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Mia Busch

height: 166cm


D.O.B: 18-05-2004

Leagues: NAB League Girls, AFLW U17 Championships

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Mia Busch a high-upside talent who ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to her footballing ability. Coming into the season as a relatively unknown player, Busch finished up as one of the standouts of 2021, and becoming a consistent talent inside the Ranges’ defensive 50.

There is a lot to like in the way Busch goes about her football. For the role she played in 2021 - off the half-back flank - she showcased the right traits to have in order to create drive and run, and turn defence into offence. She backs herself, takes the game on and is able to use the ball well down the field. Considering how well she used the ball offensively, it might be a surprise to see her defensive traits are strong as well.

Busch was able to average an impressive 3.5 tackles per game at NAB League level, and that number rose when she ran out for Metro in the Under 17 Championships. She remained consistent in that carnival with similar numbers, and even spent some time further afield as she did during the NAB League Girls finals series. It is anticipated Busch will find a home more so in the midfield in 2022, and she has the adaptable traits to fit in well.

Aside from her ball use and defensive pressure, Busch is able to get out of trouble credit to her athleticism. She can weave and evade opponents, but also have enough core strength to shake off would-be tacklers. Though not the strongest player going around, Busch is able to use her evasion and smarts to work out tricky situations. As a whole, her overall profile is quite impressive and is one who could further develop in 2022.

When it comes to improvements, Busch will likely need to add greater midfield development to her bow, having played that friendly role off half-back - though still remaining accountable and strong defensively - in order to showcase further versatility.

Mia Busch is a player who projects as a potential first round prospect, and right now is in the Rookie Me Central’s Top 20 nationwide prospects. Though there is room for improvement, Busch’s natural talent and overall ability is right up there, particularly from someone who is a two-way runner. If she continues to develop through the midfield in 2022, then she will have that half-back role to fall back upon in future if required. Definitely one to watch throughout the year.

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