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Emily Everist

height: 177cm


D.O.B: 17-07-2004

Leagues: AFLW, NAB League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Emily Everist is a developing tall who has improved rapidly in 2022, earning a place with Vic Country where she could show off her athletic traits and upside. Though still carving out areas of her game, Everist has a nice balance of endurance and speed for a 177cm talent who can play at either end.

Bendigo Pioneers tall Emily Everist burst onto the scene in 2022 to play eight games and earn a spot with Vic Country. In a side lacking athletic talls, Everist was able to catch the eye early in the championships against Vic Metro, and though still raw in a footballing sense, showed the traits that endeared her to Vic Country staff.

Everist has a high endurance rate for a tall and is quite mobile for her size, She moves well and has developed quickly in a short space of time. She is still developing some of the fundamentals in her game such as her marking and ironing out that consistency, but she is viewed as a long-term option. The Pioneers talent arguably had a greater impact at the higher level of the national championships, which showed that she is capable to rising up the ranks and still being able to adapt.

Her rate of development in 2022 was quite impressive, and any 177cm talent who has a nice overall athletic base is someone who will always catch the eye. She looked comfortable in defence and was able to rebound on a number of occasions for Vic Country, and even found herself up forward at one stage. Though not a high possession winner, Everist is someone who can compete and create a contest, with good closing speed to apply a spoil.

Everist might not have the experience that some others do in terms of length in an elite program, but the development she showed, coupled with her natural athleticism, will always make her one that has potential. If she can start building those fundamentals and particularly aim to be more consistent in executing them, then she is someone who could have a bright future. If she does not get picked up this year, then could be an interesting over-age addition.


After not taking a mark in her first two NAB League Girls games and averaging 4.5 disposals between them, Emily Everist finished the season with 13 marks in her next six outings, and four with double-digit disposals.

Aerial ability



NAB League Girls

2022Bendigo Pioneers27416813002500513283.

AFLW U18 Championships

2022Vic Country Girls14173160090108034.75.710.
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