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Fleur Davies

height: 185cm


D.O.B: 06-05-2004

Leagues: NAB League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships, AFLW U17 Championships

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Fleur Davies is the most promising key position prospect in the Sunshine State for 2022. The Gold Coast Suns Academy tall is hoping to join sister Giselle at the elite level, and has put together some promising performances in the past 18 months. Whilst still building her consistency and ironing out aspects of her game, Davies has proven that she can impact a game as a tall marking option around the ground, and is one who can play forward or through the ruck.

Unlike her sister, Davies is more forward of centre, able to be a lead-up forward, or as she was in the Queensland AFLW Under 17s carnival, a ruck. She has a nice leap, strong hands and can get to various places around the ground. Her work rate and athleticism for a big enables her to make a contest both in the air and at ground level. At times her consistency in plucking marks is not always there - such as game one of the 17s carnival - but when she is running hot, she is hard to stop - such as game two of the carnival. Remarkably in that second game, Davies got better as the match went on, bucking the trend of rucks losing energy, and indicating a strong endurance base from which she is able to go harder, for longer.

There are still aspects of her game that Davies can work on, such as her ruck craft consistency. Though she has the height, at times she can be out positioned and forced to give away a free kick to get back into the right spot. Where she does all her damage is around the ground and when she can leap at the ball. She will often easily cover opponents when leaping, and burn off opposing rucks when working up and down the ground. If she develops that extra strength one-on-one at stoppages and is able to improve that positioning further, then it will add another weapon to her game.

Though likely to tie herself to the Gold Coast Suns and aim to join her sister at the club, players with Davies' size and work rate are in high demand. She is someone other AFLW clubs may put work into in order to potentially suss out another key position option. In 2021, she averaged 18 disposals, 14 hitouts, and possibly most impressively, 5.5 tackles, in those two Academy games. Davies was quite raw at Under 19s level, picking up three touches against Vic Country, but still laid three tackles and had seven hitouts.

Fleur Davies is an exciting tall talent standing at 185cm. Tied to the Gold Coast Suns Academy, expect the Suns to keep close tabs on her throughout the year, and with the hope that Queensland gets more of a crack at the Under 19s Championships, one can expect she will take great strides in her development.

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AFLW U18 Championships

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AFLW U17 Championships

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