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Candice Belbin

height: 164cm


D.O.B: 14-07-2004

Leagues: NAB League Girls

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Candice Belbin is a high-level contested player who thrives on the inside, but has nice power to burst out of a stoppage and work hard to keep the ball moving in transition. Though there are improvements for the Tasmanian to make that feature a mix of fundamentals and execution, she has the courage and strength to impact at the coalface.



Candice Belbin is one of the highest performing Tasmanian prospects who overcame injury in the NAB League Girls to run out for the Allies against NSW-ACT. Belbin is also one of the most pure inside midfielders, but she has enough tricks to be able to swing into defence and provide some nice burst off half-back.

Belbin’s power out of stoppages allows her to gain separation on her opponents, and though she can tend to bomb long and just go for distance, she can clear the danger. The Ulverstone talent admitted she needs to work on her long kicking, as well as her decision making and reading of the play, but her ability to play on instinct when in congestion helps her contribute to any team she plays for across all levels.

Belbin is a high-volume tackler as emphasised by her 7.8 per game in the NAB League Girls this season. Though many other numbers do not jump off the page for the Tasmanian, she does a lot of team aspects that aid others. From blocks and shepherds, to taps and remaining accountable on her opponent, Belbin is a strong defensive footballer.

At the AFLW Under 18 Championships, 10 of her 11 disposals came from ground ball gets, further emphasising her strength at ground level, and her ability to win first-possession footy. Once she can tidy up some of her execution and decision making, she has the raw tools - of winning her own ball and using power to burst away - to become a very solid inside midfielder.

Tasmania is linked to North Melbourne, and Belbin is one player who with time could fill a role both on the inside, or even as a lockdown defender such is her strength and accountability.  A high-effort, consistent talent from the Apple Isle.


Though Candice Belbin only played the one National Championships game, she won 10 of her 11 disposals through ground ball gets and only one via handball receive, recording the highest ground ball get percentage (90.9) of anyone to collect at least 10 disposals.

Contested work
Defensive pressure
Ground balls
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