First 2024 AFLW Draft Power Rankings to drop next week

BACK for another year and following up from the release of the 2024 AFL Draft Power Rankings is our AFLW Draft Power Rankings next week. Expected early in the week, the list will follow the same format as the boys’ with 25 players named in the Power Rankings. In this article we run through a quick preview.


What are Power Rankings?

Power Rankings are essentially an opinion-based ranking of draft prospects by the author, and are not necessarily based on where draftees will fall or taking into account AFLW club needs.

What is the theory behind creating Power Rankings?

The Power Rankings are purely opinion-driven, but look at talent without taking into account any technical contributing factors that may impact draft order such as club-tied players or state-based nominations.

What can we expect from the Power Rankings?

As mentioned earlier, there will be a list of 25 to match the boys, though that is extremely tough as there are more 40 players deserving of being inside the top 25. Along with the list, there will be further information on those in the mix, with the even spread of talent after the first 12-15 picks being evident across the country.

Who is in the mix to be number one?

There are a few players who are thereabouts and no doubt will be considered for the top pick. Alphabetically the three in the biggest contention include Gippsland Power’s Ash Centra, Gold Coast Suns Academy’s Havana Harris ad East Fremantle’s Zippy Fish.

What about players who have missed the season or bulk of the season through injury?

While it is harder to judge and rank with limited recent exposed talent, there are in fact multiple players featuring in the rankings or just outside the rankings who have missed significant time on-field due to injury. Most of whom have shown enough exposed form previously to warrant being included.

How often will the Power Rankings be done?

Power Rankings are completed monthly, with the first one coming ahead of the SANFLW and WAFLW finals, and at the midway point of the Coates Talent League season. The next edition will come midway through the AFLW Under 18 Championships, with another post the national carnival. By September the rankings will be just prior to the Coates Talent League Girls finals, while October features the fall out from testing and any remaining games before the last edition in November ahead of the draft.

Do Power Rankings chance much month-to-month?

While many players remain around the mark – as drastic changes should not happen just month-to-month – it is natural for some to rise and others to fall based on a variety of factors. However as each month goes by, the rankings are extended, so the July Power Rankings will go out to 30.

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