Scouting notes: 2024 SANFLW State Academy trial

SOUTH Australia’s back-to-back title-winning Under 18s squad is gearing up for another huge national carnival, and tuned up in an internal trial last Friday night. While the SANFLW was on a bye due to the league taking on the WAFLW in the State game, those Under 18s hoping to make the final 30-player squad for the Croweaters battled it out at Thebarton Oval.

The two sides featured the majority of the State Academy with Glenelg’s Poppy Scholz (rested) and Central District’s Sophie Eaton (unavailable), and Norwood’s Charli Hazelhurst among the main absentees. Jemma Charity (knee), Jayde Visser (foot) and Steph Tredwell (osteitis pubis) have long-term injuries.

While the match was essentially an exhibition, it was fully umpired with 20-minute flat quarters adhered to, as well as all the SANFLW rules. In the contest, it was Team Blue who got the chocolates, winning by 26 points after kicking away after quarter time. We took note of some of the top performers from the evening.

TEAM YELLOW 1.1 | 2.3 | 5.4 | 6.8 (44)
TEAM BLUE 1.3 | 4.6 | 7.8 | 10.10 (70)

Team Yellow:
E. Mackereth, M. Bessen, G. McKee, L. Boyd, A. Dufour, M. Paech
Team Blue:
S. Archbold 2, J. Evans, S. Taylor, J. Horne, Z. Niemann, I. Rasheed, C. Tonkin, R. Ballard, M. Antony


#4 Violet Patterson (Glenelg)
Midfielder/Wing | 170cm | 09/01/2006

The hard nut midfielder started on-ball and rotated between the inside and outside finding her fair share of the ball. She attacked it hard, was smart with her decision making and disposal, not panicking under pressure. Though she could occasionally still make the odd turnover, as a whole, she did well and her competitiveness is second to none.

#6 Georgia McKee (Central District)
Forward | 160cm | 24/04/2006

Continuing her return stationed at full-forward, McKee had a quiet first half and looked a touch hesitant at times, but stepped up in the second half to slot a nice goal off a quick kick. Playing as the deepest forward she was not going to win a lot of it, but had a couple of other chances and set up a goal to Maddie Paech with a lovely weighted kick to the top of the goalsquare.

#11 Asha Dufour (West Adelaide)
Midfielder/Forward | 168cm | 31/08/2006

Dufour started on-ball in the first half and then went forward in the second, where she was able to hit the scoreboard with an nice snap in traffic. She worked hard across the ground and while under pressure she can tend to turn the ball over, Dufour was neat when using the ball short and was not afraid to bite off those 45-kicks when required. She had another shot on goal from a set shot after a goo mark on the lead later in the match but missed to the right.

#12 Coby Morgan (Norwood)
Wing/Forward | 173cm | 14/11/2006

Morgan’s trademark burst was on display throughout the contest with the speedy winger able to breakaway from congestion and use quick hands to dispose of it. She also had no problems arching the back and then gaining those extra few metres, putting it deep inside 50 on a number of occasions. The Norwood top-ager applied good pressure when in the forward half and had some nice moments.

#13 Esther Schirmer (South Adelaide)
Defender | 177cm | 08/06/2006

The South Adelaide back was a regular feature in the defensive half of the ground through the match, taking a number of intercept marks or mopping up and saving the day when her side was under pressure. Aerially she was great on the night, though her kicking efficiency was down on her usual output. Schirmer still created some drive and rebound out of defence as well as compete strongly one-on-one.

#14 Monique Bessen (Sturt)
Forward/Midfielder | 174cm | 05/02/2007

The bottom-age Double Blue was able to rotate between attack and midfield, getting into the right spot at the right time in the second term to soccer it off the deck and goal for a great start to the quarter. She showed strength overhead in the third term with a good mark under pressure, and she played full-time midfield in the last quarter, often going head-to-head against Sturt teammate Rasheed.

#15 Emma Kilpatrick (West Adelaide)
Defender/Midfield | 166cm | 03/07/2006

Kilpatrick was one of the most impressive across four quarters, using her run and booming kick to full advantage. She was able to mop up at half-back and work down the wing, combining with fellow Blood Boyd on a number of occasions. She started on-ball in the second term and won a free kick which resulted in a shot on goal, before soccering through a rushed behind at the other end a quarter later. She set up another scoring chance in the final term as she remained busy throughout the match.

#17 Laela Ebert (North Adelaide)
Midfielder/Defender | 165cm | 17/04/2006

The North Adelaide talent started in the midfield and rolled back behind the play to use her reading of the play and clean hands to full advantage. She is quick to dispose of it and clean below her knees, even launching from 50m at one stage in the fourth quarter, but it missed. A smooth mover off half-back, Ebert had her moments and was able to generally use it well and cover the ground between the arcs.

#19 Lucy Boyd (West Adelaide)
Defender/Forward | 172cm | 12/10/2006

Another impressive player for Team Yellow, Boyd was busy from the start, taking a number of strong marks pushing up the ground from half-back to mark on the wing and take off. She was thrown forward in the middle two quarters where she missed one set shot and kicked another attempt off a step, before returning to defence for the fourth term. Composed under pressure, Boyd showed a clean pair of heels with a slick sidestep in the last quarter.


#1 Jordan Horne (Glenelg)
Forward | 158cm | 22/07/2007

The bottom-age small forward is ever-active inside 50 with a high-level defensive game and quick hands to dispose of the ball when needed. Horne constantly works hard and can sometimes be unrewarded, but she kicked a goal in the second term from close range off hands. In the final five minutes of the match, Horne set up a goal to Mikaylah Antony and got into a lot of good positions for chances to hit the scoreboard.

#2 Ruby Ballard (West Adelaide)
Midfielder/Forward | 155cm | 07/11/2006

Ballard was superb throughout the match, starting on-ball in three of the quarters and working hard to get into attack as well. Her clean and quick hands were important in keeping the game moving, and she won a hardball on the wing with a clever stop, drop and roll followed by a handball to advantage. When sneaking forward, she took an uncontested mark 25m out and slotted the goal, working hard until the final siren.

#3 Grace Martin (Woodville-West Torrens)
Midfielder/Forward | 162cm | 01/09/2006

Donning a helmet after a concussion earlier this season and a hard knock the previous weekend, Martin was similar to Ballard and spent the majority of her time on-ball. She cracks in and is not afraid to put her body on the line, but also gets to the outside and provides some movement in transitions. She had a golden opportunity she miscued from the top of the goalsquare in the second term, but set up a goal shortly after to Taylor.

#4 Jasmine Evans (Central District)
Forward | 164cm | 05/02/2006

The AFLW Academy member showed class with ball-in-hand and played a high half-forward role and then rotated deep. She had an uncharacteristic miss from a sprayed shot and even had a fumble, but the normally clean Evans got back to business after quarter time. She took a good mark on the lead in the second term and converted a set shot goal, and also set up Ballard for a major with elite vision and execution in the fourth quarter.

#5 Matilda Wilmore (Glenelg)
Wing | 164cm | 20/04/2007

Wilmore ran hard all game and provided some eye-catching dash on the outside. She gathered well at ground level and backed her pace, working to half-back where she took an early mark and looked to move the ball in transition. She did not win a stack of it, but popped up from time to time and contributed with fierce pressure and a speedy first few steps.

#6 Sarcha Taylor (North Adelaide)
Midfielder/Forward | 158cm | 26/08/2007

Though often deployed as a small forward at the Roosters, Taylor spent considerable time on-ball and was a great rotational option in there. She has the defensive pressure and speed to worry the opposition and is generally quick by hand or foot. She got on the scoreboard running into an open goal in the second term and continued to win the pill all around the ground including at stoppages. A really progressive game which showed she can provide support on-ball in the future.

#8 India Rasheed (Sturt)
Forward/Midfielder | 174cm | 29/11/2006

Easily best-on in the game and it came as little surprise with the top-age star enjoying having the space and freedom she is seldom allowed at SANFLW level. Without an opponent hanging off her and looking to quell her influence, Rasheed found space, marked at half-forward, won clearances and hit passes that so few others could do. Her ability to weight kicks is just sublime and she even nailed a kick off the outside of the boot once she spotted a free teammates. She kicked a goal from a snap in the third term as three players around her attempted to smother the kick, while also setting up a number of shots on goal.

#11 Edwina Thornquest (Sturt)
Defender | 172cm | 22/06/2007

Playing at full-back, Thornquest showed her strength and booming kick, often tasked with the kickouts for Team Blue. However while she would have had a number of kicks through this avenue, Thornquest also took some great intercept marks, showing her clean hands, as well as her ability to compete strong one-on-one. She might only be 172cm, but can beat opponents taller than her.

#15 Shae Archbold (South Adelaide)
Forward | 168cm | 07/09/2006

The only multiple goalkicker in the game, Archbold settled in well up forward, kicking a great goal on the run in the opening term, then won it from a ruck stoppage and snapped around her body for a second in the third quarter. Boasting a lovely field kick, Archbold is still ironing out some consistency with her leading not being on the same page as Rasheed at one stage in the second term, but as she grows in confidence, will only get better.

#20 Charlotte Riggs (Central District)
Defender | 182cm | 02/11/2006

The premiership Dog had some nice moments playing in defence and pushing up the ground when required, producing a terrific run-down tackle in the middle during the third term. Her body positioning and follow-up work caught the eye and generally used the ball well when she had her chances. Able to play offensive and defensive roles in the back half.

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