Small Forward


Beau Tedcastle

height: 178cm

weight: 75kg

D.O.B: 29-03-2004

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys


+ Goal sense
+ Forward craft
+ X-Factor
+ Evasion


- Vision
- Decision making

Beau Tedcastle is one of the leading NT talents in the 2022 AFL Draft, and while much of the focus has been on Anthony Munkara, Tedcastle has steadily pieced together a really consistent season for the GWV Rebels. The small forward booted 19 goals in 11 games, kicking a major in nine of them, and multiple goals on six occasions. His best effort game in a four-goal haul against the Swans Academy, with three majors against two top four sides in Dandenong Stingrays and Gippsland Power as well.

Few could deny that Tedcastle has AFL attributes, it is just whether or not it all clicks. He is a pure small forward, who has that outstanding goal sense and forward craft to sniff out a major whenever he is anywhere inside 50. Not too dissimilar to Tom Papley in that regard, he is very good at evading opponents, loves to take the defenders on, and has a bit of personality when it comes to kicking some ridiculous majors.

Tedcastle is also like many small forwards in other ways, being that he can tend to have narrow vision whenever the big sticks are within range. Though he did improve as the season went on, being able to set up teammates in better positions is one area to improve on, as well as his decision making to take on multiple opponents over passing it off. Tedcastle has huge upside though, and the sky is the limit if it can all click.

AFL U18 Championships


Coates Talent League Boys

2021Northern Territory12416200200212112.
2022GWV Rebels91371283500240030419118.33.411.
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