Adelaide’s Anesu loving life as a Striker and Scorpion

WBBL09 sees a new era for the Adelaide Strikers, with the Adelaideans becoming the hunted instead of the hunter for the first time.

Star bowler Anesu Mushangwe said that the feeling in the Strikers’ camp at the moment is a very positive one.

“It’s exciting especially with the games we have won so far. So our energy is up and we’re excited about everything going on,” she said.

It has not been a perfect start to the season for the Strikers, with a loss to the Renegades in their second game. Mushangwe had a simple explanation for what went wrong and said that the message post match from coach Luke Williams and captain Tahlia McGrath was a pretty simple one.

“We just didn’t execute very well, but I thought we did have the intent with the ball or bat. It just didn’t go our way which is cricket sometimes. It happens,” she said.

“The focus was mainly to continue with our positive mindset and just play our game and just keep moving on.”

Mushangwe is happy with how her WBBL09 campaign has begun.

“I thought I started well,” she said. “It could be worse, it could be better, but I’ll take it. It’s an exciting opportunity and I think I’m doing well, and like I said it could be better or worse so it’s okay.”

It has been a big few years for the young bowler, who is only in her second season in the WNCL and WBBL, but she said she is loving life in the Strikers and Scorpion camps.

“It’s like living the dream really,” she said. “It’s something that I’ve been praying for, so I feel like it’s come true playing for the state especially the WBBL. That was my main goal, so just achieving that it’s exciting and obviously I thank God for that opportunity because I’ve been praying for that to happen.”

The Strikers are back in action this afternoon against the Hurricanes, with the focus again a pretty straightforward one according to Mushangwe.

“I guess the focus is on us just playing our game and go hard and executing whatever we do and that way the result will probably go our way,” she said. “We just have to focus on our game.”

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