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Claire Ransom

height: 169cm


D.O.B: 21-02-2004

Leagues: NAB League Girls, AFLW U19 Championships

Claire Ransom is one of the most balanced, clean and classy players in the 2022 AFL Women's Draft crop. Tied to North Melbourne through the Roos' ties with the Apple Isle, the Tasmanian is able to win her own ball, or be on the receiving end of a handball to take off and use it in transition. Her hands are ultra-clean in the air or at ground level, and she rarely makes mistakes with her disposal from her right side. Whilst not necessarily having blistering pace compared to some, she has enough athleticism from her speed - and over the first few metres with a nice burst - but more so her evasion ability, to get around opponents and get the ball forward. She might be the cleanest player in next year's draft, and a genuine Top 10 player. Already having shown plenty in her bottom-age year, Ransom is the top Tasmanian to keep an eye on in 2022.

Her ground ball gathers and ability to remain composed to extract the ball from in close to the outside without panicking is remarkable, even often taking it herself in that process. She is hard to tackle and even when in the motion of being tackled she can give it off. Whilst not overly strong, Ransom just has the smarts to be able to think her way out of trouble and read the situation quicker than most. In 2022, Ransom will be the leading midfielder for the Devils, and one of the best players in the NAB League, with so many eye-catching features, in particular her disposal and decision making;

Decision making
Defensive pressure
Reading the play
Contested work
Kicking penetration

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AFLW U19 Championships

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