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NBL Classic Contest: Come from behind championship

DRAFT Central casts an eye back to one of the most thrilling Grand Final series way back in 2004 where the Sydney Kings and West Sydney Razorbacks went head to head. The series went down to the wire with the premiers decided in an epic Game 5 showing that pegged more than just team against […]

NBL Classic Contest: Perth Wildcats proceed to 1997 finals despite Derek Rucker’s best efforts

WITH the National Basketball Association (NBA) recently capping off their post-season and the National Basketball League (NBL) feeling like their last game was over a lifetime ago, it is a good time for basketball fans to appreciate what teams can do come finals. But how about what it takes to even get there in the […]

NBL Classic Contest: An upset in the first Sydney derby

IN 1998, the National Basketball League (NBL) were ecstatic about what would be their first Sydney derby in 11 years. The two cross-town rivals, the Razorbacks and the Sydney Kings, battling for integral respect. However the Kings were already the highly favoured competitors coming into the match while the new expansion team, especially after learning […]

NBL Classic Contest: Syndey Kings begin three-peat

GRAND Finals are the most reliable tool to define a basketball season. We know this because as fans, we remember the seasons by who took home the championship gold. But with the National Basketball League (NBL) remaining inactive, while other international league’s endings are soon approaching, it might be awhile before fans can watch a […]

NBL Classic Contest: Game winner in Elimination Finals

NOTHING would be better than to see some National Basketball League (NBL) action and while Draft Central cannot magically start a new season, we can take fans back to some of the greatest games that the NBL has to offer. In today’s Classic Contest, we look back at one of those games. A contest that […]

NBL Classic Contest: Greatest finish in Semi-Finals history

AWAITING the return of the National Basketball League (NBL), Draft Central takes you on a journey of some of the biggest and most memorable basketball games throughout history. Today we take a look at what could go down as one of the closest and greatest semi-finals game between Wollongong Hawks and Adelaide 36ers.  All the […]

Classic Contest: Andrew Gaze 600th Game

NO name is more prestigious, more honoured or more protected in the National Basketball League’s (NBL) great history, than the outstanding Andrew Gaze. If you have been a fan of Draft Central’s running Classic Contest series, then you would be aware that we think very highly of the Australian superstar. When you are the league’s […]

NBL Classic Contest: Blood Game

EVER heard of the ‘Blood Game’? It was a forgotten classic crested in the rich history of the National Basketball League (NBL), with epic level game play mixed and a historic ending. Fortunately Draft Central have you covered with their rewind of the 1999 meeting between the war-torn Melbourne Tigers and the rising Victorian Titans.  […]

Classic Contest: Scott Fisher and North Melbourne Giants win first Grand Final

ALMOST every basketball fan has respect for the National Basketball League (NBL) pioneers, the ones that carved a path for the great league we have today. Yet, even with hardcore fans, most are unable to recite a name other than Andrew Gaze. That is why this Classic Contest in particular provides such an important insight, […]

Classic Contest: Andrew Gaze and Tigers win first championship

THEY say great teams become championship teams from how they respond to losses. Well in 1993, the Melbourne Tigers were undisputedly a great team. Led by National Basketball League (NBL) phenom Andrew Gaze, the superstar had dragged the Tigers to five straight finals appearances, but still had nothing to show for it. Funny to think […]

Classic Contest: 1986 NBL Grand Final, Game 3

EVERYONE knows of the 1986 National Basketball League (NBL) Grand Final, but in case you are one of the few who do not, here is some context. The Adelaide 36ers dominated all season with 24 wins and two losses while the Brisbane Bullets finished with a 17 and nine win-loss ratio. When the two sides […]

Classic Contest: 1991 NBL Grand Final Game 2

Although there is no National Basketball League (NBL) at the moment, fans can still get their basketball fix with Draft Central’s Classic Contest series. In today’s piece, we look back at the 1991 NBL Grand Final, Game 2 to be exact, where the Eastside Melbourne Spectres fought for their season against the Perth Wildcats, as […]

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