PODCAST | Got Next Season 2 Episode 17

IT was a massive week in Australian basketball, with the WNBL concluding with a new champion, while the NBL Championship Series got underway after a cracking conclusion to the semi-finals. Luckily, the Got Next Podcast returns to dive right into the thick of it. Join Host Michael Alvaro and Basketball Analyst Liam Badkin as they discuss the week that was and how it affects the future. Check it out below.

Got Next Podcast Season 2, Episode 17

– Introduction (0:00-0:51)
– WNBL Grand Final series rundown (0:51-3:20)
– WNBL Grand Final game three player standout (3:20-4:32)
– NBL Semi-Final game three wraps (4:32-6:43)
– NBL Championship series game one wrap (6:43-8:46)
– NBL Melbourne game one analysis (8:46-10:31)
– NBL Tasmania game one analysis (10:31-12:46)
– NBL Championship series coach comments (12:46-14:30)
– NBL Championship series games two and three tips (14:30-15:34)
– Outro (15:34-16:21)

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