Sophie’s Day not enough to get Stars over the line

AFTER the most agonising of defeats to the Sydney Sixers yesterday, Melbourne Stars bowler Sophie Day was understandably frustrated with how things ended up.

“It’s a bit disappointing” she said.

“I think we had it there and I think we did majority right. We’re just coming in a bit on the wrong side of things at the moment but it’s not far off and I think we are doing a lot right, that’s probably the bit that’s the most disappointing about it.”

The Sydney Sixers won by four runs under the DLS Method, scoring 7-134 while the Stars only managed to bat seven overs, but lost six wickets for 51 runs. Day agreed it was a tricky situation they were in, with their batting innings the victim of a significant weather delay.

“I think when you come on in situations like that, it can go either way and it’s hard. It doesn’t feel reflective of the game I don’t think.”

Approaching the halfway point of the season, Day said she is enjoying this season.

“I’ve really enjoyed this season, being able to bowl in different areas of the game, something I’ve been trying to work on during the preseason,” she said. “The adaptability of where I can bowl, but I think it’s been a bit disappointing sometimes with the results, but we’re getting there and we’re getting a lot right, so it’s not far off.”

Day also said that bowling in different facets of the game was a big focus of hers in the preseason.

“I worked a lot with Craig Howard in the preseason, just trying to work out different ways on how I can bowl in different areas of the game,” she said. It’s something that I really wanted to do and people I looked up to was Sophie Molineux, JJ and Ecclestone, and they were all bowling during those different areas and in the surge/power plays, so that’s something I really wanted to upskill.”

Despite things not going their way, Day is happy with how her and her team executed plans and is excited to head up to Sydney for their next game tomorrow.

“I think today out in the bowling I think we were really polished and we’re really disciplined in what we were doing and I think everyone contributed and did exactly what they said they were going to do in the game, so I think we planed really well for this game and again as I said it did come down to that last over but I don’t think it was reflective on our performance as a group,” Day said. “I think we’re going up to Sydney really confident and we’re really keen for Friday.”

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