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Jaime Henry

height: 176cm


D.O.B: 05-10-2005

Leagues: WAFL Women's, AFLW U18 Championships, AFLW U17 Championships

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Jaime Henry is one of the most consistent AFLW Draft prospects in this year’s crop, boasting a wide array of talents and weapons that are suited to her highly defensive and contested gamestyle. Having debuted as a defender back in 2021, Henry quickly turned into a flourishing inside midfielder, with a good size at 176cm, and earning the title of vice-captain for her state.


+ Footy IQ
+ Strength/Size
+ Contested work
+ Consistency
+ Clean hands
+ Defensive craft


- Speed
- Offensive game


Henry is a natural footballer who has a lot going for her. She is naturally defensive, coming from that tall back role where she started with the Black Ducks in 2021. She moved into the midfield after a successful carnival in that role with Western Australia last year, and has essentially remained an inside midfield throughout the last 18 months.

Focusing on her ball use, Henry is a clean player who has a neat left-foot that can hit targets both under pressure and in space. Though there are more potent users, Henry is usually a safe operator with ball-in-hand, making good decisions each time she uses it. Able to go off her right too, Henry knows where to move due to her high footy IQ, and she can equally find the ball on the outside.

Despite that fact, Henry is an inside-dominant player as that is where her strengths lie. Standing at 176cm, Henry is a tall player with great pure strength, and uses her frame well to keep the ball in her immediate area, while making life difficult for her opponent. Traditionally a first possession winner, Henry is capable of being a second possession winner as well, largely running at a 1:1 ratio for kicks to handballs.

Strong overhead, Henry is able to take quite a few marks and averaged three per game throughout her nine matches at WAFL Women's level. The various elements to her game make her versatile enough that she does not just need to stick inside, but can go into defence and compete, and even has the strength if required to go forward, and the aerial presence to have an impact.

However, Henry does lack a little in her offensive game. She is not a natural goalkicker, nor is she a creator by foot inside 50. Henry will be the player who draws an opponent and dishes off to teammates in space who then go inside 50. Often, the Swan Districts talent is behind the ball mopping up and is able to hit those kicks to teammates to run on.

In the 2023 WAFLW season, Henry had just 11 inside 50s - an average of just over one per game - from her nine matches, and five of those came against West Perth in one match, meaning Henry had just six in eight matches. That stat, along with the fact she did not kick a goal in the League side - one in her sole Rogers Cup match at the start of the season - and it paints the picture that she is defensively minded.

Playing a more predominant defensive role suits Henry, as she has the footy smarts and general game understanding to just know when and where to be to best help her side. She is not the quickest player out there, and she knows that, so she plays to her strengths of doing the hard work early through body positioning and reading the play quicker than her opponent.

What you get with Henry is not an explosive midfielder who will hit the scoreboard consistently. However those elements aside, there is not much lacking in her game. Defensively she is as good as any midfielder going around, as clean as they come and with footy IQ off the charts. An analytical person, Henry is great at understanding and adapting her game depending on the opponent.


Jaime Henry is one of the top West Australian prospects, and while not boasting the speed or athleticism of some others, what she offers from a defensive and contested ball-winning standpoint is hard to find. Though she might be around the third or fourth touted prospect in Western Australia, she is a valuable addition to any side, and it would be surprising if interstate teams did not try and recruit her out east.

Clean hands
Contested work
Defensive craft
Footy IQ
Offensive output

WAFL Women's

2022Swan Districts8698184270058102103127.
2023Swan Districts737815127003210110098.18.716.

AFLW U18 Championships

2022Western Australia Girls213556800181783037.011.718.
2023Western Australia Girls17284571828110542035.79.315.

AFLW U17 Championships

2021Western Australia12334540080641026.016.522.
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