Madison Brazendale

height: 175cm


D.O.B: 24-01-2003

Leagues: AFLW, Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Madison Brazendale is a hard running player who has made the wing her own, providing plenty of defensive pressure and a high work rate for the Tasmania Devils and Allies, positioning herself well behind the ball when required. Though she could iron out some areas of her game, Brazendale is a readymade talent and a good size at 175cm.

An over-age running machine who had a really solid 2022 season, Madison Brazendale was one of two overlooked Tasmanians to earn an AFLW Draft Combine invite this year. The 2003-born talent from Launceston averaged 17 disposals and laid almost five tackles per game across the NAB League, and showcased a high work rate, great defensive pressure and strong positioning to be a big improver from 2021.

Brazendale improved her defensive running in 2022, not only lifting her numbers across her disposals and tackles, but also doubling her rebound 50s, while also improving her inside 50s. This told a story of how Brazendale settled into the wing role, and started to develop more of that football aspect that did not necessarily come across as easily as her running. Being a high-level athlete who competes in a manner of events up to 400m, Brazendale has a high endurance base and it shows on game day.

The Tasmanian has started to use it more effectively in matches, and while there are still some fundamentals for her to improve - such as her kicking consistency and scoreboard impact - Brazendale has certainly added more strings to her bow from a knowledge perspective. There were a number of times where as a winger, she knew when to run back hard and stand in the hole a kick behind play, often thwarting opposition attacks. Then when it was her time to go, she would spread to the outside, and drive the ball forward.

Brazendale lifted her game again for the Allies, clunking six marks against NSW-ACT, which is usually an area that was a touch inconsistent for her during the season. What has not been inconsistent is Brazendale’s ball-winning capabilities. Four of her nine games were of more than 20 touches, and only one - her first game - was in single digits. A long-term pick for a club, but she is a player with a high aerobic capacity.


Madison Brazendale had the equal second most disposals of any Allies player at the AFLW Under 18 Championships (41) behind MVP winner Zarlie Goldsworthy.

Defensive pressure
Footy IQ
Outside game
Work rate
Kicking consistency [reference to execution]
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Coates Talent League Girls

2021Tasmania Devils655211713003200228097.25.813.
2022Tasmania Devils104491531200420025140911.65.417.

AFLW U18 Championships

2022Allies Girls20626400802250210.
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