PODCAST | Got Next Season 2 Episode 18

IT is all NBL on the Got Next Podcast this week, with the Championship Series delivering plenty of entertainment. Fresh off an exhilarating finish to game three at John Cain Arena on Sunday, the boys unpack arguably the biggest shot in league history and look forward to the upcoming fourth clash at MyState Bank Arena tonight. Join Host Michael Alvaro and Basketball Analyst Liam Badkin for another cracking episode. Check it out below.

Got Next Podcast, Season 2, Episode 18

– Introduction (0:00-0:46)
– NBL Championship Series update (0:46-3:54)
– Importance of away win for Tasmania (3:54-5:50)
– Where United can improve (5:50-7:40)
– NBL Championship series game one wrap (7:40-9:19)
– Game four prediction (9:19-11:02)
– Final thoughts (11:02-15:43)
– NBL Championship series coach comments (12:46-14:30)
– NBL Championship series games two and three tips (14:30-15:34)
– Outro (15:34-16:21)

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