North Adelaide Women'sNorth Adelaide Women'sInside Midfielder, Medium Forward


Hannah Ewings

height: 167cm


D.O.B: 17-03-2004

Leagues: SANFL Women's League, AFLW U18 Championships

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Hannah Ewings is one of the top AFLW Draft prospects in the 2022 crop. With one of the more complete gamestyles going around, Ewings’ main question mark was her defensive running, which she improved in the last month of the season. In terms of her strengths, Ewings has a plethora of advantages from being one of the draft crop’s most elite kicks, as well as her strength, footy IQ, and ability to impact the scoreboard consistently.



Hannah Ewings is one of the most complete players in the AFLW Draft with some elite traits that have allowed her to make AFL Women’s players and highly experienced talents look silly in the SANFLW since she was 15-years-old. Possessing the best kick in the AFLW Draft from a contested situation, Ewings is a ridiculous talent with her combination of power, footy IQ and natural footballing ability.

Playing as an inside midfielder, Ewings wins clearances with ease and can thump the ball long down the ground, able to boot it beyond 50m which is a rare ability for anyone. She is strong overhead and at ground level, poses problems for opposition defenders or midfielders with her work through stoppages, and is able to consistently hit the scoreboard when playing at full-forward. If there was a match-winner in the AFLW Draft crop, then Ewings could well be it, with her ability to stand up regularly against senior opposition.

Like every AFLW Draft prospect, Ewings still has areas she can improve on, with her defensive running her main focus at the moment. Her offensive abilities allow little need to get back and protect space, but Ewings is still looking to sharpen up that area of her game and impact the contest from a defensive standpoint. She also does not necessarily travel with the ball for as long as some others as she is not an explosive speedster, but more explosive through power. She can burst through a stoppage by shrugging off or evading opponents, but is not necessarily a straight line runner.

Ewings is someone who, when at her best, can influence a game like few others. She will split her time between midfield and forward, and is one of those talents that if she is being tagged in the midfield, can go forward and exploit her opponent in that way. She can create something out of nothing and is already an elite young talent ready for AFLW.


Hannah Ewings was the only player to play all three games and average above 70 per cent kicking efficiency, whilst more than half of her kicks were long.

Footy IQ
Kicking penetration
Scoreboard impact
Stoppage work
Defensive craft

SANFL Women's League

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AFLW U18 Championships

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2022South Australia Girls4519641400100101056315.06.321.
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