Frustrated Aussie pair still looking for the positives

RAIN was the ultimate winner in Melbourne yesterday as the second One Day International between Australia and the West Indies ended after only 25 overs of total action, and the frustration on the face of Australian captain Alyssa Healy post match said it all.

“Frustrating way to finish” Healy said.

“The sun’s shining out there right now, so there’s potential for more cricket later, but the rules are the rules I suppose. But, at least we got out there and could play some of the game, but it would have been nice to finish.”

Alana King also shared her captain’s frustrated sentiments about how the game ultimately ended.

“I think we were right on top there, we just needed a couple more wickets to get the job done,” King said. “But that’s Melbourne’s weather for you unfortunately, so nothing you can do about the weather but all we can do is focus on the next game which is Saturday and hopefully wrap up the series.”

It was also a sad way for Heal’s 100th One Day International to play out, but ever the team player, Healy said that the milestone was not front of mind for her.

“I’m fine, they can just fly under the radar now, it’s done. At least we started so it counts and then we can just move on to Saturday, that’d be great,” she said with a laugh.

Despite the shortened game, Healy said she still took plenty out of it.

“Obviously we didn’t have Darce today but I thought Kim Garth and Schutter were outstanding with the new ball again, and then Alana King coming in for an opportunity today straight after them was exceptional,” Healy said . “So I thought the patience with the ball and just created what, eight or nine opportunities I think was a great effort on what looked like a really nice batting wicket, we would have loved to gone out there and have a bat.

“So I think we take some confidence in that, I mean we were able to keep Hayley quiet as well which was a good thing and something that we’ve been speaking about, so we’ll take the positives in that regards.”

Meanwhile King was very happy with how she performed after she picked up three wickets.

“I think anytime I get to put on the green and gold is a great time,” King said. “As I said back in the squad which is awesome, and to take wickets and play my role, I think that’s what I’m most pleased with.”

Despite the conditions appearing to not be ideal for a spinner, King said that things were not as bad as they looked.

“It wasn’t as soggy as maybe it looked,” King said. “I think the wind obviously helped dry it out quite nicely for us, but I think as long as I can keep my hands and wrists nice and warm that’s the main thing and the rest will take care of itself.”

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