Scouting Notes: 2024 VFLW – Round 9

AS the AFLW players start to filter out of the competition, the VFLW listed stars of the competition are really coming to the fore.

Williamstown (9.6.60) defeated Carlton (5.2.32)


#18 Eliza Straford (Midfielder)
13/12/1997 | 159cm

Stats: 18 disposals, four marks, two tackles, two goals

A true captain’s performance from Straford saw her use her strength’s in a very positive way.

She is a quick midfielder and really utilised that to sprint down the wing and propel the Seagulls forward, and also was not afraid to snap the goals from some tight angles which ultimately paid off.

#25 Sharnie Whiting (Forward)
23/08/2000 | 172cm

Stats: 13 disposals, six marks, two tackles, two goals, two behinds, one clearance

It was another strong performance from Whiting, who continues to lead the competition for goals and it is easy to see why.

She was again a strong marker, and used her strong forwardcraft to kick multiple goals. She could have had even more than two majors, but the wind blew a few of her kicks into the post.

#39 Molly Simpson (Forward)
05/08/1996 | 175cm

Stats: five disposals, three marks, three goals

Last weekend was more of a return to the kind of promising form we saw from Simpson earlier in the season.

Although she did not truly start to influence until later in the game, she was still a strong marking presence, and almost translated all her kicks into goals.


#55 Mel Staunton (Midfielder)
24/01/2005 | 168cm

Stats: 13 disposals, seven tackles, two clearances, one goal

Staunton really stood up on the weekend and was consistently one of the most influential Blues’ midfielders across the whole game.

She worked in both defence and attack and cleared well but also put on plenty of defensive pressure.

#78 Simone Mooney (Defender)
20/03/2004 | 169cm

Stats: 15 disposals, nine clearances, six tackles

Although she may only be five games into her VFLW career, Mooney is continuing to display a calmness and composure beyond her years.

Playing more as a defender than her usual midfielder role, her clearance was her biggest asset in the game, picking the ball up on the top of the 50m arc and repelling the ball right back into attack for her side.

#79 Hannah Scott (Defender)
10/12/2005 | 161cm

Stats: 20 disposals, eight tackles, three clearances, two marks

It was another impressive performance from the young Blue, who continues to show calmness beyond her years while playing at this level.

She was not afraid to push up into attack and help influence, but was playing more in defence, and she had strong power in her kick that did not affect the accuracy of her kick.

North Melbourne (10.9.69) defeated Essendon (0.3.3)

North Melbourne:

#13 Sarah Hosking (Forward)
24/1/2003 | 168cm

Stats: 11 disposals, three marks, one rebound 50, one tackle, one goal

One of many new Roos this season, the former Seagull and Pie has been really growing into her role in the Roos’ forward line and really came to the fore last weekend.

Although technically classed as a medium sized forward, she at times plays more like a small with her ability to sneak around traffic and kick truly towards goal.

#26 Alana Barba (Midfielder)
26/9/2001 | 162cm

Stats: 22 disposals, five tackles, four inside 50s, four clearances, two goals, one behind

A little bit of an energiser bunny, Barba brought plenty of that to the field on the weekend.

Creating plenty of run and drive in the middle of the park, she also snuck forward and kicked two really strong goals.

#40 Nyakoat Dojiok (Forward)
07/01/2003 | 175cm

Stats: 17 disposals, five behinds, four marks, three tackles, three inside 50s, two goals, one hit out

Dojiok brought another level of energy to her performance, and seemed to be playing with an increased level of freedom and confidence compared to previous weeks.

She was really hard to pin down particularly early, but perhaps rushed some of her early kicks which resulted in lower than usual accuracy.


#61 El Chaston (Defender)
23/2/2002 | 170cm

Stats: 29 disposals, seven rebound 50s, six marks, one clearance, one inside 50

In what was overall a pretty tough day at the office for Essendon, Chaston stood out more than usual for all the right reasons.

Again playing off the half back line, their strong rebound work was at the core of their influence on the match, and with how much the ball was down the North Melbourne forward line they certainly had plenty of practice at it.

Casey (7.7.49) defeated Geelong (5.6.36)

By: Peter Williams


#19 Niamh O’Neill (Forward/Midfielder)
10/05/1996 | 171cm

Stats: 12 disposals, two marks, six tackles, one hitout, four inside 50s, two rebound 50s, one goal

The Irish eye-catcher certainly did just that in the loss, applying fantastic amounts of defensive pressure across the ground. Inside 50 she looked threatening, and kicked a great goal off a snap kick, while consistently presenting and causing headaches for the opposition. O’Neill worked up to help out in defence too when rolling through the middle and made most of her possessions count.

#26 Emma Horne (Forward)
29/11/2001 | 170cm

Stats: 13 disposals, three marks, one tackle, two inside 50s, one goal

The one-time Richmond list talent has that touch of class, and at 22 years-old is looking like a well-rounded talent up forward. She showed that class with a terrific snap and finish on goal, and loomed large as a target both on the lead and at ground level. Has traits that catch the eye and could develop even further.

#36 Tegan Williams (Defender)
07/03/2004 | 178cm

Stats: 22 disposals, three marks, 4 hitouts, two inside 50s, eight rebound 50s

The ex-Pioneers tall has found a home in defence, with her booming kick and strong hands a feature of her game. Having only just turned 20, she is still young, but had a great day out finding plenty of the ball in the back half of the ground. A good size and competes well one-on-one, while providing drive out of defence.


#36 Breanna Pratt (Midfielder)
1/10/1998 | 169cm

Stats: 16 disposals, 10 tackles, one hitout, four clearances, two inside 50s, five rebound 50s

It was hard to miss Pratt’s effort both offensively and defensively for the Cats, making an impact all over the ground. She stepped up to influence through the midfield, but won the ball in attack and defence, but was particularly commanding at stoppages. Pratt used her experience with plenty of youth around, and she was one of Geelong’s standout players on the day.

#61 Lillie Barendsen (Forward)
23/07/2005 | 170cm

Stats: Seven disposals, three marks, one tackle, two goals

Making her debut in the navy blue hoops, Barendsen looked like a genuine key forward despite being undersized. Having played in other roles for GWV Rebels in the past, the 18-year-old stepped up to the plate against Casey kicking two goals and missing a chance for a third. Her leading patterns and strength overhead is what stood out in the loss.

Collingwood (2.2.14) lost to Western Bulldogs (6.8.44)


#38 Sarah Ingram (Mid/Forward)
14/2/2001 | 168cm

Stats: 12 disposals, five clearances, three tackles, three rebound 50s, two inside 50s, one mark

One thing that Inghram really showed in her game on the weekend was her ability to influence the game in multiple areas of the ground.

Playing through both the midfield and the forward line, she was hard working around the contest and was also a strong marking target up forward.

Western Bulldogs:

#51 Dominique Carbone (Midfielder)
25/9/2001 | 161cm

Stats: 19 disposals, nine tackles, six clearancesone mark, one goal, one goal assist

Carbone continued to lead from the front on the weekend, both through her normal midfield area and even in the forward line.

She was hard at and unafraid of the contest, and she was able to work her way forward and impact the scoreboard, but in a way that did not congest the forward line.

#68 Jaime Henry (Forward)
5/10/2005 | 176cm

Stats: 12 disposals, six tackles, three marks, one clearance, one goal, one behind

Saturday’s game was one of Henry’s most influential games to date since coming across from Western Australia.

She was presenting really well and although not all her shots were as accurate as she would have liked she was still creating plenty of scoring opportunities.

Box Hill (3.4.22) lost to Darebin (4.6.30)

Box Hill:

#42 Danika Spamer (Midfielder)

Stats: 18 disposals, 11 tackles, four clearances, two inside 50s, one rebound 50

The weekend’s game was another impressive display of Spamer’s tackling prowess.

Racking up the tackles is something Spamer has become well known for, and in a game like Sunday’s was, it is crucial to try and stop the opponent moving well and is crucial to help match the opponent’s defensive intensity.

#54 Eleanor Butler (Defender)

Stats: eight disposals, three marks, two rebound 50s, one tackle

Speaking of defensive efforts, Butler sure showed plenty of those too.

Playing at around the half back arc, she took a number of key intercept marks and was vital in the Hawks’ ability to rebound out of defence.


#34 Shannon Egan (Ruck)

Stats: 21 hit outs, six tackles, five disposals, two clearances

Although an unlikely draft choice considering her age, if you watch Egan play you would be forgiven for thinking she is at least five years younger than she actually is.

She is an agile ruck, both at stoppages and around the ground, and has a strong leap at centre bounces and not even a painful looking arm injury was going to keep her down on the weekend.

#44 Victoria Blackwood (Defender)

Stats: 10 disposals, nine tackles, one inside 50, one rebound 50

The Darebin backline was really tested, particularly early, and at the forefront of its success was the likes of Blackwood.

Her tackling pressure was particularly impressive, with her opponent having a very difficult afternoon.

#52 Monique DeMatteo (Forward)

Stats: Nine disposals, five behinds, three tackles, three inside 50s, one clearance, one mark, one goal

Although her disposal count was low and she was unusually inaccurate in front of goal, De Matteo was still hugely influential.

With other potential attacking tall targets playing other roles, DeMatteo was that crucial link between the midfield and the forwards, using her strong marking and improved speed to provide a reliable marking target just outside 50.

Southern Saints (1.5.11) lost to Port Melbourne (2.3.15)

Southern Saints:

#5 Charlotte Ryan (Midfielder)
28/4/2003 | 161cm

Stats: 13 disposals, three tackles, two marks, two rebound 50s

In a game where it was difficult for the Saints to get it out of defence and through the midfield, someone with Ryan’s speed was absolutely crucial.

Mostly working around the half back line up to the centre, her speed was really helpful in driving the Saints forward.

#9 Winnie Laing (Midfielder)
24/05/2002 | 165cm

Stats: 24 disposals, eight tackles, four clearances, two marks, two rebound 50s

Much like team mate Ryan, Laing’s speed was vital to clear the congestion of the midfield.

That speed, which has been her most renowned asset for a long time, helped create plenty of drive into attack for the Saints, and she also took a number of crucial intercept marks.

Port Melbourne:

#5 Lauren Caruso (Midfielder)
19/11/1999 | 161cm

Stats: 14 disposals, nine tackles, three inside 50s, two clearances, two marks, one rebound 50

Playing a very different role to the defensive one she has become well known for this season did not stop Caruso being able to influence the match.

Taking plenty of things entrenched into her game by playing in defence, her tackling pressure was immense, and combine that with her speed she made the Saints really have to work hard for clean midfield disposals.

#8 Eloise Ashley-Cooper (Midfielder)
1/8/2000 | 165cm

Stats: 21 disposals, 10 tackles, five clearances, three marks, three inside 50s, two rebound 50s

Another one of Port’s powerful midfielders, Ashley-Cooper played a valuable multi-faceted role on the weekend.

Her tackle pressure was immense, but she also created plenty of strong feeds into attack.

#36 Ava Seton (Midfielder)
19/4/2004 | 165cm

Stats: 19 disposals, eight clearances, five tackles, five inside 50s, five rebound 50s, one goal

After a few quieter weeks, Seton was back to her dominating best this week.

She had the running capacity to just keep running all day and influence the match in several different sections of the ground, from clearing the ball out of defence to setting up plenty of attacking play up the other end.

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