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Anjelique Raison

height: 180cm


D.O.B: 07-09-2005

Leagues: WAFL Women's, AFLW U18 Championships, AFLW U17 Championships

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Anjelique Raison captained Western Australia at the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships this year, and has become the ultimate utility over the last few years. Though predominantly stationed inside 50 as a marking forward, the top-ager has also played in defence, the ruck and pinch-hit on-ball as well to provide clubs with a player who can fit any need. Though lacking that athleticism that some clubs crave, she has a lot of natural footballing traits that hold her in great stead.


+ Contested marking
+ Kicking
+ Strength
+ Versatility
+ Footy IQ
+ Scoreboard impact


- Speed
- Athleticism


Raison started her career at East Fremantle as a key forward, and has remained largely in that role throughout the best part of three seasons. She pinch-hit in the ruck to support fellow top-ager Georgie Cleaver, particularly when a number of talls departed the Sharks to play AFLW. Standing at 180cm, Raison has the height and the strength to impact up forward, and while others might be more athletic in ruck contests, she uses her body well through smart positioning and strength.

That can be the case inside 50 as well, with Raison holding her position well when one-on-one, but also knowing when to lead and accept a delivery inside 50. She has the footy IQ to sum up the situation and find space, as well as assess the overall play. When further afield, Raison can find the ball, and though she is not a high accumulator, when around the contest she is not afraid to crack in and win first possession touches.

At the AFLW Under 18 Championships last year, Raison played at full-back, using her booming kick to full advantage be it kicking out, or being the first mark from the kickout. After spending that carnival in defence, she returned to the Sharks to play forward again, then fast forward 12 months and Raison even had stints in the midfield for her state.

Raison held her own amongst more experience midfielders, and is generally clean at ground level. Though her aerial ability is what really stands out, she has a high work rate and defensive mindset that helps her impact once the ball hit the deck. The question mark is of course her speed, with opponents able to get away if it becomes a footrace.

Unfortunately Raison is currently injured and will sit out the Draft Combine testing, having had surgery on a perforated intestine. However, the East Fremantle utility would be drafted on her on-field work rather than her combine testing.

On-field Raison showed incredible consistency in front of goal, going 17 straight games with at least one goal per match in the WAFL Women's, kicking 24 goals in the time period from Round 11, 2022 to Round 12, 2023. Though she had three goalless games in the last five matches - including in the grand final - Raison did set up a number of chances in the decider, and kicked three goals between her other two finals.

When she is not kicking them, Raison is providing opportunities for teammates, looking to get the ball to players in better positions. She will go for the big marks and bring the ball to ground if she does not mark it, rarely beaten one-on-one when forward. It gives AFLW clubs a great indication of what the contested marking talent can bring to the elite level.


Anjelique Raison will be a player who varies in draft ranges from club to club. She adds the much sought after element of contested marking, but lacks the other sought after element of athleticism. All in all, Raison has shown in her body of work from the past three seasons that she can play anywhere on the field and will just compete all day long. She is one of those players that deserves a shot at the top level, and it will just be a case of where she can fit in.

Contested marking
Footy IQ
Scoreboard impact

WAFL Women's

2022East Fremantle43246750016490110976.
2023East Fremantle815313439003869042018155.

AFLW U18 Championships

2022Western Australia Girls191029500443113036.
2023Western Australia Girls1913327191388680336.34.310.

AFLW U17 Championships

2021Western Australia171633100414932228.
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