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Charlotte Baskaran

height: 162cm


D.O.B: 09-12-2004

Leagues: NAB League Girls, AFLW U19 Championships, AFLW U17 Championships

Potent by foot, Charlotte Baskaran is one of two Western Jets talents who have been touted as top picks since they were 15-years-old. Combining forces with the much taller Montana Ham, Baskaran is a very different player despite both playing through the midfield. Whilst Ham started as a forward and became that tall inside midfielder who rests forward, Baskaran began her NAB League Girls career off half-back, progressed to a wing, and then eventually moved inside in 2021. Standing at just 162cm - 16cm smaller than Ham - Baskaran's best traits are her kicking and decision making, with a deadly accurate action that can pierce through opposition defensive zones. Her versatility as she has proven, is also hard to contest, given her traits are applicable to any third on the ground. If you wanted to be nit-picking, Baskaran is best suited as the handball receiver, because of her ability to dash away and then use the ball so well by foot.

Whilst she did spend time inside in the second half of the NAB League Girls season in 2021 and did it well, she did not have the time and space that makes her usually so potent. Heading into 2022, Baskaran is among the Top 10 players in the country, and Top 5 in Victoria on our Rookie Me Central Power Rankings. She is an out and out star, and one of the best ball users in the draft crop. Whilst sometimes height can be a question mark, there is no way clubs could overlook a player possessing some of the traits Baskaran has in her arsenal. She also played on game at Under 19s level for Vic Metro, gathering 14 disposals, three marks and laying a whopping eight tackles. Expect her to be among the leaders for Metro in 2022, and remain in the top handful of players.

NAB League Girls

2019Western Jets9112030080012033.
2020Western Jets39226160018001180313.07.320.
2021Western Jets144431871600460046131818.05.423.

AFLW U19 Championships

2021Vic Metro Girls51610020003015.

AFLW U17 Championships

2021Vic Metro U17s10414300803010110.
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