Jeevna Heer

height: 177cm


D.O.B: 07-01-2004

Leagues: WAFL Women's

One of the beneficiaries of West Perth's development in 2023, Jeevna Heer became a consistent contributor for the Falcons on a wing in the WAFL Women's this year. The 19-year-old has all the tricks and traits you would want for an outside player, and while her production rate could improve, she showed this season that she is more than capale of having a big day out.

Heer is clever at finding space, and at 177cm, leaps high, can take marks and then hit pinpoint passes going forward. Though her strength is something that needs to develop further - which impacts her marking under duress or contested situations, Heer's work with ball-in-hand once she has it, is sublime.

From her decision making, composure under pressure and skills, Heer ticks a lot of boxes in terms of draftability. From a mature-age perspective, she is one of the most draftable players in the WAFL Women's given these traits. At 177cm, she also has some enormous upside for her size.

Heer has not been one that has come through the traditional routes, and prior to his season, was not really able to have a huge influence on games. With the Falcons' inside midfield starting to win more of the ball, Heer benefited on the outside and averaged 13.4 disposals, 3.8 marks and 3.0 tackles to put her name up as a draft smoky. She has nominated Western Australia, and while others might have more experience and runs on the board, the West Perth winger's traits are hard to deny.


- Athleticism
- Outside game
- Decision making
- Composure
- Skills
- Upside


- Production
- Strength
- Inside game

Picture credit: Shazza J Photography

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