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Ryan Eyers

height: 198cm

weight: 76kg

D.O.B: 24-04-2003

Leagues: NAB League Boys

POSITION: Ruck/Key Forward

SNAPSHOT: "A mobile ruck-forward with good reach who follows up well at ground level with clean hands and great dexterity."

While talls are at a premium at the top end of this year's draft, Ryan Eyers is one of many with high potential set to garner attention towards the back end. The Murray Bushrangers product developed predominantly as a ruck throughout his junior years, before further building his forward craft this season across eight NAB League outings. Able to play both positions, Eyers is not necessarily a high production talent but offers solid follow-up work for a player of his size and can impact both aerially and at ground level. Having earned Allies squad selection for the last two years and a draft combine invite in 2021, the 18-year-old Corowa native is one of a few promising players out of NSW-ACT among the current crop.


+ Clean hands
+ Dexterity
+ Follow-up work
+ Upside


- Production
- Strength

Mobile key position players are arguably the way forward and Eyers is one with that trait in his locker. At 198cm, with a good leap and plenty of ruck experience, he is able to impact aerially but also has the dexterity to follow up at ground level. With good agility for his size, the 18-year-old fares well below his knees and when called upon, uses his rangy reach to lay strong tackles in open play.

Another aspect to Eyers' ground level game is his clean handling. It's one thing being able to get down to that level, but it's another to collect the ball with one touch and Eyers can certainly do so. He has no trouble scooping the ball up and can be a real asset when competing around a stoppages with his knack for quickly dishing off to runners with sound vision and execution.

While his mobility and versatility point towards clear upside, there are still plenty of areas Eyers can grow in. With a bit more strength, he could become a more prominent ruckman around the ground given his leap is already useful at the centre bounces. It would also aid his forward craft, seeing him take contested marks more consistently both around the ground and inside attacking 50.

Eyers is also quite a low-production player as it stands, having averaged just 8.8 disposals, 2.1 marks, 6.0 hitouts and a goal every other game this season. The glimpses are promising, but he remains a prospect who will need to find a greater level of consistency going forward before cracking senior level. With promising tools and plenty of time to develop, he may accelerate quickly if given the chance.



Albeit with limited opportunities over the past two years, Eyers is a player who has been able to show his potential in spurts, earning recognition along the way. If looked at towards the latter stages of the draft or as a rookie, it would be for the developmental aspects of his game and the points of difference he brings as a tall prospect. There are plenty of strings he can add to his bow, but the core of a modern day ruck-forward is present.

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