Scouting Notes: 2024 Coates Talent League – Round 8

ROUND 8 of the Coates Talent League season produced plenty of headlines, as the reigning premier’s unbeaten run was ended and three Northern Academy stints came to a close ahead of the Allies’ opening game. We noted some of the top prospects and performers from the weekend’s five fixtures.

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  • Team
  • Sandringham Dragons
  • Swans Academy

Sandringham Dragons 11.4 (70) def. by Swans Academy 12.8 (80)

By: Matthew Vella


#5 Ricky Theodoropoulas
Forward/Midfielder | 169cm | 05/04/2007

Stats: 18 disposals, 3 tackles, 1 goal

Playing primarily as a small forward, Theodoropoulas had a solid game despite his side’s loss. After a five-goal haul in his first game of the season, the small forward only kicked a single major but was able to use his line breaking speed and powerful core to have an impact in an undermanned Sandringham midfield. He likes to take risks by hand and foot, also displaying his dancing feet with a few spins and creative handballs. It’s his ability below his knees that stood out, proving clean, fast and precise at ground level.

#8 Owen Bater
Defender | 187cm | 05/10/2006

Stats: 15 disposals, 8 marks, 3 rebound 50s

The mid-sized defender had a terrific game down back in his first outing for the year. He showed his ability to overlap and set up the transition run from defence, but it was his competitiveness and intercept ability which stood out most. His play reading was near elite, and Bater timed his spoils to perfection. He looks to have a natural footy IQ, especially behind the ball, which complimented his great bodywork in one-on-one contests, clean ball use, and composed under pressure.

#14 Ned Maginness
Midfielder | 194cm | 22/04/2005

Stats: 20 disposals, 3 marks, 6 tackles

A quieter game for the Hawthorn father-son prospect, despite topping his side’s disposal count. His strength and power were definitely impressive, finishing with six tackles. Hot in the contest, Maginness was in and around the ball, providing exit handballs and focusing on stopping the opposition from breaking out of the midfield. He finished with 20 disposals and was a factor in a game that was won in the middle.

#24 Brodie Findlay
Ruck | 199cm | 20/05/2005

Stats: 7 disposals, 3 marks, 33 hitouts

Findlay’s strength and power have been his key strengths this season, and it was nothing new in this game. His tap work and follow up ability were outstanding finishing with 33 hitouts, and while he posted only seven disposals, he was able to go to ground and release to teammates. His second efforts have been something an improvement area and looked much better in this outing.

#61 Sam Buck
Key Forward | 196cm | 28/02/2006

Stats: 15 disposals, 5 marks, 5 goals

The 197cm key position utility was arguably the best on ground, finishing with five goals. Playing up forward, his leading ability and goal sense caused huge problems for the Swans Academy. Unlucky to miss his first set shot with a right to left kick, Buck was able to pick up the crumbs a few times in the forward line and snapped truly. He has a strong ability to lead and mark flat on to his chest, while his size and mobility make him versatile – though forward looks like his spot.


#9 Joe Harrison
Midfielder | 182cm | 20/07/2006

Stats: 23 disposals, 4 marks, 4 tackles

The midfielder was in everything for the Swans with hard running through the middle, transition run out of defence, and penetration down to the forwards. Clean and precise at stoppages, he created chances when there might be nothing and hunted the taps at stoppages, waiting for his opportunity to pounce on the ball. His kicking lacked polish at times, but his hard work in the middle was a driving force towards the Swans’ win.

#12 Max Rider
Forward | 187cm | 28/08/2005

Stats: 16 disposals, 7 tackles, 4 goals

The over-ager was the difference in this game. Playing high half-forward, Rider’s brute force and pace were almost unstoppable when charging on the lead. He had plenty of opportunity in the forward 50 early, missing a few shot that he would’ve wanted a second go at. He did make up for those mistakes later in the game, scoring a great outside of the boot goal that ultimately helped win Sydney the game. His high IQ and athleticism allowed him to move into the midfield at times, giving his team versatility in a tough battle.

#19 Zachary Nandlal
Midfielder | 171cm | 30/01/2006

Stats: 21 disposals, 5 tackles, 4 rebound 50s

The small sized, helmet wearing midfielder was at his best against the Dragons. Hard-working with quick hands and fast feet, Nandlal seemed to be involved in every stoppage. There were a few times his first instinct was to bang the ball long and far at stoppages, causing quick turnovers. But in all, it was a solid game all around the ground. Nandlal is a genuine tough nut who is ready for a contested game and tense situation, with pace and class that can flip the game on its head.

#34 Tom Ryan
Tall Forward | 193cm | 24/04/2006

Stats: 11 disposals, 5 marks, 3 goals

Another strong game for Ryan, taking his tally to nine goals in four games and proving the game finisher – winning a huge contested mark in the square in the dying moments and sealing victory for the Swans. He finished with three goals, the third game he’s been able to do so. He has a strong and aggressive lead, throwing himself into the pack, while also kicking from a decent distance – including a great goal from long-range.

#36 Harrison Podmore-Taylor
Ruck | 200cm | 02/03/2005

Stats: 15 disposals, 4 tackles, 12 hitouts

The 201cm over-ager put his size and athleticism on show for spectators. He was more than capable in the air, but it was his speed and ground efforts that really caught the eye. At one stage in the fourth quarter, he was able to grab the ball out of mid-air, spin 180 degrees and bang the ball inside 50. Podmore-Taylor has a natural ruck craft, and the ability to compete in the forward line as an imposing figure that has a ready made body.

  • Team
  • Dandenong Stingrays
  • Lions Academy

Dandenong Stingrays 12.4 (76) drew w/ Lions Academy 11.10 (76)

By: Michael Alvaro


#1 Cooper Hynes
Midfielder/Forward | 190cm | 28/02/2006

Stats: 27 disposals, 9 inside 50s, 4 goals

Hynes made a hot start on Sunday and it coincided with Dandenong taking a lead into quarter time. He booted three goals in the first half-hour and was a major presence at stoppages, while also worrying the opposition with his physicality when rotating forward. The top-ager faded in the middle of the game as Brisbane took over, only to finish strongly with a crucial fourth goal in the final term.

#2 Harvey Langford
Midfielder/Forward | 190cm | 15/03/2006

Stats: 33 disposals, 9 inside 50s, 1 goal

Langford led all comers and had claims for being best afield. He almost single-handedly dragged Dandenong back into the game with a massive final quarter, doing so through sheer output and will. Langford’s size was a factor and he broke the shackles with more expansive play at the death, giving his all to barge through tackles and surge the Stingrays forward. Among his highlights was a speccy in the final quarter, and a polished one-step goal from the boundary early on.

#8 Noah Hibbins-Hargreaves
Forward | 185cm | 16/11/2007

Stats: 17 disposals, 4 marks, 2 goals

Producing his highest disposal haul for the season, Hibbins-Hargreaves also finished with multiple goals for the third consecutive game. The bottom-age forward displayed a clean set of hands when working up the ground, as well as his pure finishing ability inside 50. He slotted two set shots but missed a chance on the run, showing his speed to burn an opponent en route to goal.

#10 Ben Hopkins
Defender/Midfielder | 190cm | 28/07/2005

Stats: 28 disposals, 5 marks, 4 inside 50s

Hopkins has made a habit of racking up possessions – having no less than 25 in five games this season – and was again prolific in his primary defensive post. The mid-season draft hopeful was a frequent outlet and overlap option, leaning on his running capacity to find the ball away from the kick-ins. Hopkins also earned a run in midfield after half time and got to showcase his quick and clean hands, rather than the expansive kicking he usually provides.

#65 Tairon Ah-Mu
Ruck/Forward | 198cm | 06/06/2007

Stats: 12 disposals, 11 hitouts, 4 goals

Along with Langford and Hynes, Ah-Mu was a major force behind Dandenong’s fourth quarter comeback. The imposing tall booted three of his four goals in the final 25 minutes, including the one which momentarily put his side ahead. Ah-Mu went blow for blow with over-ager Brad McDonald in one-on-one duels and held his own when it mattered, taking strong marks deep inside 50 and finishing his work. He also made an impact against the tide when used in the ruck.


#11 Rohan Bailey
Midfielder/Forward | 180cm | 22/01/2005

Stats: 22 disposals, 5 marks, 1 goal

The Lions’ most prolific midfielder on Sunday, Bailey had little trouble making an impact when running on-ball or shifting forward. He notched an early assist before getting on the board himself in term three, converting a set shot after reading the ball well in a one-on-one contest. Bailey certainly had his chances and imposed himself as any over-ager should.

#28 Fergus McFadyen
Midfielder/Forward | 189cm | 05/10/2006

Stats: 21 disposals, 6 tackles, 4 goals

McFadyen played a key hand in turning the game in Brisbane’s favour, booting three goals in the second quarter to finish with four overall. He simply took his chances, converting cooly over the mark and in open play to apply serious scoreboard pressure. His physicality and aggression were assets at the contest and while his ball use was inconsistent around the ground, McFadyen was just about undeniable in front of goal.

#30 Ryan Gilder
Defender | 191cm | 15/05/2006

Stats: 17 disposals, 5 marks, 4 rebound 50s

Gilder is highly touted at the Lions and has been building into Sunday’s performance, which was clearly his best in a four-game stint. The powerful defender showcased his athleticism with speedy work on the overlap and aggressive carries through the corridor. He helped slingshot the ball into attack and also took on the tough defensive matchups against Hynes and Langford, but can work on some of his ball use when moving at full tilt.

#41 Tom Gillett
Ruck/Forward | 201cm | 09/01/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 4 marks, 20 hitouts

Playing as the Lions’ primary ruck, Gillett put together another strong stat line with strong ruck craft and work away from the contest. The big man’s clean hands were useful in tight spots and his running ability saw him impact when slotting in behind the ball to support the defence. Gillett could have been a little stronger and more imposing aerially but was prominent around the ground to finish as arguably the Lions’ best and most consistent performer across all four games.

  • Team
  • Tasmania Devils
  • Eastern Ranges

Tasmania Devils 14.10 (94) def. Eastern Ranges 8.4 (52)

By: Michael Alvaro


#4 Geordie Payne
Midfielder/Forward | 184cm | 06/11/2005

Stats: 29 disposals, 9 inside 50s, 4 goals

Payne has emerged as a top mid-season draft prospect and continued his dominant form with another outstanding game on Sunday. The competitive utility impacted both as a midfielder and forward; first with his clean extraction work at stoppages, and then by helping produce plenty of scores. He booted four goals but was unselfish and handed off plenty more, showcasing a balance between his punishing long-range finishing and team oriented play. Impressively, the 184cm talent held his own one-on-one against key defenders and while prone to dump kicks, hurt the opposition.

#7 Jasper Hay
Ruck | 198cm | 10/05/2007

Stats: 14 disposals, 6 tackles, 17 hitouts

A well renowned bottom-ager, Hay was up against it in the ruck but competed hard against a bigger and elder opponent. The 198cm prospect continued to leap hard at the centre bounces and took a couple of strong marks around the ground, which may have given him to confidence to start grabbing the ball in ruck contests and hunting it at ground level. He looked promising when extending at the aerial ball.

#11 Max Mapley
Key Position Utility | 199cm | 27/10/2005

Stats: 7 disposals, 6 marks, 2 inside 50s

Mapley has proven his value as a mobile ruck-forward and was given a different test on Sunday – posted in defence. The over-ager had a purple patch during the third quarter, soaring for a series of intercept marks to help Tasmania lock the ball in its attacking half. While not overly prolific outside of his aerial work, Mapley again showed his potential as a versatile tall.

#20 Max Roney
Defender | 186cm | 16/03/2006

Stats: 17 disposals, 8 marks, 6 rebound 50s

Roney has been one of Tasmania’s most consistent performers this season and is among the side’s many unsung heroes. The defender had his best marking game for the year on Sunday, clunking eight with a clean set of hands and great positioning behind the ball. Roney also made himself useful on the rebound and at 186cm, covers ground nicely to compliment his aerial range.

#21 Lenny Douglas
Forward/Midfielder | 179cm | 03/07/2006

Stats: 15 disposals, 3 inside 50s, 3 goals

Douglas is the type of player who can take a mile when given an inch, and did so to snare three goals against Eastern. The quick and clever forward showcased great finishing ability both on the run, from distance over the mark, and instinctually with a volley in the goalmouth. Douglas was lively on the way forward and while he spent time in midfield, looks arguably most effective inside 50.


#7 Cody Anderson
Midfielder | 181cm | 30/01/2006

Stats: 22 disposals, 5 tackles, 4 inside 50s

Eastern’s usual midfield brigade was back together on Sunday and Anderson was typically hard-working amongst it. The brutally tough ball winner showcased his strength with fends and powerful bursts, but perhaps relied too heavily on his size at times and was caught out. He did win a decent amount of outside ball though, sweeping back to provide an outlet from defence and penetrating the arcs at either end of the field.

#9 Christian Moraes
Midfielder | 183cm | 08/11/2006

Stats: 25 disposals, 5 tackles, 4 inside 50s

While prolific as usual as Eastern’s top ball winner, Moraes’ creativity was somewhat limited by Tasmania’s pressure around the ball. He was clean in the clinches and chalked up 18 handballs, but struggled to find the space he usually does with strong running and chains of possession on the outside. Still, Moraes’ extraction work was sound and he held up well to the rigours of a tough midfield battle.

#26 Josh Smillie
Midfielder | 194cm | 17/05/2006

Stats: 14 disposals, 6 tackles, 1 goal

Smillie rarely has a poor game and having strung together performances which put him on pole position in the race to pick one, he was relatively well held on Sunday. The midfielder was typically polished and mature with ball in hand, and brushed off opponents with aplomb, but just did his usual tricks with less frequency. While physically imposing at times, he was subdued at stoppages and only impacted on his forward rotation with a mark and goal in the second quarter.

#36 Iliro Smit
Ruck | 200cm | 09/08/2005

Stats: 7 disposals, 30 hitouts, 1 goal

A mid-season draft prospect who has shown signs without many games of enormous output, Smith again had his moments against Tasmania. Competing against a highly touted bottom-ager in the ruck, he dominated the hitout count and was physically superior. He showed good aggression on the follow-up and kicked a flukily brilliant goal in term three, gathering and dribbling the ball home under pressure in the pocket.

  • Team
  • Calder Cannons
  • SUNS Academy

Calder Cannons 13.13 (91) def. Suns Academy 10.5 (65)

By: Adrian Dixon


#2 Isaac Kako
Forward/Midfielder | 175cm | 07/03/2006

Stats: 29 disposals, 6 marks, 12 inside 50s, 2 goals

Kako once again started up forward where he continued his strong leading as a hit up forward providing a dangerous option before moving into the midfield where his explosiveness from the centre contest was on display. Kako continued to work hard up the ground when starting inside 50 and provided plenty of ankle-breaking evasiveness. Having a total of 12 inside 50s, Kako more often than not damaged the opposition with his delivery and it started with an excellent pass to hit up Patrick Said for the first goal. He showed excellent vision, movement and composure, and his goals from long range in the wet were excellent.

#6 Hugh Allison
Wing | 176cm | 08/04/2006

Stats: 16 disposals, 4 marks, 2 goals

Allison had his best game of the season for the Cannons, covering the ground exceptionally well and providing plenty of defensive pressure which was important considering the conditions. Allison added some drive, especially on the outside and kicked two important goals; his first being from a kick on the run to reduce the margin back to under a goal at half time, and the second in the third quarter where he showed great capitalisation to pounce on a Kalani White fumble.

#8 Omar Abou-Eid
Ruck | 200cm | 02/11/2005

Stats: 13 disposals, 27 hitouts, 1 goal

Abou-Eid had his best game of the season after weeks of showing continual improvement, dominating the ruck with his athleticism and giving his midfielders first use of the footy while continuing to have a presence all over the ground. He started to physically assert himself more as the game went on and kicked an early goal having been the beneficiary of a 50-metre penalty. The over-ager won his own clearances at times and for a ruckman has a considerable amount of skill, playing with a bit of flamboyance with a few handballs over his head that didn’t quite come off.

#27 Patrick Said
Midfielder | 180cm | 24/04/2006

Stats: 19 disposals, 4 marks, 4 tackles, 1 goal

Said was excellent in the wet and got the Cannons off to a good start, finding space easily to take a mark inside 50 to kick the game’s first goal. While Said was productive up and down the ground in the first half, his second half saw him step up and get more involved, especially when Nash King went off before half time with injury. His attacking work around the contest was excellent and he executed the switch well. A trademark of his game has always been slowing down the play to ensure he sees the best option. He was arguably Calder’s most influential player.

#37 Hussien El Achkar
Midfielder | 171cm | 02/04/2007

Stats: 25 disposals, 6 tackles, 2 goals

El Achkar started to come into the game after a quiet start, demonstrating his ability to win the ball in the contest. His follow up work from winning clearances was a highlight and while he was prone to dump kicking it, he made it work to his advantage especially in the wet conditions. His work rate was a feature throughout the day and he made the most of his opportunities around goal. One major came from a kick he put inside 50 that he followed up, before bouncing one through late in the game for a second.


#4 Zeke Uwland
Small Defender | 178cm | 24/04/2007

Stats: 35 disposals, 8 marks, 9 rebound 50s

Uwland was everywhere for the Suns across half-back and pushing up the ground, with his ball use a highlight along with his excellent decision making. Uwland attacked the contest with vigour and defended desperately, highlighting his competitiveness. Taking eight marks for the game, Uwland showed he was strong overhead and his follow up work was sound, always providing his teammates with an option after kicking to them. Uwland’s speed and evasiveness were evident in his running patterns and he also provided leadership in the backline with talk and direction.

#8 Leonardo Lombard
Midfielder | 178cm | 05/10/2006

Stats: 24 disposals, 4 tackles, 7 inside 50s

Lombard continues to show his ball winning ability and proved to be rather efficient with it on Sunday. He managed to provide a physical presence in the midfield with his ability to compete for the footy while also applying excellent defensive pressure. Lombard’s delivery into the forward line was dangerous, having a hand in several goals.

#19 Beau Addinsall
Midfielder/Forward | 180cm | 09/03/2007

Stats: 25 disposals, 6 marks, 3 tackles

Addinsall provided plenty of run and carry throughout the game all over the ground, covering it exceptionally well. His delivery inside 50 was excellent and he made smart decisions throughout the game with plenty of composure, and showed great vision while also trying not to be selfish. His kicks were weighed perfectly.

#21 Jai Murray
Wing | 183cm | 09/03/2007

Stats: 25 disposals, 7 marks, 4 rebound 50s

Murray was industrious around the ground all day, especially with his strong ability to win the footy one-on-one. He showed his elite decision making and his distribution of the ball by foot inside 50 with his running through the centre square, while he also managed to help his side clear the ball out of defence on numerous occasions.

#30 Max Hudson
Tall Defender | 190cm | 11/01/2007

Stats: 14 disposals, 7 marks, 1 rebound 50

Hudson’s game got off to a flyer, taking numerous intercept marks down back, pushing up the ground well, and holding his own down back – especially against bigger opponents. Hudson provided plenty of talk in the backline alongside Uwland and Nelson Beikoff-Smart. His intercept marking was complimented by his play reading ability and athleticism.

  • Team
  • GWV Rebels
  • Western Jets

GWV Rebels 4.8 (32) def. by Western Jets 8.6 (54) 

By: Michael Alvaro


#2 Harry Charleson
Midfielder/Defender | 182cm | 26/06/2006

Stats: 21 disposals, 2 inside 50s, 4 rebound 50s

A natural and consistent ball winner at stoppages, Charleson kept on presenting in the tough conditions despite copping some big hits. On one occasion, he was smashed in the back by Keighton Matofai-Forbes but popped straight back up to try and lay his own hit. Among Charleson’s best moments was a strong one-on-one mark to relieve pressure on the eve of half time, and a brave intercept attempt in the defensive 50 hole.

#7 Oliver Hannaford
Defender/Midfielder | 180cm | 01/09/2006

Stats: 23 disposals, 4 tackles, 3 rebound 50s

The conditions were perfect for Hannaford on Sunday, as he cracked with relentless competitiveness. His toughness saw him ride the bumps and hardly be beaten in contested situations, which was particularly useful when stationed down back. Hannaford balanced his play with aggressive work on the rebound, mopping up and using his momentum to surge the ball forward on the counter. On a drier day, his run-and-carry would have been damaging.

#19 Mitchell Lloyd
Tall Defender | 192cm | 15/03/2006

Stats: 15 disposals, 4 marks, 6 rebound 50s

Lloyd has truly found a home down back this season and put in another strong shift as GWV’s last line of defence. The top-ager again worked into good spots behind the ball to either split or win aerial contests, and while only credited with four marks, all of them were intercepts. His reading of the play and confidence to fly for the ball ensured he was difficult to navigate around in conditions where gaining quick territory mattered.


#7 Thomas McGuane
Midfielder | 177cm | 27/08/2007

Stats: 31 disposals, 6 inside 50s, 1 goal

Collingwood fans will be buoyed by the performance of their future father-son prospect, who collected over 30 touches for the second time this season. Playing full-time in midfield, the bottom-ager was most lively on the outside where he could snatch metres and utilise his left-foot kicking to launch into attack, including for an outrageous goal from the boundary in term two. McGuane also got his hands on the inside ball and was quite tidy in tough conditions.

#12 Lachlan McArthur
Defender | 190cm | 09/12/2005

Stats: 21 disposals, 6 rebound 50s, 1 goal

McArthur brought his typically aggressive overlap run and flair from the get-go on Sunday. He turned shallow GWV advances into Western attacks, using his momentum and speed to charge forward with vigour. Sensing an opportunity in term three, he also hit the scoreboard with a hand-off at the top of 50 which floated through the goals. It proved great reward for effort.

#48 Lucas Impey
Ruck | 196cm | 12/12/2005

Stats: 15 disposals, 6 tackles, 36 hitouts

The conditions called for a big frame like Impey’s on Sunday, with the over-age ruck answering with an imposing performance. He dominated the hitout count with 36 of a total 69 for the game, proving too big and strong in jostles around the ground. Impey also followed up well to lay six tackles and played the basics when he took possession of the ball, mostly dishing off by hand.

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