

AFLW U18 Championships

2023Allies Girls2393261214110419037.
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