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Sarah Goodwin

height: 163cm


D.O.B: 09-07-2004

Leagues: SANFL Women's League, AFLW, AFLW U18 Championships, AFLW U17 Championships

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Sarah Goodwin is one of the most damaging players in the AFLW Draft crop, with her ball use by foot in particular, coupled with her high metres gained and good decision making her one of the top players to watch in next month’s intake. Though an outside player, Goodwin has all the traits to be a damaging ball user in a range of positions.


One of the most damaging players by both her disposal and metres gained is Glenelg’s Sarah Goodwin, who has bolted to be among the top AFLW Draft prospects this year. Off the back of a strong SANFLW season where Goodwin lifted her numbers and became a vital player in the Bays' defensive setup, she has found a home at half-back after spending time in the midfield last year.

One of the most potent, attacking defenders in the draft crop, Goodwin is best known for her run and carry off half-back, and she is not afraid to take those high-risk, high-reward kicks into the corridor. Possessing a deadly boot to make those passes, Goodwin has a terrific burst and can take a lot of grass, running from half-back to the wing. At times, Goodwin is often holding a high line on the wing and can even be stationed that kick behind play to send the ball back inside 50.

Her decision making and vision allow her to not only hit targets, but pick the right targets to hit, and that is what makes her all the more damaging from a footy IQ perspective. Her vision to quickly assess what is around her and create her own space, almost acts as a “worst case scenario” option when she is in trouble from an opponent. When having the game on her terms, Goodwin can propel off half-back and even win over 30 touches a game, being a really high accumulator who not only racks up the stats, but has an impact with just about every one.

Goodwin is definitely an outside player, with her contested work and strength areas to further improve on for the future. She competes one-on-one, but can get outmuscled at times, and a strong preseason at the elite level will help with that. Overall, Goodwin is the type of player who will be utilised in that running role with high hurt factor.


After nine SANFLW games in 2021 of no more than 13 disposals in a single outing, Sarah Goodwin did not dip below 15 touches in her 10 games for the Bays in 2022, with five games of 20-plus disposals, including a career-high 32 in the Round 7 loss to North Adelaide.

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SANFL Women's League

2022Glenelg Women's1526621842003308394601015.26.621.


S7Port Adelaide25133810142390223055.

AFLW U18 Championships

2022South Australia Girls31265710001203480310.38.719.

AFLW U17 Championships

2021South Australia12820200201800112.
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