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Isobel Kuiper

height: 171cm


D.O.B: 14-05-2001

Leagues: SANFL Women's League

A natural inside midfielder, Isobel Kuiper remains one of the more consistently dominant inside midfielders at SANFL Women's level. After tearing her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) late in the season last year, Kuiper made a huge return to action and played a key role for Sturt in 2023. Always a brilliant contested ball-winner and clearance expert, Kuiper won Team of the Year honours yet again despite the delayed start to the year.

Her final execution and polish on her touches are still a work in progress, but Kuiper's strengths lie in her extraction ability. She makes players better around her, and is a superb first possession winner at stoppages. Defensively, she is a fierce tackler and two-way runner, with a high production rate that forces opposition teams to try and quell her at stoppages considering she is also on the taller side for a midfielder.


- Contested work
- Clearances
- Defensive pressure
- Production
- Consistency


- Outside game
- Polish

SANFL Women's League

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