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Hannah Ewings

height: 167cm


D.O.B: 17-03-2004

Leagues: AFLW U19 Championships

Hannah Ewings was one of the most anticipated talents coming into her bottom-age season in 2021, having been a star at North Adelaide through their run to the 2020 SANFL Women's flag. A fierce competitor on the inside, and just as classy on the outside, Ewings' 2021 season was cut short when she sustained an ankle injury early in the year. Going down in a tackle and getting it caught underneath herself, the 2020 Breakthrough Player of the Year had to watch as her State representative teammates went on to compete at the AFLW Under 19 Championships. No doubt now flying under the radar for non-regular AFLW Draft watchers, Ewings is right up at the pointy end in terms of ability, and ranked second overall in the Rookie Me Central Power Rankings at the close of the 2021 season.

Despite not playing that much in 2021 due to her ankle injury, Ewings is a star player and the top prospect out of South Australia this year, which puts Port Adelaide in prime position to secure the young gun. She has one of the most penetrating kicks anyone will see on a player of her age and size, with her incredible strength overhead or at ground level also noticeable. She does not take a backwards step, and can impact at the coalface or when inside 50, able to hit the scoreboard in general play or from set shots. Possessing supreme confidence when she plays, Ewings is someone who can take control of a game from the midfield, and is one who whilst might not be known to those at the 2021 national carnival, is very much up near the top of the Rookie Me Central Power Rankings.

Picture credit: Adelaide Advertiser

AFLW U19 Championships

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